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Frequent Sex – The Secret of Marital Happiness?

Hadley Finch introduction: Research has proven that frequent sex provides many health benefits when you follow the ground rules. You start benefiting from “sexual healing,” only after you’ve been having sex at least 2-3 times each week for three years in a committed relationship. Sexual healing continues as long as you continue making love frequently with your partner.

Research findings from a new sex study of married couples in their mid-60s, gives you even more incentive to stay sexually active with your beloved, especially after you enter your golden years.

Today’s guest post is presented courtesy of Bottom Line’s Daily Health News. It summarizes results of research conducted by Dr. Adrienne Jackson, who presented these findings at the November 2011 Meeting of the Gerontological Society In Boston.

For this sex study, Dr. Jackson used data from the 2004 to 2008 national General Social Surveys, which had been conducted by the University of Chicago to monitor societal trends. Dr. Jackson analyzed answers from 240 male and female married responders who were age 65 or older (in fact, many of them were over 75) and had answered questions on marital happiness, overall happiness and frequency of sexual activity, which was defined as oral, vaginal or anal penetration.

For the questions on overall happiness and marital happiness, respondents indicated whether they were “very happy,” “pretty happy” or “not too happy.” And for the sex questions, Dr. Jackson divided the responders into three groups—those who had sex more than once a month, those who had it a few times a year and those who hadn’t had any sex in the past year.

Dr. Jackson found that the frequency of sex was strongly associated with both marital happiness and overall happiness. In fact, almost 60% of respondents who had sex more than once a month were “very happy” overall, while just 40% of those who had sex once or twice a year or not at all felt “very happy” overall.

Marital happiness, specifically, was found in 80% of those who had sex more than once a month, compared with only about 60% of those having less or no sex.

Is Frequent Sex The Secret of Greater Health and Happiness?

There’s a big chicken-and-egg question here. It’s still unclear whether frequent sex causes happiness or vice versa. Maybe research will find that out one day. But this study does confirm that there is a link between sex and happiness—even as we get older.

If you don’t have a partner—at any age—it isn’t always easy to kick your sex life into high gear again (especially if you want to be safe about it!).

But if you are in a relationship in which emotional or physical issues are keeping you from having an active sex life, you may want to try working on those issues—for example, by going to marriage counseling or talking with your doctor about your physical limitations—specifically with having sex as a goal. Based on Dr. Jackson’s findings, it may be worth your effort if you want to experience a satisfying sex life that may be the secret of even greater health and happiness throughout your lifetime.

Source: Adrienne Jackson, PhD, assistant professor in the division of physical therapy, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, Tallahassee.

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