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Do Single Women Really Want Subservient Men To Date And Dominate? Find The Answer In Our Dating Q & A

Dear Hadley

In the past year, I’ve had two relationships with women I met on-line. Both women tried to dominate and outperform me in every aspect of life.  They each asked me to loan them large sums of money.  I told them to get lost and they did.

I know that single women want a subservient relationship where a man shoves money down her throat, caters to her every whim, and then he’s disposable like garbage.  I’m sorry if I generalize here, but it is the truth.

I do not think women find men as necessary.  Is there a woman in this town who wants a real man anymore?

Feeling neutralized in L.A.

Hadley’s Reply:

I’m sorry you’re feeling neutralized by dating two gold rush girls in a row.  When a date asks you to be their banker, it’s time to say, “Next”, with your wallet intact.  You were smart to move on.

Do you think it is wise to generalize about all women based on your experience with two women? Or is this is a sure-fire way to sabotage each future relationship?

You may discover the answer in a motto of our online community, which is inspired by the law of attraction:

“What you see will be.”

Do you see how you could be choosing the same type of woman to date again and again?  Or do you believe that each new date will treat you the same as a past relationship?

If you believe your past will become your future, you look for clues of bad things to come and see failure before you ever get started in a relationship.  If you paint the same negative portrait on each woman you meet, you stifle their freedom to be unique. And you destroy your own seeds of joy.

There is an antidote.  If you don’t like the way you see women, you may see them with new eyes.

Will you allow yourself to see how each woman’s behavior is different from a past relationship?

If like attracts like, will you lead with your best qualities so you attract a woman who values and shares these qualities?

Will you give a woman the chance to love you the way you desire and deserve to be loved?

If you change the way you see women, you will change your experience with women.  If and when you give this a go, write back and let us know!

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