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Forgiveness Part One – Will You Forgive Or Let That Old Grudge Kill You?

This is my wake up call for anyone who refuses to forgive wrongdoers. You can suffer serious, even fatal consequences if you don’t do the emotional work needed to pass this love test:

How do you forgive the unfaithful?

Could you ever forgive yourself for a crime of passion or for a loss of passion that may have killed your relationship?

Why should you forgive dishonesty, abuse, infidelity or the theft of your trust, love, hopes and dreams?

Because unforgiveness is the poison that destroys your own health, happiness and relationships. When you refuse to forgive someone’s offenses, they don’t suffer. You do. You hand yourself over to other torturers–namely experiences of fear, depression, frustration, anxiety, bitterness, self-hatred, disease and loneliness.

Learning how to forgive had saved my life during my divorce. I had been filled with unforgiveness, anger and blame that made my heart feel like a pressure cooker ready to blow–until I got good at forgiving my former husband and myself for ways we hurt each other during the break up of our long, happy marriage.

How else does unforgiveness harm you?

Having hostility pumping through your veins releases stress hormones. It can shut down your immune system, leave you vulnerable to disease and make you unable to eat or sleep or you overindulge in both. If harboring resentment continues for long periods of time, you can wire your brain to form an unforgiving, hostile world view and make sure no one wants to be around you.

What’s the common reason people refuse to forgive?

People think forgiveness condones hurtful behavior. This is not true. Forgiveness is a process of coping with an offense so you don’t allow it to harm you. Unforgiveness often causes more harm than the original offense that hurt you, in ways I’ve just explained.

What’s the healthier choice?

You can break the bond of unforgiveness before it breaks you. You will get over the most egregious offenses when you begin the process of forgiveness. In Part Two, you’ll get step-by-step guidance in using forgiveness to protect your health and happiness and build better relationships with everyone in your life.

I encourage you to add forgiveness to your relationship success tool kit to experience even greater health, happiness and love. I’ll help you develop all the skills you need to be even more successful and build better relationships at work and at home when you begin my exciting, life-changing program at PowerRelationshipsForSuccessAndLove.com

Love deeply and live your dreams now,

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