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Dating Like A Job Interview Tip 3 – How To Meet and Choose Your Perfect Love Match

In Dating Success Tips 1 and 2, you used job-hunting success skills of doing research, creating your personal brand and marketing campaign for dating to attract your perfect love match. In dating success tips 3 and 4, you’ll learn how to meet more singles with your values and life experience, choose your best match and remove the stress from your love quest.

Tip 3 – Start Networking and Meeting As Many Singles As Possible

Job hunting statistics reveal that 75 per cent of jobs are obtained through a personal referral. Many dating success stories also start with a personal introduction made by family or friends. Be proactive. Be sure to tell people in your life that you are interested in dating, and ask them to introduce you to someone who could be a great match.

Start building bridges by joining book groups, social clubs, travel groups, single parents networks, meetup groups and special niche dating sites that unite singles with common interests and life experience. Begin with friendship and see what arises. It can take time and attention for friendship to catch fire and spark a romance. Many singles give up on friendship too soon, even though it is the best foundation for a passionate romance with lasting love.

When you meet someone online or in daily life, remember to keep in mind the ideal quality research, branding and marketing info you created in Tips 1 and 2. Speak from your heart and core values as you ask questions and share personal insights while you get to know someone. This is how you sort through mismatches and choose your perfect match who is on your love wavelength.

How do you remove stress from your love quest?

Find out in Tip 4 of our series on how to use Job-hunting success skills to recruit your perfect love match.

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