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7 Things Successful People Do Differently

Hadley Recommends: Taking 7 steps that highly successful people take daily
will propel you forward on your own path to happy, sexy love and success.
Make this year your best when you take these steps suggested
in this brilliant guest post

Published by: Nick Ortner

What is it that makes some people successful in life, able to reach whatever goal they like, while others get stuck in the same place for years, if not decades?
Is it their education? Where they were born? Who their family is? Is it genetics?

The reality is…it’s none of the above.

In my working with thousands of people over the years to help them change their lives, to help them create both financial success and personal fulfillment, I’ve found 7 things in particular that successful people do differently.
I’ve outlined them below. How many of these 7 things are you doing?

change your mindset for success in life and love. Nick Ortner on blog happysexylove.com
change your mindset for success in life and love. Nick Ortner on blog happysexylove.com
1 – They first change how they think and feel
Change-your-mindset-smallLet’s start with how they think:
Talk to anybody who built success in their life and they’ll tell you that they changed their thinking in order to get different results. Every one of us is a product of our thinking. Our finances, relationships, health, happiness and every other area are dictated by our thinking. If you want a different result in life, you need to change your thinking first.

How they feel:
Very often people get hung up on “thinking like successful people” and forget a key element: what they’re feeling. Listening to your emotions is critical to understanding what is holding you back, both consciously and unconsciously.
Successful people know that our emotions drive everything. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, afraid, stressed, sad, depressed or any other negative emotion, your brain is less resourceful and less able to help you make good decisions and take important action. If you want to have more energy, make better decisions, be more creative and have more success in life, develop the habit of paying attention to your emotions and then doing what’s needed to be in the right emotional state (like using Tapping, which we’ll get to later!) 🙂

2 – They believe they deserve success

Be You And Believe In Yourself Successful people believe they deserve success, unsuccessful people do not.
The area where this is most evident is with money. Financially successful people generally feel they deserve to be successful, and so they’ve created it in their lives.
So what qualifies somebody as “deserving success” or not? Only one thing…the rules they create for it in their own brain.
Oftentimes people, consciously or unconsciously, think they don’t deserve success because of false beliefs like, “I’m not a good enough person” or, “I don’t work hard enough” or, “I’m not smart enough” or any other of a laundry list of negative limiting beliefs.

In order to find out what you believe about success just SAY and COMPLETE these two phrases out loud:

– I don’t deserve success because… (say what first comes up, don’t question it).
– I deserve success because… (say what first comes up, don’t question it!)

When you say those two phrases out loud, your unconscious brain will give you the reasons that have been programmed as to why you believe one way or the other. If you’re not getting the answer you’d like (or you’re surprised by what’s coming up), don’t worry, I’ll show you how to change your belief systems around success in the coming days, all using EFT Tapping.

Remember, at the end of the day every, and I mean EVERY, person deserves success. Every person is capable of growth, of love, of giving beyond themselves, and being rewarded for it. Anyone can succeed financially, in relationships, with their health, in any area of their life.
In the coming days, I’ll show you how to get there.
3 – They do whatever it takes to overcome events and patterns from the past that don’t serve them

Past-and-FutureMost of the habits, patterns and beliefs that we have today were developed between the ages of 0 and 6 years old. They weren’t developed consciously, they were essentially downloaded from our parents, and from other people and events happening around us at the time.

We didn’t have choice as to what beliefs were given to us, or what events were happening around us. Unfortunately, many of those beliefs, patterns and experiences were negative and have limited us in our adult life.
Some have had tougher upbringings than others, with more negative experiences and more negative beliefs about themselves and the world, but regardless of the experiences…there is good news….

Today, as adults, we have choice over what beliefs, patterns and habits we want to keep or discard, and we have choice over the meanings we give our past experiences.
Successful people are aware of how limiting old beliefs, habits, patterns and experiences can be… and they do whatever it takes to change them.

That doesn’t mean it’s always easy. Overcoming childhood abuse issues, or deep-rooted self-confidence issues, or overwhelmingly negative thought patterns can be a challenge, but successful people are committed to their growth, no matter what.

They know that the past does not equal the future. That past challenges can be dwelled upon for years, or accepted as necessary life lessons on their path.

Overcoming limiting beliefs and difficult events from your past is something that EFT Tapping is especially powerful at helping with, more so than any other technique I’ve ever seen.

I’ve had the privilege of using Tapping to help people with some enormous challenges through our Tapping Solution Foundation, like veterans with PTSD, children genocide survivors in Rwanda, 1st responders of the Sandy Hook school shooting (my home town), and much more.

In the coming days, I’ll show you exactly how to do it for yourself. I’ll show you how to overcome any obstacle from your past.
4 – They silence their critical voice

Tremenous-Courage-2A common misconception is that successful people don’t have doubts, that they don’t have a critical voice, that they’re not afraid when they face tough challenges. Reality couldn’t be further from the truth.

Successful people face all of these challenges regularly, and probably more often than unsuccessful people because of how much they challenge themselves, they just use tremendous courage to never let it stop them.

The good thing is that courage is a muscle that can be flexed and developed over time. Every successful person had to overcome their critical voice over little things before they got to bigger and bigger things.

Building this muscle starts with having the courage to address your critical voice, on anything big or little, to listen to what it has to say, and overcome it.
I’ll show you exactly how in the coming days. Together, we’ll flex your courage muscle. 🙂
5 – They’re willing to fail, repeatedly…

Failure-JourneySuccessful people see failing as a part of the learning process. And no matter how much they fail, they’re never willing to quit.
They also never see failure as defining who they are. When unsuccessful people fail, they see themselves as a failure. Learn to never see yourself as a failure and to see failure as a learning process, and you’ll never in fact do the one thing you’re avoiding…failing.

“How’s that?” you’re thinking. Because failing implies that the journey is over. If you see individual failures as a part of a longer journey of success, then you in fact never actually fail. 🙂

Here are some of the most successful people ever who never let individual failures stop them:

1 – Henry Ford – Failed in his early business projects and was left broke 5 times before he founded Ford Motor Company.
2 – R. H. Macy – Founder of the Macy’s department store, R.H. Macy started seven failed businesses before finally hitting it big with his store in New York City.
3 – Walt Disney – Walt Disney was fired by a newspaper editor because “he lacked imagination and had no good ideas.” After that, he started a number of businesses that didn’t last long and ended with bankruptcy and failure.
4 – Albert Einstein – Einstein didn’t speak until he was four and didn’t read until he was seven, which made his teachers and parents think he was mentally handicapped, slow and anti-social.
5 – Jerry Seinfeld – The first time he walked on stage he froze and was jeered and booed off stage. Do you think he quit after that? Nope. The very next night he came back and completed his set to laughter and applause.

I could go on and on with people like this but I think you get it. 🙂 Failure never exists IF you see it as part of a longer journey of success.

And if you want to know how to overcome individual setbacks quicker, and overcome fears easier, to reach success faster, I’ll show you how in the coming days, using Tapping of course. 🙂
6 – They do the important things first, not the easy things

Important-Things-FirstPretty much every person I talk to or come across on a daily basis feels that they have too much going on, that they’re too busy. It seems to just be a part of this modern lifestyle.

When it comes to our time, and what we do with it each day, successful people have one tremendously important trait that makes them successful…they do the important things FIRST, not the easy things.

If you wait until you have more time to do the important things, you’ll run out of time and it will never get done. It’s why people don’t exercise, or write that book, or start that business…

Successful people prioritize their life differently. They know that the important stuff is what will get them to where they want to be. They do the big tasks on projects at the beginning of the day, and they leave the emails to later in the day.
If you want to be more successful, learn how to do the tasks that matter first.
7 – They get clear on what they want and who they want to be, and then take daily action to get there

Clarity-2Successful people know that there is tremendous power in clarity. They get clear on what they want to achieve and who they want to be in life, and they take consistent daily action to get there.

They never let their current limitations stop them from seeing a better future. Unsuccessful people get hung up on their current situation and current challenges and never allow themselves to have seemingly unrealistic futures.

Successful people allow themselves to dream and then work to get there, even if there isn’t a clear path to achieving what they want.

They also see themselves not just as they are now, but better than they are now. They hold a vision for themselves of how they can grow into being more successful, happier, more giving people.

If you struggle to dream big or find yourself finding reasons for why your dreams can’t come true, don’t worry, together we’ll work to eliminate the mental blocks that are keeping you from building an empowering future.
What did reading these 7 things bring up for you? What do you think are your greatest strengths and biggest challenges in being more successful? Share your comments below! 🙂

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Raynel says:
after reading this – it shows I got power within me. i just need to believe that and take the right action towards my success
Margaret says:
The part of seeing a failure as and end this is what I do and it just seems to spiral from there thank you for giving me a new perspective from which to move forward and not stay stuck.
Donna says:
Pointed out some truths that I needed to hear. Wiuld like to learn tapping exercises.
Linda Keith says:
Again, thank you.
Linda Keith says:
I first read this with the intention of changing my money situation, but as I read these 7 things that successful people do I realized that this fits PERFECTLY into my SPIRITUAL LIFE AND MANIFESTING WHO I AM,!! Thank you very much for giving me a shake to wake up to this desire.
Deanne Lyall says:
greatest strength : love
greatest challenge : procrastination
Terry Chandler says:
Thank you so much for reminding me of these 7 things! For the past decade or so I’ve had to face many challenges, but I’d made up my mind many years ago (prior to these challenges) that I was going to have the faith and the determination to not be a victim of anything negative in my life. IE, I’d decided to not live out my life in quiet desperation. Though I’ve been very tired and disillusioned for a while now, when I started doing the tapping exercises my energy and optimism started to return. Now I have more ambition than I thought would ever be possible again.
Zamani says:
Eliminating self doubt and belief.
This has made me realise what I meant for and that I should constantly remind myself that I am unique and that the universe welcomes me with open arms.
No more Mr Shy… Now Mr Confidence and Self Belief.
Thank you ever so much
MAUREEN Donoghue says:
I think I believe already everything I have read that you have said. I never want to stop growing and learning. I am in a good place in my life. I have taken positive things to make my life better. This is absolutely my best time so far! I am 61 years old and still learning and growing and have worked to be where I am thru many friends and doctors and continue to do so!
Diane says:
Well after following the tapping solution and practicing, I cant say that ihave results, but I fee its a good way of healing yourself emotionally and mentally, I have had rough times and seems to not end, so I do have stamina and courage cause I never give up on life. I read your post and is learning a new way to help myself. Thank you so much.
Mary says:
Emotional baggage. Making others a priority. Not knowing when to say “No”,
Bruno Bogdan says:
Open my mind in a new direction and hope to change my way of thinking
Andrea says:
I think my greatest strength is my biggest challenge which is getting clear with what I want to achieve and who I want to be
Omolola says:
Thank you so much for this lighting up un imaginable thought which set my mind on fire of confidence and assurance of seeing myself born to be a successful woman . Thank u for every help
Omolola says:
Thank you so much for this lighting up un imaginable thought which set my mind on fire of confidence and assurance of seeing myself born to be a successful woman not because am a woman that I shouldn’t become what I was born to be a multi successful woman that is who I am thank you
Lovedales says:
It makes me realized that the limitations we have in life are only created by our limited minds. we have the ability to achieve anything we want to so far as we are ready to make the effort.
Eliza Perez says:
Changing my way of thinking is going to be tough but I am tired of being stuck.
Thank you for helping us.
Lily says:
Thank you, Nick, particularly for sharing those successful people’s stories.
Create a great day!
Sherry says:
I start projects immediately, I think as I go along of how to implement my dream and who I might ask for help. I know how organized I am and how details seems to settle me down when I get flustered. I love to research information that I will need, go to the library get what they have on my project and look up classes that I can afford to start me off.
I have a challenge of never enough money to move on my projects.
I have a trust issue that I am always facing with friends that let me down when I need them.
I can see the excuses that I use as reasons, still working on that and I will succed.
Rita Gonsalves says:
Doesn’t LUCK come into it?
Anyway, these are brilliant articles and will help the whole Universe too, whoever takes the time to read them and practise tapping. I personally love it.
Margot says:
That I am not good enought to stand up and say the things I know in front of people. Lacking self confidence is a big problem. And feel thatI am now too old to make a difference.
Serena says:
This is just what I needed to read. I have a lot of work ahead of me on getting rid of the blocks but I have found lately I have been getting hung up on my current situation way to much and being scared about the future rather than creating it. I look forward to your upcoming emails.
Ron says:
We are in control of where we are and whoever we are. We need to pursue our goals and recognize we will stumble, yet need to keep going. You can’t get to where you want to be without keeping the goal in mind.
Need to be more positive and set my goals just beyond my reach, then with each success, change my goals to be still beyond my reach. Need to be more POSITIVE.
Lesley says:
It actually made me feel quite emotional, we have been struggling financially with our business for several years, not getting the life/work balance into perspective, feel so ready to move on, just reading about Walt Disney, Henry Ford and all those other successful people who failed to begin with but didn’t lose faith gives me courage and belief, can’t wait to begin the tapping over the next few days. Although I have dabbled with tapping for a while I never follow it through, this time I really need to as I have so many dream which i hope can become reality and with a little help from you I am sure I can, just reading your emails makes me feel better, thank you.
Agnes Hewitt says:
What an interesting concept.I wish I had known about tapping yrs ago.After reading about this I can say BUILD BIG is what comes to my mind.I lived in Africa most of my life,built up a successful business,had beautiful home,then after an attack and robbery I lost everything. I left the country I love to live safe in another one.Since I had tapping done by a therapist my PTSD is much better.
Many thanks
Mary Barrett says:
So much to think about. ..my life experirnces, current lifestyle ,,how I can change my thinking
Patricia Atchison says:
what an awesome program. I’m already seeing changes in my life with the help of tapping.
The 7 things brings up that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. My biggest challenges to being more successful is to believe in myself and that i can fix my financial situation. My biggest challenge right now is finances. The biggest challenge is to make sure i take the knowledge that i have and use it to make sure I don’t continue making the mistakes I know I can do it.
Kim says:
It brought up images of those people who supposedly loved me and show me how to make it in life carelessly saying the most damaging words… “You’ll never be able to do that!” And other similar opinions… I can almost feel again how I felt when they said it, and the hidden determination that I was going to prove them wrong! I see that my determination is a little more hidden than I thought, and I’m happy to see now what I really have to work on!
Excellent .
Valerie says:
Excellent and concise! This list has it all here in a short, very readable format! I can’t wait to share it with others. Thank you!
John Jones says:
I guess the confidence thing,I’ve traveled this country have encountered many instances where I didn’t get what was being taught or how to piece together a thing I thought about,I learned that often manifestations of evil like Sandy Hook came about,it to me is like Timothy Lear is dead song by the Beatles take that hit an if you plan poorly then you won’t know how to truly help if your truly needed cause you won’t believe the questioning minds coming to you with them.I’ve given up Detective work cause you cannot always intervene for the haunted soul,just nuture your own
Neranja says:
Thank you for guiding people with your 7 step process. It’s amazing. I honor you for helping people around the world to come up with their inner positive thoughts by reading this article.
Thank you so much.
Robin says:
I work as a personal in-home caremanager but have ambitions to meet the needs of seniors who will need housing. Knowing how and finding the resources are the challenges. Being able to call people during the day is not feesable while I work.
Kathryn says:
I wanted to hear more, I thought the 7 topics were very accurate and I could relate to each topic.
One of my biggest strength is my ability to read and relate to people. I love people. Yet my greatest challenge is I am hyper critical of myself and others. I don’t like to be judged and yet I somewhere along the line became to most judgmental person I know!
NICE says:
I wrote a book, Winning! How Winners Think …What Champions Do so I could conclude the common traits of the gentle giants and would concur with all you pointed out so nicely. They simply became the best they could be….always a work in progress, but they also had a flash of their greatness or soul’s code between the ages of 3-9 and thus created an empowering character building program for children in that age range. It is brain training that implements and turns our intentions into actions. Keep up the good work Edie
Karen Bluhm says:
This is very powerful and encourages me to take action to change my thinking and start developing a “I deserve success” mindset.
Thank you!
Mel says:
I’m a mildly successful person, who is nonetheless not thrilled about where she is in life. I’ve done ok for myself financially, but I always feel like I should have, could have, and would have done more if I would have … gone to college … not married when I was so young… etc, etc. Regardless of those things, I am successful. But I have determined that the second half of my life (which starts at my next birthday in about a month) will be the best half of my life. I’ve been thinking about perhaps getting a degree, but I’m not really even sure I want one at this point. What I do want, though, is to do things that I care about, am passionate about, and that leave me fulfilled at the end of the day. I feel I’m in a great position to do these things, but they’re simply not things I can do alone, so my first step is going to be to surround myself with others who are willing to help and are also on a similar path.
Mike Mercadante says:
Just like some other “F” words, I try never to use this one. I look at “failure” as something that didn’t work out, period. Now WHY it didn’t work out is what you should take away from the experience. Lack of research, planning, follow-through, what was it that caused your business not to take off, your diet didn’t work, or your first book to never be published? Answer that, and you’re on the road to success!
A. Miller says:
Excellent list of VERY PRACTICAL efforts that can be done by making a strong and definite commitment to forge out a better life for ourselves. Thanks for
posting this.It will be a good referral resource for the “falling off the wagon” times. Sit myself down and review with purpose and back on the wagon!
My Bigest Chalenge Is Be Holded Back And Discouraged/Down In Everything I Try says:
I amazingly have all seven mindsets but Lacking in confidence in my abilities toe expressm myself. I know what I want,have knowledge,confidence when approaching different types of circumstances,but get discouraged very,very often but never willing to give up what puts me in state of desire for everything in manyw ways and don’t know how to move forward.Would love to be able to come forward with everything.
Sally says:
I have a handle on learning how to think and feel differently…that is pretty much LOA. I even can picture where I want to be and who I want to be and can most likely reorganize my priorities to get there. To me, the biggest problem will be #4. Knowing that failure is okay and is part of the learning process. That will be my biggest obstacle.
Delma says:
I have learned that I have been on the right track for several months now. I am excited to learn so much more.
Mary says:
i just love this,i remember in the year 2012 things were very difficult for me i needed to change my thinking
and it has helped me very much .Now i will be able to follow the other six things and make into
practice.thank you for this great work your doing.
Lucy Mwai says:
My biggest challenge is procrastinating
MaLa says:
what I have discovered is a BIG victim consciousness. I have struggled with this mind set previously, but when it came to my attention again a few days ago, suddenly it was easy to admit and determine that this was a thing of the past with whatever it contained, it does not speak the truth about me and my life right now and from here on in. I have also renewed my thankful attitude for whatever I have at any given moment, it is so easy for forget to be grateful when things seem clouded with doubt and yearning for better things. thank you for sharing the above points.
Andre says:
This has come at the right time for me. I’ve tried so many avenues to gain success. but I think you are going to provide me with the right tools to overcome my blockages in the coming days!
Lisa says:
Thank you, Nick,
It is curious to me the examples of the successful people you mentioned. I am not certain of what their prior failures were, but what was considered their success (what we know them for) was a large scale thing.Perhaps people don’t dream big enough, and “fail” at smaller things. It seems that these small failures could be seen as more of a push to dream bigger, be more. So called failure is more like a message saying – try again! you’re better than this!
Milind Gade says:
Inspirational stuff…especially the part where you have listed famous personalities and role models…
I am practising tapping and it has helped me to overcome childhood trauma.
Ingeborg Nakahira says:
“Important things first”stands out
The other aspects are esential in order to difine and build up to the important ….
Positive and constructive outlook ….ambition….motivation….intention…enduring
Judith says:
This was truly invigorating for me to read and devour. Very inspirational content that I have never seen so clearly before. Incredibly helpful for me and it will help me a lot on writing my new scripts for my tapping practice. Thank you, Judi
Zahia says:
Salut pour avoir un très bon réussi il faut qu”on travaille très dure mais avant j’ai travaillée très dure et j’ai après beaucoup de chose mais j’ai pas réussi la chance ne veux pas me sourire
Monics says:
I love this. It gives me hope that thought patterns from my abusive past can be addressed. I’ve done talk therapy. It helped, but thought patterns are harder to address. I didn’t realize how those sneaky thoughts might hurt me. They seem so benign. “Money doesn’t grow on trees.”, “I’m not made of money”, and “We can’t afford that” were common. I’m willing to do some work to overcome my limiting beliefs.
Goutam Barui says:
very helpfull in my financial proffession.thank you for valuable trips.
Goutambarui says:
very healfull in my financial sells proffectin.thankyou for your inportant trips.
Carmen says:
I’m extremely hard on myself.. I do not let my mind relax its wk overtu!!!
Saul Bots says:
Great staff!! I like it.,
Asif says:
These 7 steps were steps to climb gradually and were incremental. They fell in place and made sense. Once I read them I found them obvious yet needs reminder. I will find a way to post them for daily use and view.
Mbuiselo Radebe says:
“Thought is free and words are free. It just your mindset making it doable and workable and so your life-living becomes harmonious.”
Taelin says:
I’ve found that remembering there is no such thing as failure is very important. So many times I hear “wrong” and “failure” thrown around. In fact we never fail unless we stop. There is no such thing as failure – every effort is a step forward. We go as far as we understand until we learn more and then adjust. We are never wrong either – we just get updated with new info and continue forward. Sounds arrogant, but that is what’s going on. If we believe in everything we do – then that’s the best we can do .. until we have more info to modify somewhere.
Allongifor Ignatius Nguh-Mbi says:
For the first time I have gone through this article. I always ignore articles but this one attracted me a lot. I have seen no matter how I fall I will keep on standing up. Going through the 7 articles, there is a force in me that want to explode. It is as talking with my inner being.
PJ says:
I resonate positively w most of the 7, reading this inspires me to refocus & get back on daily tasks/rituals to grow in the correct direction. My follow through has been my biggest challenge & my commitment to dust myself off & start again recognizing a new day is another opportunity to get it right; is one of my biggest strengths! My attitude is a direct correlation & I work to keep a good one at that! I signed up for the financial abundance 7 week course & have started it several times, I’ll begin again next Monday w perfect timing as there are 7 weeks to the end of the year & great things are on our road ahead!
Angela says:
Thank you, Nick, this is exactly what I need and struggle with l don’t do the important things first. I’m giving until there’s nothing left for me, l keep finding myself emotionally exhausted, I lack the balance of doing for others and doing what it takes for me to be successful. I can’t wait to put the 7 points into my daily life routine.
Stephen P Miller says:
I think the greatest challenges are having a clear picture of what you want and be willing to do the work to get there.
Wendy says:
It brought to light that I think I do not deserve success in the financial arena because I do not think I am ‘better’ than anybody else.
Karen says:
Some of the biggest challenges are doing all the small things first, before being ready to do big things for myself. And motivation !
My greatest strengths are having had a lucky childhood and a braught range of abilities.
Shannon says:
Shame from a tumultuous childhood, a belief in lack and a feeling of not being good enough. On the outside, looking in… disconnected.
False beliefs/feelings I thought I had long overcome and let go, but they are coming up for me now, wreaking havoc on my peace of mind and happiness, and sabotaging my chance for a loving relationship…
Stu says:
Thank you so much for sharing this with us all,
go for it- everyone!!
Noel Bangaza Cleopas says:
Thank you so much, I have realised so many things that was making me not to achieve my goals. Truly speaking, I was deceived by my parents, colleagues, friends etc. Getting the 7 points mentioned will tremendously change my life style.
Vickie says:
i believe my success is because I showed up. I continued to be present and in the moment where ever I was or am. If I find myself not paying attention I ask what is the universe teaching me in this moment. I also do not watch more than one hour of TV each day. I strive for balance in four areas of my life : spirit, work, self care, and finances … I try to take care of myself so I can care for others and be kind to myself if I’m grieving over a loss of someone or the dream of what o thought the outcome of a situation was going to be – this helps me let go and let God,
Clare Wanyama says:
Help to go on with my vision and stay focused
Towanda M. Allen says:
So true!
Lenke says:
Nick! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Meshach Okposi says:
My challenges is time because I working under person and money because I am financial bankrupt
Diane C. says:
Thank you. All seven spoke to me. I know success is mine to have. Just have to get there.
Rose says:
Thanks for these quick and easy to read messages!!
I love them and understand that I have to practice what I know.
Your messages are motivating to “just do it, damn it!”
Be open and ready to change the old messages in my head to change my status.
With gratitude,
Juan Pablo Lascurain P. says:
I thanks you With your comments they aré really intesesting, what it really challenge me to be moré succesful Israel to have a greater life .
Ken H says:
Good ” Magnificent 7″! And I would add, they actually answer their phone or have another human do it for them!! Darn machines…they are getting very tiresome!!
Ken H
Ryan says:
What a fantastic amazing article and so simple to understand. Thank you!!
Paul Pickering says:
I see my challenges as stepping stones to my success, that I can never fail,as long as I focus on what is important, each small step will lead to one giant leap forward, to find the courage to face each new challenge, every day is a new beginning, & a step closer to my dream, I am worthy of success because we all deserve abundance,prosperity, happiness & joy.What we believe we can achieve, our feelings are like a guidance system to reaching our full potential, our higher purpose.
Saroj says:
it brings up possibilities, my greatest strength is understanding these steps , my biggest challenge is my mind- taking action.
Saima Iqbal says:
Thank you Nick, your email with the inspirational article came up for me at the time when I started to despair over my health and then the internal voice, ‘ why have I taken on such difficult things to do’. And so on.
I do tapping but not on regular basis only when I’m in a tight situation and get on with life with determination and joy.
María Belen says:
THey bring courage and self confidence , as well as not gettin influencied when The others think you are
Crazy on your Dreams of abondance due to a stuck situation borderin failure right Now at business
My biggest challenge is to sell worldwide my leather designs, after 20 years of devotion
And an Extraordinary feedback , but still local, though startin ti have response in other countries
Determinación to find and investor or Get a credit for development
My father has never got a credit, i had so much pain to pay bankrupcy that I promise not to ever again ask for a credit. But if its investmen et fir business is The only way to grow ,see how The
Compañías Get out to The stock exchange to grow¡
Changin my mind and fears,Thanks so much¡w
Vivian Anagbonu says:
After reading the 7 things am spirit being of I can do it had been re candles. THX
Vidya says:
I am the kind of person who runs around doing all the little things to keep everyone happy and maintain balance in my life. At the end of the day I am to tired to do anything for me and I end up feeling frustrated and depressed. After reading the 7 things successful people do I realized that I need to put things in perspective and do what’s important to me first. Thank you for opening my eyes. I look forward to reducing more. Vidya.
Alan says:
Nick,You forget to mention one person.It is Jack Canfield.His quote,that is my favorite say
this:”Rejection is a myth.Rejection does not exist.What You say,when someone say NO?
You say NEXT.There is a lot people on this planet.Someone will say YES!”
Jo says:
How to survive financially while I build my business.
Bojana R. says:
This is so amazing.
Clear your vibration first and than follow your dreams. Never give up . Have a clear vision where are you standing in this moment and where would you like to be. Follow your intiuition and your inner-voice. Never let others to have influence on your thoughts. Do maeditation,affirmations,etf each day. Spend time with your really friends and share love.
Jane says:
I live with 4 juevenile delinquents. 2 mine, 2 not. But, they all have a similiar negetive thinking patterns that limit them. In other words, it takes an atom bomb to get them off the sofa. All 4 teens were adopted and suffered from abuse and neglect. They are all bright and are their own worst enemies. I have been using tapping for years and maybe reading this they will finally do it with me!
Barb Kiernicki says:
My biggest set back is finding where i want to spend the rest of my life. I like so many things I don’t know where the best use of my talents should go. Secondly, how to take care of my farm and family while on working on my next mission.
Dr Malvinder Singh Sahi says:
A very enlightening 7 steps.
Very relevant and apt for corporate’victims’… And present times. …. get barraged with negative cues
Mimi says:
This combined with my meditation exercise today has shown me that I am not as far away, make that I am closer to, instead, to the desire of remaining on and being one with the paradigm/path of .clear light.
Rachael says:
Very helpful! I am currently in the beginning stages of starting my own coaching practice and so I need all the encouragement and push I can get to help me find success in it!
Bozz says:
why do we do the easy things first .. is it because inside of us we need to be in the current situation for some unexplicable reason?and are we kind of afraid of what success will bring? i know for me it opened doors from my past that i don’t know how to handle on my own.. and my physical pain is so bad that and yet i keep it alive instead of doing the important things first.. i willl try again and again and again..thank you nick for reminding me ……
Adina says:
Once you have set up your mind to achieving your dreams, goals, and desires..
The biggest challenge it’s to avoid time wasters, and knowing how to manage your time productively to get where you want to be.
Catherine Lemberger says:
This is an article I really needed right now. As a widow, 72 years of age and embarking on a new course of education it was very helpful in addressing my fears and old beliefs that have me hesitating to proceed whole heartedly academically.
Thanks a lot Nick and blessings on you.
Ali says:
This is wonderful Nick. Nicely summarized and put together. In my case I’d put #7 first ! what do you think?
Deb says:
why i do and don’t deserve success ….. i am please that i did not have a silence of why i deserve success …i must have moved forward …… a journey still to go but thanks all these 7 help to believe and move forward .
Rocio says:
Good, very good, and interesting understand that the fail is part of the life.
Phylllis says:
My struggle is to find a dream and think big, to make goals and plan how to achieve them, and finding time to work on the important things. To risk again, after so many losses.
Sousahne says:
Your awesome. And yes. .wanting a breakthrough in all these areas.
ps. Love the smiley faces!
Mausami says:
Hi Nick, Can’t thank you enough…..my vocabulary is falling short, same like Amit Seth…I will settle with Thank You!! You are doing a great job…Keep up the good work..Many Thanks, Keep brightening up our day, All the best.
With lots of Love,
Kimberly says:
I have always known that I am meant to be tremendously successful and I have no idea what is keeping me from getting there. I’ve been abused my whole life, but I’m an adult now and realize that none of that makes me who I am and I don’t hang onto it so I have to think that it might be underlying. I have had a ton of great ideas that I see other people over the years bring to fruition and it frustrates me. I am ready to have my recent ideas come to fruition for me. I’M READY !!!!
Judith says:
Thanks for sharing! The number 5, They´re willing to fail, repeatedly, moved me so much! And made me think so much! I lost a job and affected me deeply. But it’s part of a longer journey 😉 Thank you!
Malathie says:
Thank you Nick:)
Sandra says:
I deserve success. I’ve never doubted it. The question for me is whether I want it. I tend to be very selective about responsibility.
Rose T says:
I totally agree! I do believe successful people have a limitless believe system that was developed during early stages of infancy and childhood. But your 7 points challenge me. For myself, all of these from 1 to seven applies. I can go deep into each point, but then I’d be writing a book. !’d say no. 7 has been my challenge, but has been getting clearer. I’m seeing the light! Thank you for the email.
Sally says:
Fear of the task itself.
Al says:
I have just read your “7 Reasons” article, and although a lot of it rings true with me, there was ONE that definitely stood out: DOING THE IMPORTANT THINGS FIRST!
Your reference to doing your exersizing before dealing with your Emails literally slapped me in the head. Every morning, I wake up to anywhere from 20 to 50 Emails, and although I delete the majority of them, I find myself still engrossed in them going on noon!! This has to stop! I need to get OTHER things accomplished and your article made me overly aware of that….and from this day forward, I will try to postpone the “digital pastime” till the more important things are dealt with!
Above all else, though, I do, and always have, tried to keep the PMA in perspective and let it guide me throughout the day….and life! DREAM ON..and dream until you’re DREAMS COME TRUE!
Eli says:
Number 6 is my big stumbling block. For example, I am reading this email in the morning, before I start on my day’s agenda.
Amit Seth says:
Hi Nick, too much to write but will settle with Thank You!! This is for getting me back to EFT in a big way and finally on the road which I dreamt off but had gone off track.
You doing a great job…and knowing me couldnt have better
Keep up the good work..tks once again
Mayank Pandey says:
Great points put simply to understand n follow.
This should encourage any one n every one to meet success.
Thumbs up.
Robert says:
The questions “Why I don’t deserve success” and “Why I deserve success” brought up a lot of questions that I really haven’t thought of in a while.
Zora Brunette says:
Really valuable information that I can use certainly applicable
Anne Geenen says:
Hi NIck,
I am greatly conscious of what my mindset is and work on changing it, but…when I fail I start listening to my critical voice and feel failure, not realizing that it is a learning process and no less than that!
thank you for this insight!
Valerie says:
THANK YOU!!! I’ll be reading this over & over AND doing! I appreciate the clear things to do…really dig into & do! Thank you for the training!!!
Mary Ellen says:
This list is printable, tackable, readable and most importantly Doable! Thank you. Im printing it now and it is going on my kitchen cabinets where I make coffee first thing in the am.
Rosanne says:
Fortunately, I read your list of 7 features of successful people & found I was holding up strong on quite a number of them. Even so, I’ve identified I clearly have a lot more work to do on myself, with the assistance of prayer, meditation, EFT, mindfulness, writing, photography & sketching of faces (I’m fascinated by faces).
I clearly identify I need to change the way I think & have been working on this for many years: prayer; psychotherapy; cognitive behaviour therapy; acceptance commitment therapy; Christian meditation; EFT & mindfulness. I am deeply committed to changing the way I think, as reflected in my “Psychic Shift” notebooks X 4 (soon to be 5). EFT is great at assisting me to get to the right emotional state. Thankfully, I do believe I deserve success & have clearly identified core limiting beliefs that have held me back over the years; taking their origin in past trauma. EFT has greatly helped me peel back the layers of the onion, of my mind, so as to get to the deep-seated core issues.
Out of your entire list, Nick, the key point I need to do the most work on is to do whatever it takes to overcome events & patterns from the past that don’t serve me. With great gratitude, I can happily say that EFT has enormously quietened my critical voice – Alleluia!
Once upon a time, I was a woman who greatly feared failure, which manifest significantly during examinations throughout 10 years of F/T tertiary study. “What you resist persists” & I was to experience one failure after the next over the course of the next 22 years 9 months of my life. Now, I’m well adjusted to failure & no longer fear it as I once did. I’m in full agreement that it actually isn’t failure to give something a shot, when it doesn’t work out, on the journey towards a more successful life.
Finally, I’m still working on prioritising my time, so that I can get the important things done in any one day. However, I’m well versed in Time Management & am 100% confident I’ll get on top of this one, in the near future.
Thank you so much for your article, Nick. It was extremely timely & very helpful.
Rita says:
All said well and good….but what do when you are 75 years old and health is going downhill?
I try to be optimistic and at least turn up the corners of my mouth when things are not good. i doubt that’ll be much help when the money runs out.
I try to take John Wayne’s advice…….. and do what you gotta do, Pilgrim…….
Sharon Blasko says:
I believe with teaching, i can be what ever i choose to be or chose to become. The only way to fail, is to not try at all! As long as i have breath, I have hope!!!
Marco says:
Most important and well focused on developing skills to succeed aspects.
Earl says:
They made me realize I have a lot of changing to do especially with prioritizing my time.
Veiabexley says:
I think that the 7 steps are true and very blunt in a nice way. It is sensible and gives me another way of seeing things differently. Also i noticed there are lots of supportive and encouraging tones used in writing this piece. I love that, thank you. My greatest strength is feeling universal love to help those around me including family, friends, work colleagues and strangers BUT find it challenging to express it a manner that is not deemed as weird or degrading. Another challenge is how is it that something simple as believing in yourself is difficult when you are facing problems. Simple answer is I pray to Jesus and ask for his guidance, and funny enough…here I am. Thanks Nick & team for opening up this door that I never knew existed.
Irmi says:
Thank you so much Nick for this reminder! I feel like there is so much that I can and have to tap on to turn things around… but No. 7 is definitely my No. 1 now as I have allowed very little time in the past to dream. At 50 I finally start to allow myself to dream BIG and enjoy life along the way. I am grateful that you share this simple yet so powerful technique in so many wonderful ways.
Christina says:
Challenges, to use the tools I already have. From the last tapping world summit and including your book Tapping for Success and other essential tools I know will help me towards the future I envision.
Strengths. I’m 59 and looking at how I’ve lived my life previously it was always based on fear and what others thought of me. Now, it’s about me and I’m willing to take steps to make changes on all fronts.
DeaAnn says:
I think I am very dense. I have MS and I have trouble with cognition.
Georgia says:
I have my dream firmly in my mind. However, I’m in a stuck place. How do I get from here to there?ive made tremendous changes in myself and yet lacking that “magic ” something. I consider one of my greatest strengths to be my willingness to change. I care deeply for other people and my belief system says no one needs to suffer emotionally. I love working with people to, to see them let go of their negative beliefs and move on with their life. I find it immensely satisfying.. My biggest challenge , right now, is – what is my next step? I feel like I’m spinning my wheels in all the important areas of my own life. I believe I do deserve success, yet my daily life shows the opposite.
Looking forward to eliminating my spinning wheels!
Lori Zimmerman says:
It’s great to see these ideas in print (again!). My issues are lack of self-esteem and self-confidence, and procrastination. I am reading The Tapping Solution, which is wonderful, and also have The Tapping Solution for Pain Relief to read. I’ve dabbled in EFT tapping for a couple of years, but have not made time daily to do it! That seems crazy, since it is so helpful! I seem to be overwhelmed with things to do, but I know they are mostly things that I feel a duty to do and thinking about them overwhelms me more – I procrastinate and find other “safe” or “fun” things to do as avoidance.
The 7 things are things that I have seen before, but I don’t practice them regularly. I have now made the decision to print them out and make a daily ritual of reading them and making them a part of my go-to thoughts when my fears and criticisms arise. I want to outline my goals and dreams and work on each important item first, with the courage to do that! Thank you, Nick!!
Miriam Ruberl (New Zealand) says:
Busted ! I just had to add another comment after reading the others …. here I am 73, thinking so much of what those older than I are writing, and somehow thinking 99.9% of tappers are younger by eons and therefore more likely to succeed !
I can say I have succeeded at so much inspite of my critical voice and failure to question my thinking as true … ha ! I too could well live to 100+, having absolutely no health issues at this point despite the way I’ve neglected my health in the past, so there is another success – inspite of me ! I moved from one side of the world to the other completely unconsciously, and could not have picked a better place had I tried.
Bottom line, I have successfully taken every breath every year, month and day till now that has brought me to this place of EFT, which I am hugely grateful for because I know for sure (a) it works to improve and heal my thinking and emotions, and (b) every little change for the better has huge downstream benefits ! Thanks again
Miriam Ruberl says:
That with EFT my critical voice is much easier to identify – used to think it was just “how things are” ! I totally trust Nick and Jessica’s EFT approach, having had a little look at others every now and then – it’s spot on thepulse for me …. no doubt others are for others. I particularly like that we just need to do a few things consistently, and change unfolds.
This article has reminded me that the most impoortant thing I can do for my future is keep tapping ! Thank you
Linda says:
I just lost my mom, 5 months ago. I had been caregiver to her and my dad (who passed away 6 years ago) for 24 years. I’m now turning 70, and have realized how much of ‘me’ I had invested, so I could be here to attend to the needs they required, on a 24/7 basis. Now that they’re gone, it feels like the essence of me, became so entwined with theirs, that when each of them passed, a part of me died with them. They were my life, and purpose…now I wake each day, without thoughts, or feelings of any ‘purpose’…leaving me with only extreme sadness…I don’t feel any joy, or happiness in me.
I’m searching for ways to reclaim myself…I hope ‘Tapping’ will help to lift this sadness, and helps me release it. I hope to replace my tears of sorrow, with happy tears…of joy.
Shelley says:
My greatest strengths are I am a harding workING, kind, a good leader. Ambitious. Caring.
My biggest weakest is my financial situation, and I feel like a failure.
I have felt stuck since my divorce.making bad decisions.
Sharon says:
The things that struck me the most is my belief system needs improvement. Many time I want to accomplish something but in the back of my mind I doubt I can accomplish it. The symptom is always doing something else that is easy and then actually put off (procrastinate) getting to the project. I have been tapping for a couple of years now, and have overcome several obstacles in my life. Thank you for your 7 Things email. I now know what I need to tap and work on. Start
with what you are unsure of first then go back again and again if you cannot accomplish it at first. In the meantime tap on the areas now that are getting in the way. Believe this is true for many of us. Thanks again for the reminder.
Sharon Cramer
Kathleen Heatley says:
I thought that experiencing stress when business efforts didn’t go smoothly was my fault. That didn’t stop me from trying again and again but now I don’t think that I have failed… just grown.
I tend to warm up with the easier things before diving into the more important things… like warming up on a long bike ride.
My quest is to silence my critical voice … gotta tap on that because that voice beats me up way too much.
I see my dear father through different eyes after reading this post because he had the overcome factor and now I have lots of that because of him.
I am a certified EFT practitioner of 14 years and use tapping to manage my emotions. However I have recently drifted far from the path of offering this tool to others. I now live in Ohio and people here don’t seem to respect this tapping technique or don’t get it. What am I doing wrong in my approach? and how can I change that.
In the meantime I jumped on to building a business with doTERRA essential oils which are the rage here. Hmmm! I do love them too!
Thanks for this post it has helped me greatly. You and Jessica are a blessing to all of us.
Roy JC Schroll, Jr says:
I feel that with help like this I can do what I want to do and be a success at it. I just rad Heathers comments and so I’ll admit too that I am 84.
Victoria says:
Well, I certainly have the courage! But, that may be all of the 7 I have. I’ll make a poster of the 7 and review it every day. I’ll write a tapping session and practice it based on the 7.
Tapping feels so right, I’m grateful Nick that you’ve shared it so well.
Heather says:
The fact that I’m 80 and just starting out often gets in the way, and I feel I’m not going to have the time to get anywhere. But on the other hand who’s to say I won’t live to be 100 and can spread a bit of happiness in the world?
Wendee Hooper (From Australia) says:
My biggest problem I keep telling myself, is my age 77 years, and I can’t work. How does one earn big bucks when one is retired and is learning all this at this age, by the way, it’s all brilliant stuff and I hope all you young people take it seriously and do something about it.
Thank you Nick for your wonderful work, Tapping alone has done great things for me, I have your CD’s and books.
Sincerely Wendee
Titti says:
Try and consider
Never give up
Believe in
Every day will be a new day
Sometimes you have to offer somethings to get something
Carla says:
I believe on everything I have set my mind on has been a success to me and my family except for one. My weight. That has been the block that will not fit into my brick foundation. Why, I do not know? I try and try but fail so many times. I’ve ordered your book as well as your sisters. I sure hope they can help me on this journey to a new thinner me. Thanks for all your help and materials you send me to help me become who I want to be. God Bless You.
Mom says:
My husband passed away approx. 2 years ago. Even though he was very ill, I just miss him terribly. People have been pressuring me to winter in Florida or Arizona, but I’m busy with work and don’t want to go. Too much down time and I want to be with my family right now. Bought tapping book and video. Hope they help.
Marilyn says:
I want to get clear so that I can know my passion.
Kay Schell says:
This will help me get off to a better day today.
Yolanda Pazdera says:
I have miserably failed at all of the above. Have too much on my plate, and I’m broke, so I can’t afford the program, but in my own way, I found these seven tools to be super valuable, and as old as I am, I can at least try to implement one a week. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for your book and tapping techniques. Who said life was easy?
I don’t know if I feel I deserve anything. Not because I personally feel I don’t, but because it seems that life has gone that way for me. Partially my family, partially my own beliefs, but if those who profess to love you feel you don’t deserve, then you must not.
Success also scares me, because I believe I will be found out and then fall on my face. If I come across as having it together, I feel like I’m faking it and someone will discover it and I’ll come tumbling down. These are my thoughts and thanks again for letting me express them. Take care Yolanda
Ted says:
So true Nick. Everyone is successful in some way or another and everyone is better at some things than others. When I analyze the areas I am already successful in like health, fitness and relationships I realize I practice these 7 things daily. Without even thinking about them.
What this article has made me realize is that I do not practice these things in the areas I want to change and improve. Solution is to change some thinking and some habits.
Anne Paton says:
Good to be reminded about these 7 attributes of successful people. I keep learning them and then forgetting !! Strange isn’t it how we often think that it’s other people who deserve to sit at the big table at the Banquet of Life and we expect just to sit under the table and gather the crumbs, but if you ask yourself why those people are more deserving than you there is no real answer, just that those other people know something that we don’t. We have to realise that we are all here in this life, we breath the same air, we occupy the same space at the same time and we should always strive to be our best selves, not our lowest selves.
Jean says:
GI think I am doing most thinga right – I could do with more consistent focus on where I am headed and what I want.. I have lost my job a number of times over the last 2 years but I keep getting spurts of good luck where I bring in good money and then find I spend it all on what seems like necessities?!! I always have the feeling that One door closes and another opens and that everything will be fine. But I don’t CONSISTENTLY DREAM BIG ENOUGH! I lose one job then focus on getting another one- instead of seeing a futur where I don’t hAve to work but can stay at home and write – because that is what I really want to do!!!
Mary Jane Mahan says:
I am reaching for compassion as these truths sting as they ring. I am on a 30-day EFT clean out specifically on disappointment and reading this incredible list gives me words for what I wish to tap in. On the other hand, I wish to celebrate my willingness to fail repeatedly. I am pioneering a vision for healing guilt and I do take huge risks. I feel more connected and empowered now. Thank you for publishing.
Geniel says:
I’m 86 years old with no executive experience whatsoever. I’m a widow .
I’m confortable, but cluttered and not too ambitious. What you say is interesting, but not invigorating. It would be nice to do something of value for my family and friends but lack any real goals. You are a ray of sunshine – Keep up the good work!
Mary Lou Ferris says:
I admire your talents and givingness to the world….I know that fear and lack of self confidence is what is holding me back from doing what I want to do. Coming from I can’t afford to lose the money. I am 79 years young and am a Nanny but I want to trade the market. I have experience in the field but I lack patience and trust in my decisions. I need to work on this…….
Thanks for all you do.
Mary Lou
Mallory says:
At age 62 can not come up with a dream or goal. Feel unworthy. Have complex PTSD from years of childhood trauma from unstable mother and now diagnosed with BPD. All feels so defeating. Must Tap More! Often have trouble knowing what words to use, as I have so many difficulties. Thanks for all you so for us Nick.
Diana says:
I have been in a place for like 10 years, where I achieved my dreams! I have been stuck on not being able to dream new dreams that excite and inspire me. People always talk about achieving your dreams, that is not my issue. I know what it is to have a dream and to achieve it! I just can’t seem to dream a new dream that inspires me forward! Weird!
Mary says:
Great post. Helped me recognize hope for changes & looking back, My failures were steps forward because I found out what doesn’t work a so well learned lesson.
Thank you!
Puck Søgaard says:
Fantastisk opmuntring
Og det er præcist sådan det skal gøres, jeg er sikker på at jeg vil nå mit mål og bliver powerfull, succesrig og få både personlig og økonomisk frihed når jeg har fundet den gyldne nøgle, og den tror jeg sagtens jeg kan finde <3 Sally says: They brought up a feeling of hope, and that it is never too late, also that the failures can be used to propell you forward. Optimism, creativity Procrastination, lacking the confidence that this time it could be different. Annie says: Powerful messages and just what need to hear as I’m really at a crossroad in my life and rewriting how I truly want it to be. I look forward to the coming tapping sessions. Thank you Nick for your generous sharing! Harry Fernandez says: l’m 84 yrs young l did many things in my life, come up from a very poor family no education Back in 30thirties year very tough, but got what l wanted, later l became careless and l lost every thing that l had struggled, But am still and open minded l will do again i,m a winner Never give up. Paz Universal, Donna says: This is like peeling an onion. I’ve been working on issues of worthiness/self worth for years. This brought up another layer. Fear of failure is another layer to clear up once and for all!! Thanks for the opportunity Nick! Melanie says: dear nick I felt very happy after reading these 7 points All defends upon how i accept my own self I need to be very attentive to be successful in life inorder to take in all that comes on my way to live a beautiful life here on earth. Jose Oosthout says: i am taking a half year off to work on those 7 things and curious what will happen…. time to change and time to let go…..glad to be in this fortunate position Thea says: I do not know how to dream – I am not sure what I want to be or do…. I need to focus on something, yet I still have a child who is just starting college (living at home and a special needs daughter) 14 who I am still helping raise as a single mom. I became disable this past winter and have been using tapping and meditation to heal. I know I am on a journey and do not feel like a failure, yet I do not have clarity in what it is I am to do. Maybe your webinar will help. I have bought (on my nook) your book The Tapping Solution for Pain Relief which I am still currently reading. Thanks for all your help and inspiration and I look forward to seeing you in November at the I Can Do It conference in NYC!!! J.D. says: it made me kinda sad that i did`nt have this insight earlier in life, but glad i get it now it`s mine evermore. Lee Hickman says: they aren’t new to me-7 things-I feel guilty for knowing these concepts, but am having a tough time believing that I can come back from my losses (including myself). My strengths were my love for my job for 33+yrs. from pain- emotional and physical kind. I loved my job until stressful situations at work and family helped me destroy my love. My weaknesses (besides the physical and emotional crap) have left me to find another me as my pain has diminished a bit and being retired early has left me unmotivated but I try to push on past it, only to get blocked and discouraged. Tapping for pain has helped but I’m unmotivated to continue sometimes… Martha says: Brought clarity. Realized have a fear of failure. Many dreams but not much action.Taking action important thing first. Sarel says: Brilliant. The Law of Attraction once more! Love to hear more from you in this regard. Rosemary says: i felt a spark of hope. Cody Bax says: My strengths-determination, personality My challenges- finances, poor self esteem I might have more challenges than I do strengths but God made me who I am and God don’t make mastakes Thank You For Sharing This Information. says: Paying attention to my thoughts and what I am putting out in the universe is so important and to know that I Am worthy of abundance love, health and wealth. Namaste’ Joyce Saveri Raj says: Out of the above 7 things, I think that the greatest weakness is the lack of emotions towards success. Yes, it is our emotions drive everything. And for successful people, their positive emotions drive them smoothly to their GOALS. Jan says: I certainly have had my failures in life! lol! But I keep thinking the next time I’ll do it “right”! So maybe this time I have enough life skills under my belt and can help both myself and my community by taking on this project I have been toying with in the back of my mind. In my experience many great fine artists are simply not savvy enough about how to display and promote their own work. They would rather hide and do it than putting themselves out there. I am thinking I want to create a resource for fine artists who need a little help getting going. I myself have experienced what it is like to have someone behind me cheering for me and providing me with resources to stand out. Sadly that person passed away years ago and the loss I felt made me hide away. But I have healed myself and can help others now. So I am wanting to do this . William Jones says: Lack of confidence, being led to believe I wasn’t good enough. Marg says: This list is worth the price of the course. Even when I have had loads of compliments, I never believed that what I did was good enough. When things got rough, I’d move on to something else. I see now that I needed to build on what I already had, instead of switching courses so many times., and I needed to do it with a support network, not going it alone. Thanks for the list of successful people who never gave up. I have been through what they went through.. Now its time to get my head on straight and go for it in the time I have left. Theresa Domingues, Austin, TX says: I’m intelligent, talented, creative, loyal, loving, compassionate. My biggest challenge is getting back on my feet after some serious health challenges. I haven’t worked in a year. I don’t want to go back to teaching, but I’m not sure what I want to do. Julia Leslie says: strengths: determined , committed, faith , perseverence , passionate Challenges : being consistent , shifting belief system. Fitz says: courage to make hard choices that could even hurt people I care for. and do the important things first Frances Diaz says: Greatest strengths are: being organized, persistant, flexible. Biggest Challenges: dealing with challenging people, or people who are extremely critical of me. I need to be a better communicator without offending people, or being too nice. Lyle Zigler says: Need to do important things first … Not the easy stuff Pamela says: These are great and clearly written. What so strongly came up for me was a deep cellular level belief of being insignificant. Even though I know this to not be true and I know where it all came from, the feeling seems to have never ending tendrils that are entwined around the cells in my body that keep pulling me back to that ‘reality’ when I dare to step to far out of it! Tapping has gotten me further than ever before and I am re-committing to incorporate it more in my life. Thankyou Nick. Arwa says: The concern of how other people might think of me.. is my greatest challenge… it’s also a challenge to visualise a Dream, because of the traces of negativity I still have inside.. I have to set my heart and my brain free and let my past go.. and go into the journey till I get there… I am #Unstoppable Judith says: Until this past year, having clarity about what I want has been the biggest obstacle for me. With the birth of my first grandchild, suddenly I realized how important it is for me to stay fit and healthy, to develop a new skill for improving my income and take action on a long held dream to create a certain project. Amazingly, all these things have started happening since I made a scrapbook collage of all my visions and started tapping! Sandi says: Fear was the first thing it brought up for me, I’m starting my own Aesthetics (skin care) business and it’s not going the way I had hopped, but this reinforced the fact that I need to focus and try to do something every day… Today was finishing up my yelp account. And when I get home, I plan on ordering new wax to offer waxing services. I WANT this and therefore I have to keep trying.. So glad I saw this in my inbox… onward and upward I will go. Mary says: Well said, Nick. Successful people are also grateful for what they accomplish each day and list what they have done rather than what they have not done. So much work we all have around this. Thanks, Mary Kevin M.G. says: My greatest strengths are being born under the Aries sigh of being ‘brave and a lover” and found it hard to accept “no” as an answer, at least I use to. Now [at 65.] I have become compliacent and lost a lot of that motavitating “UMPH” that everyone use to remember me for.Now I need to get it back and thank you Nick for the butt kick [some times we need it cause we dont see the forest through the trees]. That compliance can all to often slip in like the fog and I like the fog too, especially the way that I have see it and at some of it’s best. Ask me sometime. Thanks for now, Kevin M. Yvonne says: If your story doesn’t serve you, don’t tell it. Righton says: This has been a difficult path for me. I believe it is possible but so far I have been unsuccessful. Have great hope in this. Deb says: Thanks. The more I learn and practice this the more I like. Sally says: Thank you Nick. I flexed my courage muscle and stood up and gave an In-service about Tapping because so many wasin mental and physical pain. I now have have people coming for help. Mary Adshead says: Very interesting thank you. Good to know successful people are the same species as me!!! No wonder I have not yet bee successful when I have felt myself to be a failure on the many occasions I have failed. Just as steps along the way to success feels completely different, wonderfully human, kind, inclusive. Thanks very much x Cheryl says: I have lived and worked on the same street for 15 years. Driving the same car and never taking a vacation, only a day off here and there. My husband passed away 3 years ago. I have gone back and forth to work morning noon (to take dogs out) and night and not much else. I spend my off waking my dogs and sitting in the house reading a lot of fabulous material from a lot of wonderful spiritual and wonderful people, including you. I don’t really have any friends, my husband was my best friend and we did everything together. So, even though I do all this reading and praying, I get stuck at the point of not having a “physical” support system. I have ahead and heart overflowing with kindness and a yearning to help others, from somewhere else than behind a desk, but I just need a chance an oppotunity, a helping hand. For years I have prayed to be in the right place at the right time and meet that someone who would grab me by the hand and say “It’s time to let go of all that FEAR and do what you were put here to do. There are people out there that need what you have to offer, kindness, compassion, descernment and a willingness to be present for them in their time of need,. So let’s make this happen…NOW. I’m turning this over to the Universe. Thank you Katerina Carol Kiss says: Thank you so much Nick! Very important informations in this essay! I am so excited ! Nobody before didn’t spoke so clear about this subject that is one of the thinks in life that people is curious to learn! I think you should write a book and serve it with meditation and affirmations! I love your work and your passion to help ! Xxxx Sabine Kroner says: It’s always good to read your posts, Nick…and this one is a good reminder to not give up but to move on…get my heini dancing no matter what. I am on a colon cleansing cure and today is (again) a day of letting go of old beliefs…of guilt, fear and selfdoubt…so – as it alwasy does – this comes at the right time – to remind me that I am divinely guided… and I am looking forward to your next post!! Thank you – big hug!! <3 Refired My Will To Move On To My Success And Reach My Goals When I Was Beginning To Slip And Slide Away After My Wife Died. Thanks. says: Its surely in the power of positive thinking but also in the steps to do the toughest things first. Thanks for switching me back on to the right track again. tbbmd@hotmail.com VJG says: Thank you for this great post. I have pinned this onto two of my boards on Pinterest. These are great concepts to keep in the forefront of my mind. John K Arthur says: It has changed my level of thinking. Shirish says: WOW! That’s a great post with great insight! Very helpful. Thanks Nick! Krista Dufour says: The timing of this is absolutely perfect. Quieting that inner voice that says I’m not good enough or I don’t deserve this is something I’m tapping on now. I’m so excited to let go of my old self believe system and embrace the NEW ME! I’m learning that it is never too late to have new dreams and success! Concepción Velasco says: Very helpful thank you so much Mark Pentz says: Nick – I like what you are doing very much. Attached is something I recently wrote. “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” Marianne Williamson We are all like golden sculptures crusted over with the mud of life’s experiences. The muddy shell is the ego: it is our mind, looks, personality, behaviors, etc. It is how we see the world and the world sees us. Under the ego is our essence – our heart of gold. Our mind has two parts: an unconscious mind, like the great depths of the ocean, and a conscious thinking mind – the churned-up surface where the ego reacts with the world. Our unconscious mind is made up of programs downloaded into our brain by the who’s and what’s of our past. When a pre-programmed message bubbles up to the surface, it drives us and we do things without knowing why. Rarely we choose; mostly, we impulsively react. When we do “not-so-good” things, we blame ourselves for making poor choices. Then we feel guilty, mistakenly believing we made a choice and we are stupid. Really we’re just unaware; and thus, forgivable. Our fear is that we are “losers” but, deep down, our biggest fear is that we can be “winners.” Our beliefs produce our reality. Thought has energy – like attracts like – and we manifest the reality we think we deserve. When we splash around on the surface, fighting battles we have unknowingly created, the ego wins, guilt transforms into shame, and we say, “I am unworthy.” So, we run scared – away from our own power and the success we think we can’t have. There are hundreds of addictions played out on this battleground. They all serve as distractions, diversions, and painkillers to keep us prisoner of the ego – trapped within our own belief system and powerless to change. If we accept the ego’s limitations and surrender guilt and shame, the ego’s powerlessness can be replaced by the powerfulness of our essence. In truth we are powerful beyond measure. It is our birthright to shine and succeed. Only we hold the key to the prison built by our own beliefs. Mark Pentz mcpentz@verizon.net June 1st, 2015 Jan says: This is encouraging. The past couple years I have wrestled with sadness over feeling like my life is “over.” Good grief, how pathetic is that?! But I live with a disability, (Rheumatoid Arthritis) and am on SSDI for 20 years but desperately want to get OFF of SSDI and become self-sufficient and independent! But they make it unbelievably difficult to get off of SSDI. Add to that, my age (62) and single. In order to be self-reliant, my health needs to improve even more which I am working on. At some point, I might be able to work F/T and become self-sufficient again. That is my DREAM. Meanwhile back at the ranch, it’s great to dream but then reality kicks in when my body won’t cooperate. Health barriers and age were never a factor while growing up living with RA but something happened the past few years that turned my positive outlook into a defeated one. When I think of all that I accomplished in my younger years (even living with RA that I was diagnosed with at 15), it is amazing. Until recently, I never let my RA/immune deficiency stop me from doing what I wanted. I even went against my doc’s wishes and moved to Kenya, E Africa. But suddenly it’s as though my mind has fallen into a deep pothole of “old” thinking and I don’t know how to get out (kind of like Alice in Wonderland). I hate it. 🙁 Ultimately, it seems that there are so many mountains to overcome if I am to accomplish that dream in light of the mountains that I face and I get weary. I know it’s a lie but it still gnaws at me. So, I end up feeling even more helpless. Sheesh! 🙁 This article is inspiring and gives me hope that maybe I can begin again. Thank you so much. Name (Required) says: staying focused…as I’m reading this and writing to you instead of what I’ve been planning to do…but grateful for the quotes…I know I Can start my day over and recognize what I wasn’t doing ….and become more mindful…I especially loved “failure never exists if you see it part of a longer journey of success” Lynn says: Growing up I always felt that no matter what I did I was never good enough for my mom. I can’t guess what went through my dad’s mind, but he became and alcoholic and he left us when I was 9. He was never much more than indifferent to me. That “I’m not _____enough” carried through two abusive marriages, one physical, one emotional. It wasn’t until I went to work for a wonderful boss who had faith in me that I started to change. That and a book written by Don Miguel Ruiz changed my whole life. But it is a work in progress as it is easy to slip back when things come up. Lynn Phipps says: I had every block mentioned until I lost my health 11 years ago. Since then I have been focused and driven in getting my health back. In the process, I learned that I HAD to put myself first, instead of being the catering social worker that I had been pre-illness. I only had energy for getting well, not saving everyone else. 11 yrs ago my health report stated PTSD, depression, anxiety, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue, to name the top 5. I am sorry that it took a disability to get me to understand my self worth. I am grateful that I achieved it, however. Every failure is a learning experience, right 🙂 I am so pleased that I was able to say to this statement – I deserve success because… (say what first comes up, don’t question it!) I deserve success because I am a good person, I am a child of God and I deserve success because I exist. We all deserve success. Debbie says: My strength is wanting success and knowing I love to learn and am happy to put in the work and time. My challenge is getting clarity of exactly what I want and therefore where to start and what to learn and to keep on going when I feel i’m stuck. BOBBI says: FOR ONE THAT I LIMIT MYSELF BECAUSE OF FEAR, ALSO I LESTIN TO THE NAGATIVE VOICES IN MY HEAD AND I BELIEVE THEM, THIS HOLDS ME BACK and that I need to be more aware of my good habits Heather says: Too many ‘put you downs’ as a child that even now in adult life, although I receive lots of very positive comments from friends and family in respect of my various ‘talents’, I’m still left with the subconscious belief that I won’t succeed at what I really want to achieve in my life, nor have the financial reward which would accompany such an achievement. Really do want to finally and irreversibly change this for all time. J says: Reading this reminds me that I’m afraid of being successful. The I’m not good enough mentality is something I struggled with. Looking forward to changing that once and for all! Teri W. says: When I read this post an old belief that because my Dad was poor and therefore inferior based on my Mom’s families standards I always felt I would be a failure. I wasn’t good enough. This is a huge limiting belief for me and is standing in my way. Time to get rid of it. Carol says: I appreciate information on being successful. I would love to be more successful in my business Steph Nokes says: I know the info is true, though confronting. It takes commitment to keep on the path to success Beverley Kirkby says: I am too complacent. I fear getting out of my comfort zone and asking people to help me achieve what I want to do. Wow says: We need to push the negativity aside and dream! We deserve it! Sydney says: Really enjoyed the 7 tips <3 Reposted and will be re reading to remind me of my divine path. Namaste Gloria says: My strength is my willingness to learn. My challenge is in setting time to implement the techniques. Beth P. says: This list hits the high points. I enjoy the practicality of this source. Thanks for all you do. YASH says: This article is helpful to put one back on track, focus on materializing things that one dreams. It is encouraging and guiding in facing life’s challenges. Regards YASH Grace says: I feel like I have too much stuff to take care of and spend my time dealing with the weeds instead of the landscape. I am good at getting things done but I could use help. Amanda says: I have just learned again that my past does not dertermine my future. Thank for sharing this!! I am a successful lady! I was born to be a success! Chiyangi says: This is impressive! I have known how to prioritise important things.Thank you. Alex says: Awesome post! About knowing who you are- very interesting, inspiring thank you. Love the failure stories. They should teach this at school. 🙂 Yvonnne Lovejoy says: I see this whole life journey….as an opportunity…..to give my gift to the world. And the process of growth and challenges to achieve this outcome is what will change me……from a fearful anxious woman in to a woman who can say…..every thing I have experienced has made me who I am today……and I am grateful for every one who has crossed my path, especially the most difficult challenges…..for those “lessons” are the ones I needed to “get” the most. I look forward to growing me in to the woman I know I can become……. Joao says: I feel frustration, because I do not have those skills, or atitudes or personality.And the worst EFT do not can help me become different or change MY fearfull MIND >Dear Nick, please help me i tired to try anything and getting nothing,thank you
Valerie says:
I have created ill health and lots of limitations by letting the small things and small people I grew up around define me. I really need a kick start and help sticking with it to release the myriad failures and weaknesses that I perceive are holding me back.
Suzana says:
Great article, great wisdom! Thank you! I think, I am on the right track.
Ian McAllister says:
I believe I deserve success and I usually get it in whatever field I try. When I was terrified of public speaking I joined “Rostrum” which is a public-speaking organization. I can’t understand people’s buying habits because my IQ is as much above a university professor’s as his is above that of a moron. However, I’ve been thinking of taking a very expensive course in copywriting, because once I had read a book on dog training I could train dogs, and they are less intelligent than a moron.
I am happy to fail repeatedly – when I was an electronic designer I used to joke that the eraser was my main design tool. I also boasted that someone who has never made a mistake never made anything, so as I made more mistakes than my workmates it followed that I made more than they did.
When I was a designer, and later when I was in charge of the technicians at Hedland Technical College, I allocated a priority from one to four for every job. If my technicians were held up on a priority 2 job while waiting for parts, they would start a priority 3 job. Priority 4 jobs could be fitted in whenever there were delays in higher priorities.
Now I use the Pomodoro time management system, which is free on the Internet.
I want to be able to take extended holidays in central America, flying there from Australia in comfort, which means that my restless leg syndrome must be cured first, or I’ll have to travel by ship.
Action taken – I’m doing a course on selling travel photographs, and if I find I have time for it, I’ll take the course on freelance travel writing, and once I have money coming in from those, I’ll take the course on copywriting. That means that I’ll be doing your 7-week course, and joining the local photography club, and doing the photography course all at the same time – my first visit to the photography club is this evening.
I’m having cataract operations on my eyes in July, so should be able to judge the quality of my photos better.
Susan says:
Do the important things first – exercise – redo resume – things that will change towards success!!
Georgia says:
My challenge is to believe I can be successful.
Melinda says:
If you make a list of successful people, could you please include some women? Thanks!
Christine says:
Hello and thank you for this very helpful post. I think that my greatest strength is that I am patient and know that failing isn’t the end of the world, but my biggest challenge is that I feel my energy drained when faced with all the steps it takes to get where I want to go … In one word, I am just lazy !
Christine says:
Reading this list of 7 things made me realize that I’ve attempted 4 of them at various times during my life, but I’ve never connected No.s 1, 2 and 7 with the other 4. And now I see that those 3 may be the most important to begin with. I have a lot to think about.
Sarah says:
To create a clear picture of the futur you want !
That’s great !!! 🙂
Miss Annette says:
Very clear, easy to follow, thank you.
Aaron says:
Great Validation/Clarity/and EASE that there is NO SUCH THING AS IN FAILURE *** THANKS BUD!!!!
Pamela Tuson’s says:
Doing the most important things first especially when it comes to difficult decisions and especially if without sufficient pertenant information.
Fear of not getting it right rather than seeing this type of failure as part of a journey.
Name (Required) says:
Wonderful compilation. Absolutely true. Very educative and most of us, if not all of us have blocks that need to be removed and Tapping is one of the most effective means to clean the subconscious. Thank you.
Stephenia M. says:
My greatest strength is serving and helping other achieve there dreams are getting what they want even though they do not always help me they’ll help others. My biggest challenges is staying focus and overcoming my fears due to so many failures. After reading these 7 things I saw myself.
Toni says:
Stick to priorities and important things first NO matter what.The smaller things will fill in the down times.
Failure is just a different way of getting something else done, not on your list. Refocus and do something else to get your priority done.
You never know what a failure may teach you or help you later down the road in your journey.
Ange says:
My greatest strength is that I do believe in myself. My greatest challenge is to be consistent and stay focussed.
Brenda says:
Successful people don’t give up and they can see the bigger picture, rather than just living in the here and now. Love it!
Linda Shumate says:
I think my greatest strength is my willingness to change and be able to stay with it when the going gets tough. My biggest weakness is a low self esteem and low confidence at times. Tapping is the greatest gift I have ever been given and it has helped when nothing else did. I only wish I had found it long before I did. I have to work hard not to let my limitations stop me and I am doing my best to change. Reading the article just made me more committed to changing the beliefs that hold me back and using tapping to facilitate that process. Thank You for everything you do!!!
Marlene Binggeli says:
A lot of this rang a bell. I have certainly found in the past that falling flat on my nose was not the imminent disaster it felt like at the time: that it was all part of a learning process. My greatest strength Is probably the ability to laugh at myself and to know that I am unique (so are the others, of course, but that’s another story) and have something unique to offer. My weakness lies in being too easily distracted and getting my priorities wrong. Not focusing enough.l
Lisa Fernandez says:
I believe my biggest strength is my loving heart my ability to forgive and yearning for a life of growth and a chance to give back .My weakness is my low self esteem.and years of using the outside things to gage my happiness. Im learning now to change all that. Thank you
John says:
I appreciate all you do, and I thank you for it.
I would like to find a way to open, and examine all of the nonsense I apparently hold in my subconscious… Then I would like to drop anything I feel no longer serves me. I would then replace all my beliefs with only positive & loving beliefs. I other words, I would reprogram my subconscious to serve not only myself, but the greater good as well.
Until then, keep up the good work,
Hilary says:
I have come to the comforting realization that I have an active imagination but I am just plain lazy. What I do get done I thoroughly enjoy but pushing myself that extra mile may never happen 🙂 Please keep the encouragement coming though cause my Mom always told me “never say die.”
Robin says:
I am realizing that my limiting and sometimes negative beliefs about myself are what is holding me back from success not my abilities or skills.
GENIE says:
Kathleen Heatley says:
I found myself waking up to the habit of doing the easier things first… and then finding that when I am on a roll with the easier things I naturally and with more confidence move toward the tougher things.
The tougher tasks bring about a sense of self worth and that keeps me motivated to do them as soon as the energy shifts.
I work best on my goals when I am in a happy mind and I daily speak good thoughts to myself about myself and I begin my day with gratitude phrases and declarations. And of course I am a tapping person. Tapping has changed my life over the last 14 years of using it. However I have moved to Ohio and it seems that no one here knows much about EFT.
Jeo says:
Thanks, Nick. These 7 things really make me find at least one limiting belief that has been keeping me away from achieve the success I really deserve. You are right on these things. I thank you so much for your insight.
Annie Lister says:
Totally agree with you and your seven comments: as a senior, I applaud you and your work and encouragement to the young!!!! There is also hope for us aging seniors as well! Although many of us have achieved great success in our professional lives, when we are approaching the final curtain, we do realize the many opportunities we missed to achieve better emotional well being and also physical well being. The past is forgotten as we cannot change it but we can change the FINAL CURTAIN! We can achieve peace, calm and harmony and self-acceotance through TAPPING! Would like to see more about Tapping with regards to the AGING! Thank you so, so much and please continue with your great work in helping others live better and more fulfilling lives. It must be very rewarding for you!
Take care and God bless! (am presently caregiver to a ninety year old husband who is still very lucid but in a lot of physical pain and emotional pain due to his childhood and also a vetran of WW11! There is seventeen years difference between us. Tapping has and is helping me to become more aware of our situation and also more giving and tolerant) Thank you once again!!!!
With love , blessings and appreciation,
Annie Lister
Anne Marie Frizzell says:
This is so true
When I hand over my personal power to the negative inner voice I lose sight of my vision for a well life and I create mental obstacles to making the necessary changes to fulfil my life vision and purpose
Kathryn says:
It is always great to hear again and to reaffirm what we know along the journey. Thank you.
Excellent says:
MJ says:
I love the one where you say successful people do the important things first and not the easy things. I’m a pretty accomplished person, yet with many goals ahead, I believe IN never stopping setting goals. You may not get everything in life, but you will get so much more if you have a good work ethic and solid priorities.
One of the biggest beliefs and what I attribute my successes to is driving oneself, in doing whatever it takes to get where I want to go, not fantasize about it. When a goal is set, then its time to make a plan and do it!! This is how a successful person behaves. The difference between a goal and a dream is the goal has a plan behind it.
Then, after the hard work is done, its time ease up and enjoy the rewards. Aren’t our rewards so much better when they are hard earned? A really successful person can take pride in and enjoy their accomplishments, for they are well-deserved!
This said, when I see people who have little success, are negative, or who rely on others for everything, it is no surprise that they do not share this trait. They put the easy stuff first and procrastinate, then complain about their lives while making excuses,, this is polar opposite of the path to success! I wish everyone who is struggling with something negative could take these steps you list and implement them, the World would be a much happier and productive place.
Sumit says:
Lovely article.. Loved reading and really felt inspired..
I better get started now… Best article to read and kick start my day…
Thank you nick.. Thank you very much..
Sumit says:
Lovely article.. Loved reading abd really felt inspired..
I better get started now… Best article to read and kick start my day…
Thank you nick.. Thank you very much..
Monica Burton says:
I often tell myself that I am not smart enough to achieve certain things. I often feel rejection when people are too busy to see me or call back. I force myself to be comfortable with situations that not the best choices for my abilities and strengths. I let others determine my self-worth. I back away from confrontations instead of advocating on my own behalf to positions of success.
I have to have the courage to jump in when something feels right. I have to face some adversity and overcome it to be open to fostering the connections with people to support and share good times and bad. My past regrets are stumbling blocks that don’t help me build a future and live in the present moment. Negative emotions prevent me from learning new things and coming up with creative solutions to difficulties that are a part of life.
Lisa says:
The fear of failure and taking the proper steps to achieving my goals are what get me stuck. I also don’t know where to start, so I need to get clear on my intentions. I better get tapping! 🙂
Ana Redmond says:
HIiii 🙂 Nick..I remembered… so many things from my childhood… yes I’m going to work on that. You’ve been like a GOOD friend sharing all that information with me. thanks a LOT. I’m tapping again I was getting a headache on the top my head and my husnband had told me, kidding I suppose it was from tapping. I wish he would take it in as he’s got a few issues… Yes It’s very interesting and really true. Never too late, right?
Patricia says:
Wish this was available as a poster. I would hang it on my bedroom wall and read it daily
Neda says:
It was fantastic source, I try to reads. I try to use them I my daily life .thanks
Name (Required) says:
I must be successful because I to have gone through all those struggles Ford, Macy and Seinfeld have. Persevere and keep at it.
Name (Required) says:
thank you and congrats for such great wisdom.
Nick. Looking forward to the next E-MAILS.
Caroline says:
Hi Nick and thanks from me too, I also found this very helpful.
I think maybe my greatest strengths are enthusiasm and willingness to try things.
Biggest challenges are procrastination and feeling of not being good enough and not having enough time in my day and not enough time left in my life!
So now I will get on with it and I do think tapping will help.
Mel says:
These 7 things pinpointed and summarized why I am not successful and prosperous yet! My thoughts deviate consistently between prosperity and lack; therefore, I don’t feel successful. Furthermore, I haven’t definitely clarified and prioritized who I want to be, so it is impossible to take daily inspired action to change my life.
Thanks so much for these powerful, simplistic, inspirational and enlightening 7 steps.
Maureen says:
These are excellent. Thanks.
My greatest success has been that I overcame certain fears to do something I felt I really needed to do. I was very afraid to quit my job and move to Boulder, Colorado to be with a group I felt strongly about. Afraid I wouldn’t find another job. Afraid of driving across country alone. Resistant to clearing out and downsizing my possessions. Afraid of leaving old friends and family. BUT I did it. That was seventeen years ago and it was the best thing I ever did for myself. It was a struggle in the beginning, but I have never regretted my choice.
Theresa says:
this was a reminder of things I already know, but do not follow due to previous patterns, habits and negative feedback. Biggest challenge is to just keep ideas in front of me and take necessary daily action. I have a vision of my ideal day and wake up hoping that it will just occur. Big obstacle: TV
Maricarmen says:
I am 65 years old and I feel limited by my age. Last year I had cancer and I am on medication. I know I can be successful if I work hard on my litiming beliefs.
Wanda St.Hilaire says:
I love this list Nick. Instead of the usual recommendations for mechanics of success, you’ve hit the deeper, underlying keys to living a successful life. These things are the foundation with which to build upon.
Thank you!
Sally Sadowski says:
It’s so funny because I have heard or knew or am already doing a lot of those 7 things. But I can always stand for them to be reinforced in my mind. As far as weakness, #6 speaks to me, get the important stuff done first not the easy stuff, because that is where procrastination comes in. My biggest challenge always seems to be delaying that important stuff until I’m up against the wall.
My greatest strength is that I don’t give up on myself, I always find a way to pick myself up and keep going.
Caroline says:
Great timing for good reminders 🙂
Julie says:
Ever since viewing The Tapping Solution, I have used and shared tapping as a tool to help myself and others physically but haven’t thought of it so much for emotional or practical life issues. Thanx for revealing how to use it for hopes and dreams.
Jacqueline says:
Thanks Nick, I am reminded to listen and stay focused on my inner voice, the one I know has never lead me astray. I always second guess my self, that critic inside, and I know better than to listen to that voice, I am consciously hearing it but my inner voice, the one that says, keep going the journeys not over, just a bump in the road, but your on the right road…is always, in the end, the one that is trustworthy…My sister had told me in a time of depression, “you have never failed” I call those words out when I lose faith, and now, you have enforced those words for me!
Thanks so much for all your inspirational emails, I love Tapping!
Gail Petite says:
Not allowing the nay sayers in my life to dampen my feelings about who am, where want to go, what I want.
Jinger says:
I learned that I’m on the right track in my quest for the life I truly desire. Also learned I’ve got a way to go.
Susan B says:
BEST article I have read to date on being successful! Powerful!
NANCY says:
Liking to learn is the only strength I can think of. Challenges: Limited physically, and lack of money.
Brenda Dixon-Gottschild says:
It’s not as though I/we don’t know or haven’t heard these points before. Nevertheless, we can’t hear them ENOUGH! We keep forgetting! I need to copy these in my mind’s eye and paste them on my heart!
Shirley says:
Changed it up a bit. Today is our anniversary….and I thought this would make great dinner conversation while we celebrate being same-sex life partners for 38 years. And the journey continues. Always a good time to stop and take notice of how… we are living our daily lives knowing that is what … creates our future.
Thanks Nick, for another inspiring message.
9 things we can / will do to ensure a happy, joyous and full life…..May 20, 2015
1. Change the way we think and feel if we want different results / life
2. Believe…. that we deserve a happy, fulfilling life…. full of joy
3. Do whatever it takes to overcome events and patterns from our past
4. Build our courage to face our most critical voices….that would be us
5. We may fail…but we will not quit…it is a learning process…a journey to success
6. Make a ‘to-do’ list and do the most important things first…prioritize
7. Be clear about what we want to do with our lives and what makes us happy
8. Take consistent daily action steps to get what we want
9. See ourselves as we are…..and also see ourselves as better than we are right now.
Happiness and Blessings to All !!!!
Lucila says:
Hi Nick, thanks for sharing these things. I found them key to reflect on where we are now and how to reorient our life. Very helpful indeed.
Anjali says:
You make a lot of sense! I know I have to first start with changing the way I think BUT!
I’ve been alone for more than 8 years now. No family (that can stand me for more than an hour or so) and no real friends. Basically no feedback on what/where/how I’m going wrong in my life.
I’ve also been unemployed for over a year which a BIG no no in my book. These past 8 years or so I’ve gone out and tried to make myself a better person, make a better life but, no matter what I’ve done somehow I’ve always managed to either anger someone or hurt someone. My whole life I’ve been a realistic optimistic but now I’m slowly losing hope. I like to tap but, my frame of mind comes in the way sometimes. I know that I am going through a learning process but, how long does it take for me to learn (and what?).
Bonnie says:
During the early years of my life, my parents were very poor and didn’t let me know much about finances. I did believe that it would be very difficult for me to become wealthy or even successful. However, I am living a very fine life and look forward to wealth and more good things. Tapping is a wonderful tool and I am enjoying and working with tapping to be all that I can be. I am in the process of losing weight. That’s another area where I need this support. I have some negative beliefs about food and have had a struggle with figuring out what those beliefs are. Onward!
Juliette says:
I’ve learn how to motivate myself and to overcome my fears.Thanks so much,now I’m gonna start thinking like those successful people
Jackie says:
Learning how to reprogram your thinking is a piece of work; however, I am excited to know that I have assistance through Tapping when it comes to creating an even more positive mind thought.
I truly believe we are what we think we are and we create our success – or lack of.
Reading the article gives me hope in knowing Great Health, a Better Job, a New Wonderful (man perfect for me) Relationship, Money for My Daughter’s College, Being Financially Blessed, are all in the Universe just for me – Loving It!! 
Thank You, Nick. I Learned A Lot And Confirmed A Lot. says:
Thank you, Nick. I learned a lot and confirmed a lot more.
José Fiorentino Alferillo says:
Gracias Nick por tu envio, voy a aprovecharlo para realizar cambios importantes en mi vida. Soy una persona mayor con un pasado muy triste en la niñez y la juventud y un desastre de Padre.
Pero yo he querido ser distinto y con los medios a mi alcance superarme.
Vivo en una sociedad enferma (Argentina), donde los Peronistas Montoneros, han destruido los mejores valores de una sociedad, que apuntaba en su momento a ser un gran país. Asi que mi lucha por sobrevivir como la de mis hijos es muy dura! Vivimos mezclados con delincuentes politicos y drogadictos! Muy dificil!
Pero quiero y necesito cambios !! Urgentes ¡¡ en mi vida, por eso agradezco toda la ayuda que me puedas bridar. Tengo efectuado el 1º nivel de Tapping en Mendoza con el equipo del Dr. Fiorentini y estoy pensando a pesar de las dificultades economicas, en seguir adelante.GRACIAS!
Maragaret says:
Yes its funny though over the years you see and learn to apply these 7points in your life yet still ignore them when it matters. I have just completed writing 3 books. I know I should go to step 2 but can’t seem to get there, that is marketing them. I know once I break through that barrier I should have total victory but its taking me ages. What is holding me back. I get flash backs at the weirdest moments about not wanting total success , like a fear that tells me, No, I don’t actually want ultimate success. Why is this so, what’s the matter with me when I need so much. Why do I deny myself this success which I craved in the past. Beats me. Hope my problem can be solved as I’ve had enough of this procrastinating. Loved your post will try to apply this as from right this minute to find someone who can market my books successfully. Cheers
Susan Sloate says:
Wonderful post, Nick! So much wisdom in so few words–and I love that mindset (and heart-set, if you want to call it that) is the foundation of all of it–leading to the actions successful people choose to take that others don’t. Thanks for a marvelous reminder I’ve bookmarked and intend to keep close!
Sue Urda says:
I love the point about seeing failure as part of the journey and the learning process – and not taking it on as “I am a failure”. Thanks Nick for the awesome work you’re doing.
Susan says:
Boy, I can see all the negative feelungs I live with..lots of family junk holding me back. So looking forward to changing my thoughts with tapping.. Thank you, Nick, for all you do
Domingo says:
I am putting these seven successfu ways of changing my life, in my life now and they are working thank you for the information.
Lorna Giggey says:
I know this to be true. Last Aug. I decided that after my spouse died I wanted to be married again. I had a good marriage and enjoyed being married. I went to a dating site and met nothing but bearded and egotistic men. I didn’t quit because I knew what I wanted and stuck with it. Last week–May 24th I got engaged to a very kind and loving man. He’s 86 and I am 81. Believing you deserve blessings takes work and determination—but it works—Lorna
Pooja says:
Hi Nick,
You have explained the subject with such clarity.
Easy to understand and follow. Very insightful. Thank you.
Oula says:
Very interesting article. I possess all the desires and ambitions that you mention, but how can I be successful if as a single parent my time is taken up working full time to pay bills. If I could take a year off I know that I would dedicate myself to my dreams and ambitions. I currently cannot support myself to fulfil my dreams as I am stuck in a rut trying to make ends meet. How can I try and start any type of business if I don’t have any financial support coming from anywhere? I am constantly dreaming and telling myself that I deserve success but I can’t give everything up?!
Kathy Leveque says:
Thank you for this article.
Knowing that your failures are just a necessary part of your longer journey to success is a good thing.
I had a challenging past and to know in your heart that these were necessary things that happened to get me on the path to success.
Thank you so much. I am learning to flex the muscle to get rid of my critical voice. I know I have it in me to be successful and at 70 I also know that it isn’t too late.
Somehow I will with the help of god and my Angels make it come true. Blessings
Mimi Sidhoum says:
Thank you. The steps made me do a lot of reflection work on myself and others and all of a sudden all make logical sense. The issue I found is blame and discouragement after any failure. I got more skills now thanks to you.
Paul says:
Nick, a great list, thanks for sharing it.
It is replacing “7 Habits of Highly Successful People” by Stephen Covey as my to do list!
Bell Hackett says:
I enjoy my work on my family tree but am always finding chores that need to be done first, so I think. I’ll try some of these ideas
Colleen says:
I need to focus on these steps. I am tenacious but I need to get a clear vision on what it is I want. I have a habit of not setting very high goals. If I set a high goal I procrastinate.
So True says:
Greatest strength is resilience, never giving up not letting my past dictate my future.
Biggest challenges to being more successful : making the time to do things I need to do
and getting the energies to do so.
Charles P Mutuku says:
Seven things are wonderfully explained I feel more energized and looking forward for achieving my dreams Thanks
Atefeh says:
Thanks Nick for all these eye-opening points. I procrastinate a lot! And I know that there is a great success waiting for me if I overcome procrastination. Thanks for reminding me of that!
Very True says:
Nice..worth reading
Jill says:
I loved the part about successful people have doubts and critical voices in their head too. It’s learning to use those voices as a platform to becoming stronger and more confident that make a difference. I love tapping!
Brooke Evans says:
Thanks Nick.
Strengths: I do truly believe that after many years of inward investigation (therapy) i.e. knowing myself and using the amazing tool of tapping to continue emotional healing is a huge strength in achieving whatever I want.
Born of fear, I guess. Of what exactly, I’m not sure, but as I move towards consciously creating success it jumps out of the bushes with a cudgel. Tap on sister, tap on.
But I’m reminded of Nelson Mandela’s inspiring words:
“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”
And with that comes responsibility (i.e. work)
I think that my resistance expresses itself as LAZINESS. taptaptap
Continuing with Madela’s wise words…
” It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”
So, that’s my mind thinking on all of this. Now it’s time to dig in a little deeper. I’m so grateful for the tool of tapping. Even if I let resistance hold sway and I get lazy, I always KNOW that tapping is there for me whenever I’m ready to move on . (and , no matter what, I deeply love, accept and appreciate myself.)
Loretta Van Schalkwyk says:
Thiago Augusto says:
Thanks a lot Nick!!! Is very interesting.. The big problem is overcame the influency of the past, like family, patern of behavior, believies, religion etc… That´s more dificult to change!!! But thanks a lot to show us how to use Tapping to trie eliminate this. great job!!
Debbie says:
So focusing and validating. Since the tapping summit – my life is amazing. I have learned so much about myself and am working to manifest abundance. I can say not all my effort are successful and the tip – nothing is a failure as long as it leads to a journey of success. Can’t agree more. While on this journey – I have been met w/some disappointment – but what I consider true success is to not let it beat you!
One thing – I would love to have a sample tapping on greatness. Sometimes I tap – but not on anything bad or confusing – but energy. I have worked my way thru it – but would love to see an example.
Thanks – and Always Tapping!
Nancy says:
Being almost 65and still believing I can achieve a better life is a gift in itself!! These seven points are fuel for the dreams to begin !!
Ernest says:
Mind opening. Really learned a lot from this. That’s I why I get stuck on the same results each day and complain why they keep on happening. Thank you so much for the information 🙂
Hann says:
Julie says:
Procrastination. UGGH. I find easy things to do first instead of working on my book. Thank you for enlightenment list. It helps provide inspiration. Thank you
Jerry Levin says:
Thanks for the great insights. I will share this a couple of places. I look forward to the additional emails to come
Gretta says:
I have been relatively successful in my life…..BUT! I retired at 51 and now at 58 I’m beginningt o get a new lease of life and feel I can become even more successful. I’ve very recently starting tapping too but use it only for physical pain. I plan to watch and learn how to use tapping for the host of other issues you have covered here. I am very new to you but love it.
Mark says:
Thankyou for these excellent points. One thing I have often fought with is not so much self belief but self sabotage. I think I am pretty good at it and mainly from a defensive mechanism. Your points assist me in my journey!
Ellen says:
I do many of these things, I just never put then down into words before. I do many of the positive things, and can remember consciously working hard on changing my “chatter”. I called it “mi d control”. I was in a very abusive marriage, and I got “fed up” with that voice in my head telling me I was this or that- or just going around and around in circles of obsessive negative thinking, and about what?- he said this and then he did that and then I said this…nonsense. I decided that none of all that was real- and I decided to “catch those thoughts and throw them out when they come instead of inviting them in and entertaining them even for a second”. I told myself I was going to “train my brain”. The thoughts still came but I would say out loud- “NO! GET OUT”. And then I would say “Jesus I trust in you for …..” “God is in control”. Or I would say an Our Father. Eventually the thoughts stopped coming as frequently.
The parts I do that are not helpful is “do the important things first”. I find that I put things off and I don’t want to face certain things- or I get busy with busy work and the important things don’t get done. These are my faults- also organizing is a problem for me along with distractions.
Thank you for this article. It was very eye opening. I learned tapping from my homeopathic DO many years ago and have used it for healing. I find that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I don’t know why.
Thank you again,
Ellen In Miami
Susan says:
Loved all 7 points… especially the one on failure.
Patricia says:
Wow. This is very interesting. I have big dreams but i am hung up on the buts. Now i am understanding what i should do but need help getting there. No answer popped up as to why i should not be successful it was a clear BECAUSE I DESERVE IT AND I DO DESERVE IT. For some reason deep rooted i guess. I really need some help here.
Alejandro says:
Another learning I had is to let go….. Let go all the decisions we made and we have regrets, that hold us down in the past and wish this never would happened, however, that decision made in that time, It was the best decision ever, base on the information we used to have, perhaps is clear today that we could choose different path, but We didn´t know, we have more experience today, do not hold You back on that past, forget your self and let go. Thanks a lot for this opportunity to learn and live a better life.
Lynne says:
I enjoyed reading this piece Nick and it’s reminded me of some things to think about going forward. Something that was not (directly) on your list is “mirroring” – i.e being able to look to role models who seem enough like us that we feel valued and inspired. In a sexist world, women have way too little mirroring. Examples of successful males are repeatedly held up as the norm. Your list of 5 famous success stories of people who failed many times before they succeeded would have resonated a lot more for me had it been a list that included successful women – a list where the mirrors were not all men. The same is true about the racist society we live in. It is important that the mirrors we hold up are not all white. The accomplishments of those who are not white and who are not male are often stories less told and less visible. That is why it is so important to dig deeper and present a more diverse spectrum of the rainbow of success stories. We all need effective mirrors to help us move forward.
Alain says:
Well Said
Signe says:
Perfect Timing !
Thank You
Beatrice says:
Amazingly inspiring read! Thank you for giving me hope again and to help me look at ‘failures’ and showing me that I can turn them into stepping stones.
Mitzi says:
After a difficult year (lost my job after 36 years and three monthes later my mother passed unexpected…….) i was on the edge of a burn-out. My father is 82 now and leans (as little as possible for him) on me so i see and feel his pain and sadness to.
My mother told me to go and enjoy myself but something is holding me back. Fear and worry and no selfasteme……….
I believe the best for me is yet to come but i can’t find the whrite path now.
I hope tapping will bring me what is not there now.
From Holland,
thank you!
Vicky Dunstan says:
Absolutely right, Nick. Again thank you. You never fail to give us an incentive, inspiration on how we can be happier in this words. I always find your ideas, words very helpful, at least to me. It become a driving force to me to become a better person if not the best. I appreciate your “TAPPINGSOLUTION”.
Lucy Pole says:
God bless you, Nick, for the wonderful work you guys are doing.
Yazdi says:
valuable insights,trying to change the if/but way,it is difficult.Need a nice cute friend nearby to help and mirror and support!!
Njeri says:
Awesome information cant wait to tap
Debbie Burgess says:
I know what I have to do I just need a push, It is difficult when trying to build a business, but I know planning, organizing and plugging is key.
I must keep fit and healthy get sleep and stop worrying, I BELIEVE IN MYSELF, I WILL SUCCEED. everything is in the planning and that is what I have struggled to do properly.
PIM says:
to be succesful recuire to never, ever give up!
Stig says:
Because I`m not clear on what I want and who I want to be.
I can not take a daily action to get there.
What to do??
Viv Benwell says:
a timely e mail thank you
Daphne says:
I am successful, and I believe that your list is correct. It’s a process of undoing ideas that don’t work, prioritizing what is most important (we ALL have time for what we choose to do, so it’s about choices), and being consistent despite what is expected or unexpected. I come from a background that I was useless, unwanted, and never good enough. …and I’ve been #1 nationally in my business for 29 years. It’s been a process of believing I could have more than I was taught I deserved, and I have that. I see the word “fail” …like when a car part “fails”, you fix it. Or you get another car. You don’t quit driving. “fail” is when something doesn’t work anymore, so you fix it. That’s what I’ve done, and I’m happy.
Sai says:
Sterling piece of advice! Such pearls of wisdom are what keeps us tethered to sanity when challenging times hit us bad….with them, we learn and grow from whatever and everything that comes to us.
Catherine O’ Meara says:
Nick, just loved your blog.
Can’t wait to you show us exactly how we can do it for yourself.
Love your book. Thank you heaps xx
J K Broadwell says:
Great blog Nick!
Thank you. I’m new to tapping, but I’m really enjoying how powerful it is. I have so much respect for you and I’m very grateful that I was directed to your book.
This blog post was full of wisdom and fantastic advice.
I look forward to tapping through the things you pointed out.
Thank you.
Maria says:
I learned so much from the small print.
Vern Coot Bird says:
Very on point!
Linda says:
Thank you, thank you thank you xxx
Well, I have just realised that Iv’e spent too long now giving people hope and beliving in themselves, that ………..
Blimey, I am good enough.
Betty says:
Thank you so much for this 7 things I learned more about things in life I got to learn how to move on I was affected on my past life when I was young that hurts me in now seems I cant find success on my journeys in life, I thank you for your help through your words and actions. keep the good works GOD BLESS..
Chantal says:
Thank you! This was clear, concise and very helpful. I feel I am ready to take a step forward.
Hema says:
Oh my God! That question regarding success brought up so much for me. I was totally unaware of this aspect of my life, that it even existed but it has literally ruled me whole of my life till now. Between me and success has been the attitude “Doesn’t matter”. I have had this uncaring approach towards life. It has been as if life was just going on and I was playing the required part as the need arose. I have played my role very well but on the inside I have been dissociated from reality, from my present, from the people near me. I have been superficial. I haven’t really let myself fe……el, live with my full self, with awareness. Just imagine what a joke it is! You are spending your years, energy, going through all the motions which ought to be done but actually you do not care about the completion of task, it doesn’t matter, the fire is not there. Lol! Just have spent an hour tapping, ranting, crying, clearing this ‘uninterested observer doer thing’ which has zigzagged back to grade 7!!!
Cheron says:
LOVED this! Thanks, Nick. Highly insightful and motivational. This one thing I know……you are never too old to start again.
Jennifer Towers says:
Consistent daily action says it all for me, prioritising what’s important to reach your goal. I have read 100s of self awareness new age books, I could probably be part of the lecture circuit, I know about all of the above and then some, but you have to come out from behind the pages and get started with confidence to live the life you deserve.
I look forward with great anticipation to the tapping solutions.
Laura says:
Reading this article helped me take an honest look at myself and my pattern. I’m excited to work together!!
Thank you!!
Carol Fowler says:
Good stuff right there!
Yolanda Pazdera says:
I have been guilty of not being or doing any of the above. The first step for me has been realization of all I have failed to do. The second step and one that I have also failed to materialize is forgiving myself for my lack of consciousness, and unfocused hard labor that has brought me only to higher wisdom. Now it’s time to put this wisdom to work in my life.
None of the above information is new to me. Sometimes we know things at an intellectual level but fail to bring them into the deeper level where the motivation propels us to move forward. All the factors combined make for a successful person in every aspect of life. I am ready to move forward now. Thanks for sharing, and remember my name. We will meet someday and talk about my successes.
Veronica says:
Thank you very much. After reading this 7 things I have realized that my strength lies in the changing of my mindset and being focused and know that challenges are good for successful life.
Marcela says:
Great tips.
Fear Yet I Am Well Trained And Well Qualified says:
Political victimisation is my biggest challenge. I am from a country that lets the world think people enjoy democracy and would go to great lengths to be convincing about it. yet, those of us whom they know of suspect are in the opposition are blatantly ignored for promotions and sometimes, promote our juniors, no matter how unqualified or inexperienced they are , either to force us out of the system or to get us to publicly reconsider our political stance. Many colleagues have done the latter and have been rewarded with great prmototions, fat salaries . I am on the few who still refuse, to do so My greatest strength is I am good at what i do , am well qualified with two masters Degrees from two different UK universities.
Please do not publish my email or name
Anne Healy says:
my biggest obstacle is negativity and an inherent belief that i am not good enough. That was drummed into me * literally as a child and young person. Now it seems I am too old to make any differences after a lifetime of failure!
Janice Davies says:
Thanks for your inspiration and clarification. I’m making a movie (with some new concepts)…so paving the way…and love to be inspired by other visionaries. Greatest strength – my vision, Greatest challenge – building more foundations and attracting the $$. Cheers
Joan Chadbourne says:
Thanks for this blog. It really got me in touch with some things I hadn’t thought of in the way you presented them. Look forward to the follow-up.
Marsha says:
Greatest strengths are compassion and love, biggest challenges are doing the important things first. I am going to read my emails at night, not first thing in the morning. I waste way too much time on them.
Wanda says:
I am a recently retired elementary school teacher. I have enjoyed resting and traveling for a sea on and now am energized for what may be next. The world of business seems both a mystery and an opportunity to create income selling natural personal care products I make. I also enjoy personal tutoring.
I answered the questions this way: I do not deserve success in business because
1. I am too old to learn all of the new skills needed.
2. I am not ruthless enough. I am always thinking win/win, not about being a winner.
I DESERVE to be successful because
1. The world of business is all new, since the internet changed the game. Everyone is learning new skills. Of all people, a teacher knows how to learn!
2. Everyone and everything I touch will be made better because I operate from respect for myself, others (co-workers, suppliers, and customers), and for the environment that provides resources.
Moira says:
I’m working so hard on trying to keep my subconscious in line because when you don’t keep you eye on it… Cannot wait for the tapping. Would very much like find an expert in the UK. Any recommendations?
Karen says:
Hi, I own your Tapping Solution book and I love what you do. I keep trying and want it to work, but it is not. This article was helpful to me because I don’t truly believe that dreams can come true for everyone, and I definitely have to change my thoughts. It is most difficult when you believe that things have changed for the worst and see no hope. It is a constant battle in my mind and frankly, very tiring. I will continue to educate myself with your wisdom and try to make it better, thanks.
Rochelle says:
Perfect!! I fully agree, and for me believe in ourselves, that we deserve, we can and will achieve what we want is the most importante thing.
Lynne Heather says:
I seem to be a two sided person…if that make any sense at all!! One side says ”you are a talented and creative person, what are you waiting for??” The other side says..” OK..well you’ve tried a million times, but no one really noticed did they..so what’s the point..perhaps you’re not as good as you think you are??” It’s a fight I have with myself constantly..which of course brings me to a stalemate situation every time. Have I really got the energy to keep trying?? It now fills me with such trepidation that I want to just give it all up and stop the stress of it all. There is only so much bad luck that a person can stand. However, I know in my heart that everyone has a special gift that needs to be shared with the World and I have one too..so I can’t give up…I seek fulfillment before I leave this earthly plain!! I am nearly 62 and my childhood was emotionally difficult from day 1. I am determined to beat this somehow. I practice forgiveness all the time and use tapping and meditation. I am now single again and struggling financially..I really hope and pray that I make some right decisions for my future….fingers crossed!!
Rachel says:
Fantastic article. Such a brilliant, easy to understand & straight to the point piece. Thanks and I am keeping that handy to remind me when I fall off track. Thank you so much
Jennifer says:
This re-inforces what I have to do for the future and especially not lose hope in failure.
John says:
#4 and #3 are areas I really need to work on!!!
Bonnie MacPhee says:
Fantastic! This clarifies the work I have ahead of me, and shows me how far I’ve come.
Emma says:
I need to keep my self in consistent action on what I do. step by step
To be more brave and decided person.
Ursula Rolli says:
These 7 things and the way you share them bring up a lot of tears. Because I feel you are willing to take my hand and help me find a way – my way- through the most deep questions in my life. I am 56 years old now. I`ve really done a lot since the age of 18 to be more awake, to be more aware, but the results are not this much. I am really ready now to get a change in the most important parts of my life.
Today i signed for the 7 week program!!
Thank you for help!!
Lisa says:
Wonderful insight! Thank you! I am successful, I do a lot of these things and I have to be reminded of them all the time…my new thought process is coming to the conclusion that things will come up that seem to almost sabotage my success, but instead of allowing them to take over, I gently acknowledge the block and move forward, encouraging myself along the way…your posts, the tapping and staying committed to my dream is what is driving me forward and helping me create the life I know I deserve. As I am getting older I realize that only I truly have the key to my success and with the wonderful tools and concepts that are presented to me in this quest, I am sure to achieve AND most importantly, enjoy the process along the way! Namaste…
Marco Aurélio T. Fernandes says:
I am very grateful to have received these ‘7 things’ (as necessary to achieve success!). And I am looking forward, to applying all of them henceforth! Cheeers!!
Jamie says:
Hi, looks like I have it all but #4… I need to take a look at this. Thankyou
Beth says:
Number 6 was an eye opener for me. I always thought if I got the easy things done and out of the way I’d have more time to focus on the important things. After reading that and looking back, I realize that I never have made time to focus on the important things.
Billy D says:
Thank U so much Nick & Jessica et al.. for me in a way .. all 7.. but primarily 4 & 6… changing 6 starting today!
John says:
For me Number 4 seems to be the most difficult!!!
Theresa Robarets says:
So much more clarity to my life!
Trudi says:
Ack! reading this made me feel like a real loser! It’s been a stressful year .My husband had been very ill and is recuperating pretty well but showing of less than clear thinking. (he’s 80) . I answered the questions and I have a Lot of tapping to do !I’d like to make a joke here but honestly this feels like a too high mountain .
Felicia Brown says:
Though I’ve read many of these suggestions before in some place or another, putting them together here has been really helpful. As someone who has had many successes and “failures” alike, I know #5 pretty well by heart at this point. However, we all go through times of self-doubt and struggle and it is good to be reminded that we can move through it to another success.
Thank you for sharing this and for the post that follows – I actually read it first. Both are helping me get my focus back to achieving what I want in my life.
Michelle says:
I love that school’s are sharing these ideas> My son was taught about his “inner critic” and “inner coach” and how to listen to the positive voice. he’s learned about negative unwanted thoughts establishing highways we don’t need and choosing positive healthy choices to obtain his goals! Wow!
Diane Wright says:
I needed all this info. 30 to 40 yrs. ago. I did let failure control my life, it did discourage me and I would give up. Now I am almost 72 and retired. I’m in poor health so my priority right now is to get better and stronger. These comments and learning tapping I feel will help me to reach this goal. Thankyou
Tonja says:
Thank- you! I have heard a lot of these before yet it is always good to revisit great information. I view myself as unworthy of financial abundance!
My mom used to sit at the kitchen table and cry because the cops were going to come and get her for writing bad check! What a visual! She had money problems all of her life. I want to change my life story! I am a great bead artist and jeweler. I deserve to be happy and buy what I want when I want it and to help out others when I want to.
One of my challenges is I want to change and listen to the information. I start out on a new path and before I know it I doing my old habits again!!
One of my strengths and challenge is: I am willing and desire the change yet am afraid of what I’ll have to do to be more successful.
I have had a lot of grief in the recent few years and a brain stem stroke to work thru. I am going it ! I am a string warrior Queen! I am building up my self love as well.
I enjoy your e-mails and videos! You and your sister make a great team.
Thanks a million.
Greta says:
My biggest challenge to being successful is my true belief of not being special and intelligent.
A difficult childhood with depressed parents, gave me a faulty foundation. I have an associate’s degree, however in my mind, having a bachelor’s degree or more is what’s needed for success, even though, I know some people that do not have that requirement. I just feel badly that I wasn’t encouraged and prepared for financially that way. I needed to leave home and work full time to support myself. In my current living environment, my spouse has health issues and the pain makes it difficult for him to be pleasant, even though, he does spend time each morning in prayer and reading his Bible. I have been tapping now for a couple of months and am improving my thinking. My spouse is not open to learning EFT, it is a private discipline for me.
Olga says:
Nick and Jessica,
You are doing a fantastic work!
I get great inspiration from all of your work, emails, tapping
Your words ” Every one of us is a product of our thinking. ” are genius.
With warm wishes, Olga
Denise says:
Thank you so much Nick!!! I really had an Aha moment Reading this!!! I hadn’t realized my lack of selfsteem, all the time saying to myself “you are not good enough” Definetely I have to change it, and now I know it is posible; no matter what has happened in the past.
I wish you the best, thank you again!
Theresa Roberts says:
My greatest strenghts at being more successful,is that I AM a very loyal and giving person.
My biggest challenges I face are to get over the hurt and change negative thought patterns.
Julio says:
Thank you for sharing these 7 critical and important steps Nick. I’ve been on my personal journey of succes for the past couple of year’s. And these steps just reiterate the importance of mindset and percervience despite failure and obstacles along the way. I subscribe to many other methods for personal growth like law of attraction and power of thought etc. I’ve just recently discovered tapping and hope it’ll enrich my journey. Thanks once agian.
Carol says:
I feel great. I see 5/7 as a nice place to be for now.
Brad Rodgers says:
this brings up excitement for me. I’m in a place of “slowness” right now without a real direction in my life. Sort of a slump that has had only medium “Highs” Over the last 3-4 years. I’m truly beginning to focus on my feelings and my thoughts.
7 Strengths:
I like to sell a product
I like to engage with people
I like fun action and activity with “work”
I wake up eager when I’m in a job that excites me
I’m a giver
I’m a challenger
I’m genuine
7 Challenges:
I’m in slump
Letting my negative thoughts control me
Allowing others’ feelings to dominate my actions
Fear of trying a new task that is foreign to me (a new business activity; growing money in a unique way)
Fear of a lack of money
Fear of a big change…
Fear of failing and being without money
Judyqtip says:
Thanks Nick.
This was very helpful. Personally, I feel the most important thing you shared was “change our mindset.”. Or thoughts. Everything else that followed supported this. Tapping has helped me understand those thoughts….both the limiting ones and the supportive ones. I continue to grow with tapping .
Todd S says:
I feel reading these seven things help confirm that witch I have herd so many times before. And I have always felt it to be true but being surrounded with negative people and growing up and being told that I wasn’t as smart as other people I ended up not being. luckily I found other things that told me I was. I use to say I may not be book smart But as to conmen science I smarter than them book smart schooled people. Also when I was a juvenile I was always getting in trouble and was placed in boy ranches and group homes and was never a runaway type as I had nowhere to go so I soon learn fighting them systems only made it harder and so I started learning from them and is part of why I am still in belief of myself. And I am going trough a separation and may end up divorced after 30 years of being together and it maybe just what I need as now I have the time and motivation needed without all the complaints. I plan on accomplishing much learning as I will succeed and I will be Tapping along with some other methods I fell also are helping. And now its time to go kick ass on them old Beliefs and leave them all behind Me. Thanks Nick Yeah! Piece & Love Me…
Stacy says:
These steps are critical to attaining success and well being. I have used them successfully in the past; to be the living, successful person I am and I cannot stress enough the importance of living in this mode each day of our lives. The blocks can be moved even if you are stuck and cannot figure out why; visualize the block as a stone and figuratively lift it off your path, you may not consciously understand the block but once you move it off your path you are literally able to find your way forward. Keep moving forward as difficult as it may seem, it is energizing, and there may or may not come a time when you fully understand the block, but that really doesn’t matter anymore since you have moved ahead on your path. Thank you for all your support in keeping my path open to new possibilities!
Erin says:
Definitely need to work on silencing the critical voice and gain clarity on what I want.
Love all you do and love tapping! Thank you!
Enas says:
Actually every things you writes is very impotent for me and help me a lot . Thanks for that and I’m alwayes wait for new
with all my hope
Joanjo says:
I totally agree with all these steps. I’ll work on all of them to progress onwards! thanks for sharing your great knowledge and wisdom!
Charlotte says:
As usual whatever you talk about helps me to see my weak areas. That enables me to work on disabling the troublemakers and move another step forward.
Yavuz says:
I again began working on clarity of vision and taking ,even a small step in that direction.THANK YOU
Joane (Required) says:
I get wonderful inspiration from all of your articles, keep sending them, I look forward to all of them.
Thank you
Iain says:
Just don’t know what I want.
Deborah says:
I am beginning to incorporate these steps, however I am having a challenge with 6 and 7. I finally realize I deserve success, yet I know I still have blocks. I look forward to the upcoming classes.
Carol says:
Hi Nick
All fine until I got to number 6. I have had 3 past business failures with partners where something went wrong each time. Now I’m looking to do my own business, although, not sure what. But I know 6 and 7 are challenges for me right now.
Tapping has been very successful for me in all other aspects but can’t seem to get passed these two.
Renee Gavin says:
This gave me courage to start to think past my self doubts and to start to realize what I can
accomplish and maybe to finally start to believe in myself.
While self esteem issues and constant belittlement made me think I was not a worthwhile
being and not able to do anything correctly or become a success you have helped me to
realize that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
Susan Sellars says:
I believe I f am doing all of these except getting clear on what I want. I need help with that, I know I want financial abundance but I an retired and really don’t want to go back into the work force. I want to find an avenue that would help me help others and increase my financial predicament.
KC says:
I know all of this information is correct but right now I am really stuck. My biggest fear is rejection. It paralyzes me.
Marge Wright says:
It helped me to see things that I can change right now. It helped to clarify my thoughts about steps that I could take to further the goals I have, both short term and long term. I can that failure is just another step in the process to success if I keep my eye on the journey and not the end results. I remember success is failure turned inside out. It really is ok not to be afraid to fail. I won’t listen to negative thoughts anymore and will use tapping to further courage and belief that I deserve success.
Mmkey says:
Spot on!
Thank you immensely.
i can’t wait to learn the tapping exercises next.
you’re a blessing to me and others.
Joseph Mangion says:
Cynthia says:
As I was reading this blog I was thinking…# 1…check. # 2…check. Okay…I got this….well on my way to success. Right? Well, until I got to #6 and knew that was where I get stuck. I continually put easy things first, lately. The hard stuff?…working on my book for an hour each day, working on my taxes, that business plan, the class I need to write, the networking, etc. etc…they are put off. I think I have so many things to do and so many big dreams that I just get overwhelmed thinking about it all and I just stop. I don’t do anything toward my success. Instead I do something distracting, fun…or I’ll find some home responsibility that NEEDS my attention NOW! This is self sabotage at its best. 🙁
Thanks for the awareness. Time to do some tapping.
Richard says:
Thanks Nick.
Really valuable information.
I did a SUD score on the RESISTANCE to each step and got enlightened results.
Now I’ll tap on them.
Peace and Happiness..
Babs Harris says:
#4 – really tells me who I am, all of my life I have worked to improve my overall situation & it was all because I HAD COURAGE. Failure was not a choice, just a guide that I had to do it differently.
#2 – I was unable to get any answer to “not deserving”, lots of why I “do deserve success”
I believe in myself, work hard to change my thinking process, overcome that nagging negative voice inside me(mental debug)& apply new programs that better serve me & my goals. Get out of the past & look forward to the future. I used to be the worst worry wart in the world – at long last I am at peace & am moving forward, knowing that things will all happen in their own time according to the universe. I am successful.
Penny says:
Reading this brought me HOPE. My greatest strenghth is I can change my mindset and will. My biggest challenge is believing in myself. I dont have much self-esteem or confidence right now.Thank you.
Sonia says:
Thanks, Nic. It really is time to believe change is possible. Being the support act is not enough.
Leah Krongold says:
My greatest challeng is that I am my worse enemy, I dont value myself, I feel I am too old, I dont have faith.
My greatest strenght is that I dont give up
Pamela says:
My strength is in being resilient. I never abandon the things I feel I’m meant to do. Yes, do the important stuff first not the easy stuff! The challenge for me? Stop avoiding the important stuff. 🙂
Janet says:
I found this wonderful information to be very helpful at creating wonderful tapping scenarios
where I found any blocks!! Thank you I am very grateful for you and for the tapping solution.
Daniela says:
I resonated with both ‘unsuccessful’ & ‘successful’ behaviours.
My past & consequent beliefs have been limiting factors all my life. For whatever reason, now, at 51, I am more willing to practice the well mentioned stragegies/practices mentioned above. It’s great to see & have affirmed that my albeit small (large for me!!) steps are headed in the right direction!! Thanks
Lucila says:
Dear Nick, as always your material is excellent. Thank you for being so generous with your support. I have learned so much from you that I will be thankful for ever. God bless you today and always.
KK says:
Wow Nick! You are the best. Thank you for sharing this practical wisdom. I always appreciate the sage advise you so generously pass along, but this article came to me at just the right time. In other words, I needed that and I’m inspired!
These seven things strike a chord for me in part because they make sense, common sense, and because I’ve done them before when I was more successful than I am now. I never did them all simultaneously however and I was always missing at least one key element. I realize now thatwo elements, doing the important things first and taking daily action, have been as absent in my life as they are important.
I have renewed hope from just these few simple pointers. What an amazing gift to have so many tools at my disposal to create the life I know I was meant to live.
Wishing you all the joy, love, health and prosperity you can take,
Annika says:
I think this is great stuff. It’s important to be reminded of that we create with our thoughts and our mind. I’m looking forward learning more about how tapping can help me change My thoughts.
Hersilia says:
Thak you , I´think it´s very important how to change , the tools to change the thinking , I do tapping , sometimes it works , sometimes don´t .
Malathie says:
I don’t deserve success because I am…….not educated enough…..OMG this is what came to my my mind instantly. I am a college drop out. But I didn’t know this was working in the back of my mind for 38 years. I was called a bright student from the beginning. I got a scholarship to a prestigious high school but in college things changed. I gave up and found a job. My life changed. Thank you so much Nick for this awareness.
Jerry Minerva says:
Discovered several bits of information, that can help improve my life.
Marie says:
Thank you!
Ellen says:
Those 7 things are very helpful and, although I don’t like to see people fail, it is a good reminder to me to see those very successful people have failed in their own endeavors; It’s let’s me know that I can accomplish what I desire too! Thank you Nick for putting that out there.
Fatema says:
Greatest is willing to learn. Biggest challenge is don’t know how to go about
Tim says:
Hello Nick,
I am convinced that EFT is the universal solution to help us to become successful and that the 7-t-s-p-d-d is a wonderful guidance. Yet, I would like to point out that there is more what determines your success: it is also based on the Theory of the Five Elements which relies on the understanding that the Universe is ruled by certain natural laws. By transferring the individual birth date into the Five Elements, it is possible to recognize and interpret strengths and weaknesses, character traits, career development, health, relationship issues and much more. From that point of knowledge about yourself you got a better ‘start-up position’ to apply the 7-things-successful-people-do-different!
Gitta says:
I am so thankfull for your letting us know all you experiences and conclusions. So it takes some time for me to really realize them in my life and I have the strong feeling to become more and more the person I want to be. Thank you so much.
Melissa says:
Wow, lots of in depth insight. Makes me want to get a coach again!
Bob says:
I’ve got more going for me than I realized.
I need to be more focused on the necessary actions required on a daily basis.

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