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Dating Chemistry Test – Is It Lust Or Love?

I receive many questions from couples in the whirlwind romance phase of dating. They want to know how to tell if their intense feelings are lust or love.

Let’s clear this up once and for all. Love is much more than a feeling. It’s an action word. It’s a loving attitude and action plan to show your love and grow in love with your intimate partner.

Love is opening your heart and letting yourself know and be known, love and be loved.

If you want genuine love to grow and bloom in a dating relationship, then take this dating chemistry test to see if that’s likely to happen.

Here are 13 questions to help you choose a compatible love match who wants to create a foundation of genuine love in a relationship with you:

Do you see and bring out the best in each other?
Do you celebrate each others successes?
Do you accept each other for who you are?
Do you listen without judgment?
Do you know each others families and friends?
Do you keep promises to each other?
Do you keep no secrets and tell the truth tenderly?
Are you kind and considerate in all of your interactions?
Do you believe in each other?
Are you planning joyful surprises to keep your relationship fresh?
Do you do little things to ease the burdens and lift spirits?
Do you share laughter and kiss away tears?
Do you trust that you will be there for each other no matter what?

Keep these 13 relationship success tools in mind when you meet someone you’d like to date, when you’re dating someone you’d like to marry, or if you’re married to someone and you want to deepen love and intimacy in your relationship.

If you keep a success journal as I often recommend, list these 13 success tools in it now, using a brief description for each one, like:

see the best, celebrate our successes,acceptance, listen without judgment, keep promises, keep no secrets, be kind, plan surprises, do little things they love, laugh more, kiss away tears, be there for each other.

Remember to make a note each time you use these success tools to deepen intimacy and demonstrate genuine love for your partner.

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Love deeply and live your dreams now,

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