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Feng Shui of Romance – How To Attract Love And Create A Happy Relationship Using Dating Feng Shui

Would you like to enjoy peace and harmony in dating relationships while you seek the great love of your life? Learn how to attract new love and create a happy relationship by using 3 Ancient Chinese Secrets.

What is Dating Feng Shui?

It is my term for using ancient energetic strategies to enhance joy in your dating relationships and free your blocks to love.

How does this differ from traditional practice?

Many people think the 5000 year old Chinese art is all about eliminating clutter and placing things in your home in ways that promote feelings of harmony and peace.

In the book, “Feng Shui: So Easy A Child Can Do It”, author Pat Heydlauff  tells us that it is a guide to creating a lifestyle that is free of stress and filled with joy and peace. Heydlauff says there is no religious element in the practice, so it won’t conflict with your religious beliefs.

If you’d like to know how Heydlauff recommends that you use this practice to create positive energy in your home and lifestyle, you may want to read her book.

I’ve adapted several strategies to give you yet another tool to create the love life you desire when you use these tools:

Three Secrets Of Dating Feng Shui:

1. Remove the clutter from your heart so that you are free to energize your dream of love. How?

Identify the sad old stories that keep you stuck in the past. Now let go of them. Send them into the universe like helium balloons at a birthday party.

Your heart experiences an energetic rebirth of strength and joy when it is not constricted by old energy of sadness, regret or negativity. Will you let your heart beat with renewed passion and love?

2. Once you’ve uncluttered your heart from old negativity, you want to focus your energy on love to attract more love into your life.

Notice all the faces of love in your life–friends, family, pets–and give thanks for them.

Stay connected to love in all forms, including your religious beliefs and spiritual bonds.

Notice your own face of love. Fall in love with yourself again, by revving up your loving qualities and sharing them. Healthy self love attracts love like a love magnet.

3. While you let your heart beat in love and gratitude, do some Feng Shui on your thinking. Un-clutter your mind from negative self talk and limiting beliefs. How?

Make a list of negative thoughts that block you from fulfilling your dream of romance and love. Then delete them. Place a stop sign in your mind any time you’re tempted to focus on those negative thoughts or fears.

Now replace those negatives with positive thinking and actions which help you realize your dream of romance and love. Do this each day for 30 days to form a new habit that helps you attract love and create a happy relationship.

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