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Attraction Versus Love – Can You Turn Dating Drama Into Emotional Intimacy With 3 Love Tips?

Going out with hot dates who offer big dramas with little contentment is a form of directionless, dead-end dating. Would you like to try a new dating direction that leads you to a loving relationship? Learn how to turn dating drama into emotional intimacy as a prelude to a loving relationship with 3 simple Love Tips:

1. See Attraction With New Eyes

Big attraction comes with big love lessons attached like a bow. Look for the love lesson in the dating dramas that you consistently attract. And ask your self an important question:

Does your drama date have any personality traits of your early caregivers?

If their drama seems familiar, you may have been attracted to your drama date in order to return to the scene of your original childhood hurt and frustration.

According to dating theory formed by renowned psychologist, Harville Hendrix Ph.d, this type of romantic attraction stems from our search for “imago” — a Latin word meaning, image. Your imago is composed of pictures of people who influenced your life most strongly in your early years. When you face your childhood challenges as an adult with a person who triggers unhealed feelings and patterns, you give yourself an opportunity to heal old wounds.

I often tell my online community that when you learn this love lesson and take action on its healing insights, the attraction has fulfilled its purpose. Now you don’t have to keep repeating the same lesson by attracting the same type of drama date into your life, unless you want to.

2. See Dating As A Path To Personal Growth

You are what you are aware of. Like attracts like. This means every quality or quirk that you notice in a date reflects parts of you that can be savored or strengthened.

If you notice a personality quirk that you don’t like, you can feel thankful that your date revealed where your personality or behavior could use a tune up.

With this outlook, each date may help you grow as a person — to strengthen your strengths so your weaknesses lose power, deepen your intelligence and open your heart to genuine love.

3. See With Your Heart As You Choose Your Best Love Match

Beware of superficial wrapping, because the genuine gift lies within.

What inner gifts are an essential foundation for a loving relationship?

A healthy, adult personality
Freedom to trust
Ability to know and be known, to give and receive love
Healthy self love, self esteem, self knowledge
A kind heart, freely sharing of acts of kindness
Personal autonomy and living within means
Reaching for dreams with solid action each day
A resilient optimism and passion for life
An inner goodness that moves you to love

Once you see and share these inner gifts with a potential love match, you will experience a quiet drama of two adults moving closer to oneness based on shared vision and values, emotional intimacy, and enthusiasm for life and love. This emotional intimacy a prelude to a loving relationship.

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