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Double Your Income Doing What You Love Part 2 – Taking New Actions For New Results You'll Love

In Part 1 you discovered how to set goals so that they seem to achieve themselves “automagically.” In Part 2 highlights of my radio conversation for A Lasting Love with acclaimed success coach, Raymond Aaron, you’ll get success secrets to find love or revive love with your partner, and even Double Your Income Doing What You Love along the way. That’s the title of Raymond’s NY Times Bestselling book which he gives for free, so keep reading.

HF: Writing Love Letters is a great way to sustain romance with your beloved. You suggest that we also write Annual Love Letters to ourselves to achieve goals we love. How does that process work, Raymond?

RA: You have to write your Annual Love Letters backwards. This is the opposite way of writing a goal, like you want to earn $200,000 a year when you’re currently earning $100,000 a year. That big goal feels heavy and difficult, and makes you afraid you won’t achieve it.

But if you pretend you’re already on the last day of the goal year looking back at the year and congratulating yourself for achieving this goal, then the bigger your goal the better. So I write my annual love letters and one-year goals backwards in the past tense, acting as if I’ve already achieved them that year. So what I say is, “I’m so grateful that I earned $200,000 this year.”

Then the law of attraction immediately gets implemented, because your reptilian brain, which is your unconscious brain, doesn’t have the ability to discern right from wrong or truth from untruth. That’s because when we were cavemen, you didn’t have time to determine, “Is this a friend tricking me? Or is this a sabre tooth tiger about to eat me?” You had to react immediately.

So your reptilian, subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between that which is real and that which is imaginary. This means, if you say today, “I’m so grateful I earned $200,000 in 2012,” then your subconscious mind takes that in and starts implementing it.

HF: That’s true, if you also add this essential step. You must take new actions to get new results you want. This action step was missing from the popular film, The Secret.”

RA: I was one of 40 teachers in the world filmed for that movie. One thing I stressed is that you can’t just think it and imagine it. You actually have to do something. That could be why I was cut out of that film, which implied you only had to imagine goals to fulfill them.

HF: They were selling the fantasy at first. Now we’ve clarified the importance of setting goals and taking new actions to fulfill your goals. This process works with financial goals as well as love goals.

For example, if you want to find love or revive love this year, you simply imagine you’ve already done so. Then every day you give thanks for great love and how wonderful it makes you feel. Your feelings of love and gratitude attract love like a love magnet and magnetize even more love to you.

Raymond, I’ve just thought of another twist on writing goals backwards. Some success coaches recommend that you write your own eulogy when you’re young, by listing the top goals you’ve accomplished during your life, and then living up to them.

RA: It’s one thing to write your own eulogy, but that’s typically too big and too strategic for most people. When you write your goals backwards, one year at a time, then you know exactly what to implement that year.

HF: Nobody starts the year with a resolution to become narrow and one-dimensional. Yet that can happen if you don’t create a balanced, holistic vision for your best life. How?

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