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First Couple Conflict is International News – How Does a Marriage Survive a Loss of Trust?

How would you feel if your husband created a beauty pageant to fill job openings at work? The Italian Prime Minister and his scorned wife are rebuking each other in the media over this real-life soap opera. Will the Premier's roving eye cost him his job? His marriage? Find out how any marriage can survive a loss of trust when couples take four bold steps.

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Love Guide. How to Rescue Your Relationship From a Threat of Divorce and Revive the Fire of Love

Is your relationship worth saving? When my two-decade marriage was in danger of being demolished, I often wished there were an historic preservation society for once-glorious relationships in need of attention and repair. Here's how I imagined we could rescue endangered relationships and revive their Fire Of Love.

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Life After Divorce. What I Miss Most From My Marriage And Hope To Share In A New Relationship

In my life after divorce, there is one thing I miss most from my marriage. I hope to share it in a new relationship someday. I've paid for this service since my break up, but found it emotionally lacking. If you haven't tried it, I highly recommend a nightly ritual that nurtures health, comfort and intimacy in your marriage or dating relationship.

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