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Best Relationship Skills For Ultimate Success At Work And In Love

What if you were asked on a job interview, How’s Your Love Life? Your answer could predict your level of success in every aspect of your life. Feeling stuck in dull or frustrating relationships can steal your joy, hurt your health and limit your achievements.

You’ll learn how to improve your relationships and achieve ultimate success in life and love in this summary of my radio interview with Bill Walsh, a CEO and business coach to billionaires and start ups, who helps people and companies create wealth and successful partnerships.

What’s a secret to ultimate success?

“The most successful people on the planet are the ones who build great relationships,” Bill said. A core principle of successful relationships is to be a value creator. Are you bringing something to the party or only going there wanting something? When people come from that place of service to give, it’s amazing how your relationships open up.

Our trouble is that we’re programmed to receive dollars for hours worked in a job. Yet if you want to create a great partnership, you go there to provide so much value and expect nothing in return as a way to build trust. People want to work with someone you know, like and trust. Developing that relationship takes an investment of time and talent, so be patient.

Studies prove that if you’re happy at home, you are likely to have greater health, longevity and success. How do you choose an ideal partner?

Someone who has similar visions and dreams can be more congruent now and 10 – 20 years down the road. The older and wiser you get, the more you watch what people do more than what they say. Bill values people’s actions more than their resume. He looks for success by the people you’ve helped—how many people’s lives you’ve made better because of your actions.

How do you win the inner game of success?

You need create a statement for I AM–a vision for who you are and what you want in life. You become the identity you choose, whether you like it or not. So choose your best identity. You need an inner game that moves you to a higher space, or else you’ll always let that inner critic sabotage your progress.

Saying “I’ll try” or “Maybe I’ll get around to it,” only sets you up for failure, instead of owning that space by saying “I AM” successful, “I AM” a millionaire, which helps you become what you imagine when you take correct actions.

How important is it to be around successful people if you want to be more successful?

You sure don’t want to learn about business from someone who’s broke. Get around people whom you’d like to become. It’s smart to model the mindset and behavior of people you admire. Playing basketball or golf with pro-level players helps you raise your game. In his private life, Tony Robbins spends time with people who earn a hundred million or more so he can learn from other experts.

How do you associate with people who know the things you want to learn?

You have to know what you don’t know and take steps to learn it from experts who know it. Most people think they know everything when they don’t. It’s smart to learn from someone who has great wisdom and experience, rather than guessing what to do by yourself.

If you want to become the specialist in your area, take time to learn and do the homework to be the best. Specialists get wealthy while generalists get paid. Profits are better than wage. So in your free time, work a little harder on yourself than you do on your job so you can become wealthy someday.

You don’t have to run away from your job to live your dreams now. You can keep doing your job, paying your bills and working on your dreams a little each day. This could give you the future option to walk away from a job to start your own business or do the work that’s most important to you.

What success skills help you enrich your love life?

Good communication is the core principle. Instead of talk, talk, talk, you become a good listener. Be present and find out what you can give to help your partner. When you do so, you’ll be amazed what they want to give back to you.

Another success skill is to ask better questions. Bill once heard Jack Canfield ask his wife, “How can I make our relationship a 10 out of 10 this week?” With that positive attitude, you take better actions each day that will enhance your ultimate success in personal and professional relationships.

And if you’d like to create an extraordinary life and build your business with Bill Walsh as your success guide, you can contact him at http://bit.ly/cyU4Q9

Love deeply and live your dreams now,

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