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Essential Beauty-Health Supplies To Carry On Long Flights

Imagine you’re traveling to find bliss in BALI as you enjoy our featured love vacation. Or you’ve planned a transcontinental business trip. How do you stay healthy and refreshed on your long flight?
Take these essential carry-on items for women and men that you discover in this guest post by Virginia Cunningham. She’s a travel, health and beauty writer from California.

By Virginia Cunningham

How do you stay healthy and happy on a long flight? Here’s a short list of the bare necessities to carry on:

Lip Balm

Lip balm is essential to your carry on luggage. The lack of humidity in the cabin of the airplane often leaves passengers dried-out, therefore, you’ll find that your lips can often get quite chapped on long flights.

If you prefer a bit more color (and are short on space), you might want to consider bringing along a tinted lip balm. That way, you can get a little color in your lips, instead of looking like a sleep-deprived zombie.


Like your lips, your skin will likely get dry as well. Anything from hand cream, to a heavy facial moisturizer, to full body lotion will help you make your way through your flight with comfort. Some people even like to slather on heavy creams and moisturizers preflight to keep from drying out.

Evian spray is another great option—it’s great for keeping your face moisturized and plump during a plane ride. It helps your skin retain moisture,and it’s a simple way to freshen up when you’re feeling groggy and disoriented after a long flight.


Zinc is known for its immune-enhancing properties. A boost to your immune system is just what you need on a crowded airplane full of hacking coughs and sniffling. Zinc is especially helpful in helping to prevent the common cold.

Cleansing wipes

On a long flight, you often won’t get a chance to wash your face for hours on end (unless you want to chance it in the claustrophobia-inducing closet-restrooms). Cleansing wipes are a great way to wash the day away without dealing with an airplane’s temperamental sinks. Best of all, many cleansing wipes are all-in-one—exfoliating, moisturizing, makeup removing, etc.

BB Cream

BB Cream is another great option for your carry-on luggage. Like those handy cleansing wipes, it fulfills multiple roles—it moisturizes, brightens and provides light coverage (heck, it even acts as concealer). It also has SPF and anti-aging ingredients: in short, it will give your skin a much-needed well-rested glow.


If you’re a woman who feels you can’t go anywhere without a face, eyeliner might be a necessity for your in-flight bag. Did you know that Taylor Swift once used a Sharpie in lieu of her signature winged-liner after a long flight? If you’re the type that will get as desperate as Ms. Swift, make sure to pack your liner. Plus, it can help brighten up sleepy eyes after a long, sleepless flight.


Well, if sleep is something you struggle with on long plane rides, melatonin is a great option. Melatonin is a natural sleep aid that can help you catch a few Z’s on a long flight (or a red eye). It’s also great for counteracting jet lag. As a natural product, it’s considered mild and safe for most, but check with your doctor if you’re on other medications.

These are all the tools you need to keep you well-rested and bright-eyed on that long, transcontinental flight!

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  1. Thank you Hadley for sharing this article. Whenever I have to ride an airplane, I always carry my iPad as well as a headset, lots of food, mini blanket in case I feel cold, jacket and a stuff toy that I can use as my pillow.

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