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Academy Awards Stories About Best Film, The King's Speech

My favorite moment in the 83rd Academy Awards Show was the acceptance speech by The King’s Speech Director, Tom Hooper. He told the story of how his mother had attended a staged reading of an unproduced play, something she rarely did. After the play reading, she’d contacted her son to say that she may have found his next film. She was right.

Her son later directed the Academy’s best film of 2010, The King’s Speech, which was based on the script that his mother had discovered for him. As he accepted his Oscar for best director, Tom Hooper proudly introduced his mother to the Academy. Then he said, “The moral of this story is ‘Always listen to your mother!'”

“The King’s Speech” not only won the Oscar for directing and best picture, but also for the original-screenplay by David Seidler, a boyhood stutterer himself. It was obvious that the writer was passionate about his story of how King George VI (father of Queen Elizabeth) had overcome his stuttering with the guidance of an unlicensed but gifted speech tutor who also showed the King how to create a friendship built to last a lifetime.

This powerful script and direction inspired soulful performances from the entire cast, with Colin Firth winning Best Actor award for his exquisite portrayal of King George VI.

Imagine a movie winning four of the top honors with no violence, no nudity, no profanity and yet it has plenty of adversity to keep audiences intrigued and inspired. Will the success of The King’s Speech motivate the Ari Golds of Hollywood to listen to their mothers as they search for passionate screenplays and package films that enlighten the world?

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