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Dating Guide – How Do You Do The Best Background Check On Your Dates?

It is sweet to trust in a dating relationship. It is smart to make sure your trust is deserved.
Is your date being honest in the stories they tell you about their past and present life, or are you being conned?
How do you find out if your date is hiding a dark secret or giving you misleading information about their life story?
Before you get involved in a serious relationship with someone you’re just getting to know, it is wise to do a background check using the best services available.

How do you find the best background check service?

It is an alarming statistic that out of 100 background check sites you find on the internet, 80 percent of them cannot deliver the background information you request. As consumers complained of being scammed by background check rip-off sites, Consumer-Advice.org decided to help people avoid the rip-off sites and find the most reliable background check services.

Consumer-Advice.org polled 1000 people with complaints or success stories and they did follow-up tests of each site to verify the results. They concluded that not even the best background check sites can provide 100 percent of the information you seek, but the best sites will have 95 percent of the frequently-updated records you need for your investigation.

Based on consumer reports and their in-house research in 50 states, Consumer-Advice.org recommends the 3 best background check sites:

Consumers Top Choice
Net Detective was chosen by the consumers majority as the best resource for in-depth unlimited background checks. Their service features criminal, marital, motor vehicle, and birth records, as well as legal judgments, or information on alimony and child support compliance.

NetDetective has access to credit bureau and financial records that are out on the internet, but usually very hard to find. They provide many resources, ease of use, good customer support and a one time price of $29 for a 3-year membership with a 90 day money-back guarantee.

Second Choice
Instant Background Report came in second in consumer votes. The site provides reports comprised of State Criminal Check, Nationwide Criminal Check, Marital Status,Phone Number(s),Date of Birth, Address History, Neighbors’ Names, Neighborhood Info, Alias Names.

The site does not provide information on credit and vehicle records or legal judgments. Instant Background Report membership fee is $29 with a money-back guarantee.

Best Reverse Searches
You may want to search by a specific address, phone number, email address or SSN record to find who is the owner. The Reverse Records site can access owner information, address history, and location details for any phone number. Their database coverage includes cell, toll-free, residential, business, pager and unlisted numbers.

The Reverse Records site only provides basic information on background checks for the same cost, $29, and money-back guarantee of the top two sites.

Whether you meet potential matches on dating sites, through matchmakers or by chance, it is smart to choose one of the best background check sites to help you make sure that your potential relationship partner is someone you can trust.

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