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911 Breakup Survival Secrets To Get Over Lost Love And Love Again – Radio Show

Get over a breakup or death of a beloved partner and get the love and happiness you deserve, using secrets you discover as I’m interviewed about my book, 911 Breakup Survival, on Strategies For Living Radio by marriage and family therapist David McMillan.

In this lively, life-changing audio, you discover:

The proven remedies I’d used to heal my trauma over lost love when my marriage ended tragically;
How to beat breakup stress before it rewires your brain and beats you;
How to take the right steps through grieving lost love, instead of getting stuck in anger or sadness;
The safest way to vent anger when you want to murder your ex, by using the Big Guns;
Two simple steps that turn fear and loneliness into love;
Why you can’t make mistakes in relationships;
Four ways to treat a wrongdoer that protects your health and happiness;
The shocking remedy that solves love problems fast.

Take notes as you listen to this 45 minute audio:
911 Breakup Survival Secrets Get the action plan to stop suffering from lost love and start creating the life you love now.

Want to read 911 Breakup Survival, get over a breakup and love again, like it’s the first time? Start reading now.

Get all the love and happiness you deserve,

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