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Episode 62 – Don't Commit To Marriage Without 10 Signs You're In the Right Relationship

Love at first sight or a powerful attraction might draw you to a potential love match. Yet that’s no guarantee you have what it takes to create a happy relationship with lasting love.

Before you commit to forever, take this Dating Chemistry Test to find out if you are compatible for long-term happiness as a couple.

Do you–

* Offer mutual support in who you are now, so that you can bring out the best in each other?
* See each other with your heart instead of through critical eyes, so that you maintain positive views of your partner?
* Embrace change as a catalyst for growth as a couple and as individuals when you learn the love lesson in each challenge?
* Maintain positive friendships outside of your primary relationship, and feel excited to meet new people?
* Trust your partner to act in the best interest of the relationship as you each take full responsibility for your happiness and stability?
* Seek mutual agreement in important decisions like managing finances and resolving conflict, and take a pass on choices that divide you?
* Enjoy sexual chemistry and make time for sex at least twice a week, which is how you benefit from sexual healing?
* Nurture intimacy in body, mind, emotions and in the spiritual realm, as you speak your truth with kind-hearted honesty?
* Treat each other with loving kindness in your actions, words and thoughts?
* Connect as a team to a greater cause, like raising a family, growing a business, solving community or world issues, so that petty annoyances seem less important?

How did you score?

If you answered YES to every question, then you and your partner could be Love Guides for other couples who hope to experience the enduring ecstasy of a passionate, committed relationship.

What if you answered NO to one or more of these questions?

You now know how you can improve your relationship by turning each NO into YES. This requires the dedicated efforts of both partners. If that’s not an option, then it might be time to get a relationship coach or move out of this relationship so that you honorably free yourself to meet a more compatible love match.

I encourage you and your partner to discuss each question on this Love Test and then use these smart Love Tips to enrich your relationship.

Or use this Love Test as a dating guide that leads you to your most compatible love match and helps you build a great relationship together.

And I’d like to give you the success tools you need to affair-proof your relationship and build better relationships with family, friends, clients, co-workers when you begin your exciting program at GreaterSuccessAndLove.com

Love deeply and live your dreams now,

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