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6 Paths to More Love, Wealth, Fun. Happy New Year

Hadley Finch: Nobody starts a new year with a resolution to
become narrow and one dimensional. Yet that’s
exactly what can happen, if you don’t learn how
to create a holistic vision for your life and
your love life.

Raymond Aaron, you’re a global success coach who
recommends that we take daily steps
on six different paths to create the richest,
fullest life possible. Will you tell us those
six paths we should step on every day?

6 paths to New Year Fun from Raymond Aaron aaron.com happysexylove.com

Raymond: Yes, and I am really glad you gave me
an opportunity to do that. Because it’s true
that men who work very hard, for example, become
one-dimensional, and they lose their marriage.

And women become one-dimensional in raising their
children. “Raising my children is my only
important task of this lifetime.”

That’s cute to say. But at the end of the twenty
five years, the kids are gone and the woman has

Or at the end of twenty five years of
overworking, the man’s got nothing. So being
one-dimensional doesn’t work—no matter how
uplifting and lofty is your goal, like caring for

Hadley: You’ve got the antidote in this book
that everybody can download for free. Let’s talk
about the antidote.

Raymond: The antidote is called, “Mainly”
M.A.I.N.L.Y. It’s (an acronym) for six pathways
of life.

When you write a goal in each of the six pathways
every month, like I do and all my clients around
the world do, that’s the antidote against being
one-dimensional. It’s the way to move forward
holistically in your life.

The M in MAINLY stands for mess. You must clean
a mess every single month.

The A stands for acknowledgment. You must
acknowledge someone. For you, Hadley, and for
your listeners, you would acknowledge your spouse
(or love match) in a wonderful way.

If it’s January, you work with them in creating
some wonderful vacation this year. If it’s
February, you do some surprise on Valentine’s

Every single month you acknowledge somebody. If
you want your love life to be great, you
acknowledge your boyfriend or girlfriend in some
wonderful way each month.

Hadley: These are exciting and add fun to your
life. So listen closely, because these steps
will cure a fun deficiency in your life.
What’s the I in MAINLY?

Raymond: The I is increase in wealth. And this
is where you put any financial goal.

N is new. You have to do something new. The
world is changing so fast that you can’t keep
doing same old, same old or the world will leave
you behind.

Hadley: It’s also a way to keep things fresh and
exciting in your relationship—if you have that
goal to plan a new fun surprise, at least once a

Raymond: I do this all the time with my
wonderful Karen. I will do something new with

For example, we live in the country (in Canada),
and we usually go on vacations in some exotic
other place. We might go to California. We
might go to Hawaii.

Once I decided I would do something new. I took
her downtown, because we live out in the country,
downtown to a boutique hotel.

We had a spa treatment together, and we walked
across the street to a first-class restaurant.
We watched a movie in our room. And we just had
a spectacular time.

It was one day. And that one day was as if we
had spent a week away in another country. So
doing something new is really wonderful.

Hadley: The L. What’s the L in MAINLY?

Raymond: L is learn. Because the knowledge base
in the world is changing so rapidly that you
can’t be content with what you learned before.
You have to keep learning.

It could in be learning in some technological
sense, like learning a new computer program, or
learning more about your spouse. It could be
writing a book together, talking about it with
your spouse. There’s lots and lots of important
learning that we need to do every single month.

Hadley: What I advise couples to do to keep your
relationship fresh is to have a date night at
least once a week. You don’t talk about kids,
career, duties or deadlines.

You talk about something new. Maybe something
that you’ve read, to keep up with what’s going on
in the world. And you do something fun that you
both enjoy.

That’s critical to keeping things fresh and
exciting in your relationship.

So now let’s hear about the Y in MAINLY.

Raymond: Y is yourself. Doing something just
for yourself. It could be yoga, if you’ve always
wanted to do yoga. Could be taking a walk. It
could be whatever it is you want—whatever you’ve
always wanted to do. You get to do it every

Let’s recap the MAINLY GOALS:

M is cleaning a mess. You think you have
thousands of messes in your life, but you
probably only have a dozen. They stay around
forever, and so you think you have millions. You
clean a mess each month.

A is acknowledging someone, particularly your
spouse,(boyfriend or girlfriend), each month.

I is increasing wealth.
N is doing something new.
L is learning.
Y is doing something just for yourself.

When you write six goals in the patented way that
I teach you in my book, which I’m giving you for
free, then you will move forward holistically in
all six pathways of life.

Hadley: Excellent. I help people fall in love
with themselves by using success skills and
healthy self-love, plus gratitude—like you
encourage people to feel every day for all your
blessings and for your partner.

This charges your love magnet and makes you
attract love, like a love magnet. So I support
all of these MAINLY goals to improve every aspect
of your life.

Creating happy, sexy love, health, and wealth that lasts,

Hadley Finch

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