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Break Up Survival Guide – Are You Living In Fear Of Being Alone For The Rest Of Your Life?

A bad break up or lonely bout of lost love often cause two common side effects: You may feel less desirable and more afraid of being alone for the rest of your life.

Learn a remedy that turns your break up fears into love for your new single life when you use 2 Love Tips:

1. Face Your Fears

Many newly-single men and women escape the pain and fear of being alone with pain killers like alcohol, pharmaceuticals, over working, over-eating, over-sleeping, over dating.

Instead of numbing your fears, I recommend that you face them. Then you can find a path out of them.

Are you afraid of:

*sleeping alone
*eating alone
*staying stuck in painful emotions
*forgetting your dreams of adventure travel, work success, romantic love
*facing health challenges alone
*never feeling appreciated
*shutting down your sexual desires
*growing old without giving or receiving romantic love again
*never finding a love match as wonderful as your former love
*creating debt instead of building wealth
*raising children alone as a single parent
*feeling isolated from friends whom you enjoyed as a couple
*being stuck in dead-end job or directionless dating
*feeling drained of energy and enthusiasm with no way to recharge your joyful vitality

2. Find The Remedy For Each Fear

Once you jot down your unvarnished list of your deepest, most painful fears, you are ready to find the remedy for each fear.

A single remedy often ease many fears at once — whatever you’re missing, lacking or afraid that you won’t receive from someone else, simply give this to yourself as a way to fulfill your own needs, wants, desires.

Feeling unappreciated and unloved?
Find ways to express hearty appreciation and love to yourself every day.

Feeling stuck on your ex, or in negative emotions or life circumstances?
Take positive steps each day to let go of past and start fresh with positive outlook and action plans.

Feeling disconnected from former friends or your delayed dreams?
Reach out and make connections with new single friends for dining, travel, seminars, book discussions or courses that are your guide to greater health, wealth, success and love.

Feeling shut out of romantic love?
Join a matchmaking service or internet dating site that connects you with a new community of savvy singles who create an adventure out of finding your next great love and living your dreams now.

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Love deeply and live your dreams now,

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