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How Your House Numerology Impacts Happiness

Hadley’s Intro: Find out how the numbers in your

street address may add up to happiness in this

guest post courtesy of mbgmindfulness written by

Sarah Regan:

In the ancient system of numerology, it’s believed
that numbers, letters, and their vibrations can
impact our own lives, purposes, and paths. You may
already know your life path or destiny number, for
instance, but in numerology, your house number
matters too. Here’s why, how to find yours, plus
what it means.

Why do house numbers matter in numerology?
According to numerologist and author of You Are
Cosmic Code Kaitlyn Kaerhart, the street number of
your house speaks to the energy of the home itself.

“This number helps us understand the personality of
our home and the themes that may arise during our
time there,” she explains, adding, “Knowing this
number can help guide you in choosing the
appropriate home for your needs and even shift the
vibration of your current residence.”

How to calculate the numerology of your home
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Calculating numbers in numerology involves a
process of reducing larger numbers until you get a
single digit. To do this, you add up all the digits
in the number, and if the sum is still two digits
or more, you continue reducing until you get to a
single digit from 1 through 9, or in rare cases,
master numbers 11, 22, and 33.

If you live in an apartment, all you need is your
apartment number, according to Kaerhart. For
example, if you live in apartment #2 in your
building, your home is a 2 home. Essentially, “You
live within the energy of the 2,” Kaerhart

Now, if you live in apartment #813, 8 + 3 + 1 = 12,
and 1 + 2 = 3, so this apartment number would be a
3 home in numerology.

If you live in a house, you use the actual number
of your street address, using the same process to
reduce to a single digit. If you live at 744 Rose
Boulevard, for instance, then you live in a home
with the energy of a 6 (7 + 4 + 4 = 15, and 1 + 5 =

House numbers in numerology & their meanings
House number 1
The number 1 in numerology is all about new
beginnings, and house numbers are no exception.
According to Kaerhart, 1 homes are a place to start
anew and embrace your creativity, independence, and

They’re excellent for entrepreneurs and those who
are single, she notes, adding that this is a home
where you will “be more focused on the self, as
opposed to others—so if you are looking to
partner up, this may not be the home for you.”

House number 2
Unlike the independent energy of the 1, the number
2 in numerology is very relationship-oriented. As
Kaerhart tells mindbodygreen, partnership and
balance flourish in 2 homes, with this energy
supporting collaboration, emotional exploration,
and comfort.

“[It’s] perfect for having people over and
gathering with loved ones,” she says, and thanks to
this home’s balanced energy, she adds, conflict
doesn’t typically occur often here.

House number 3
The 3 is the number of communication and
socializing in numerology, so if you live in a 3
home, expect plenty of both. As Kaerhart explains,
3 is the number of self-expression, so this is a
very supportive home for artists or anyone whose
work involves expression.

“Socializing, entertaining, parties, and eccentric
people will be present here,” according to
Kaerhart, who notes to be careful you don’t get too
caught up in the fast-paced energy of the 3, lest
you become ungrounded or scattered.

House number 4
If 3 homes can be ungrounded, 4 homes are the
opposite, with Kaehart telling mindbodygreen that
this is a very practical and grounded space. The
energy here will support structure,
responsibilities, and growing the foundations of
your life as well, she says, adding, “This is not a
house of change but rather, consistency, stability,
and hard work.”

One caveat, however, is feeling boxed in or
restricted in this home, she says. If that happens,
Kaerhart recommends incorporating some feng shui
practices, plants, and anything that allows energy
to flow.

House number 5
The number 5 in numerology is all about change, and
that’s what you can expect in a 5 home. According
to Kaerhart, anything goes in these spaces, and you
should prepare for adventure, travel, and yes,
unexpected changes. If you want a cozier, more
stable vibe, this home might not be the place for
you, Kaerhart notes.

However, if you want action, variety, exploration,
freedom, and a bit of risk, you might just thrive
here. But be warned, Kaerhart cautions, “Sometimes
the 5 can be a bit of a hedonist, so make sure you
find balance within your life instead of going to

House number 6
An ideal home for families, Kaerhart says the
energy of the 6 home is a beautiful place to have
children or get married. “This is a warm, cozy home
where relationships, love, and healing are at the
forefront,” she tells mindbodygreen.

While a balance of nurturing and your job is
possible here, she does note that you may feel
overwhelmed by your sense of duty and
responsibilities to your loved ones. “Be careful
not to drain yourself by overgiving and to nurture
yourself before others,” she says, adding, “This is
also a home you may want to hermit in.”

House number 7
The number of introspection and spiritual seekers,
7 homes are not spaces for socializing, according
to Kaerhart. Rather, this is a home for gathering
knowledge and decompressing. “You will be more
internal than ever in this sanctuary, which is
deeply meditative and spiritual,” she adds.

If you’re more introverted, or focused on something
like writing a book or going back to school,
Kaerhart tells mindbodygreen that this would be the
perfect house number for you. “This is a home to
answer your sacred calling and dive deep into the
depths of what truly matters to you on a soul
level,” she adds.

House number 8
In numerology, 8 is considered a number of
abundance, but too much of anything can be too
much. As Kaerhart explains, “Money and power will
thrive here, for better and possibly for
worse—make sure you are nurturing yourself in
both areas and exerting power in a healthy way.”

That said, if you’re really focused on your job,
this could be a very conducive environment for you.
“This is a home to prosper and grow in,
specifically when it comes to the material realm,”
Kaerhart says, adding, “The downside of this energy
is that you can be prone to being a workaholic, or
not know when enough is enough, especially when it
comes to financial matters.”

House number 9
Last but not least, the number 9 relates to endings
but also humanitarianism. Kaerhart notes that, as
such, this could be a home where literal or
metaphorical endings occur, with 9 representing
completion and letting go.

However, it’s also a very warm and nurturing home
where everyone will feel welcome. “As the 9 is the
humanitarian’s number, selflessness, forgiveness,
compassion, and dedicating yourself to a cause
(i.e., perhaps your home is a place where you
foster animals) are very much supported here,”
Kaerhart explains.


See how your street numbers may support happy, sexy love

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