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Love Quest – How To Be Unstoppable In Life And Love

What makes you unstoppable? All unstoppable people have faced adversity. They’ve struggled, tripped, stumbled, failed, yet they’ve pulled themselves up and kept on going. Their dreams have demanded their all, and they’ve given it. With each trial, they’ve emerged stronger, surer and more deserving of the dream itself. This is how Cynthia Kersey has linked characteristics of unstoppable people in her New York Times Best-selling book, Unstoppable: 45 Powerful Stories of Perseverance and Triumph from People Just Like You.

I have formed the Tribe Of Blondes to unite people with unstoppable characteristics–resilient optimists who believe in great love. These qualities promote success in life and love. Fortunately, you can develop unstoppable qualities that help you awaken your inner dreams, act on them and see them to the finish line. All it takes is the will to be unstoppable and a commitment to overcome any barriers between you and your dreams.

What are the common barriers?

Fear, doubt, great adversity often block your forward progress in realizing your dreams.

What is the force that breaks through these barriers?

Your resilient, optimistic spirit helps you embrace fear or doubt and move forward anyway. It helps you see problems, not as impossible limitations, but as obstacles to leap over and solutions to find.

How do you develop and strengthen your resilient, optimistic spirit that makes you unstoppable?

Do this simple exercise: You can choose a goal that really matters to you. Then you refuse to give up until you achieve it.

I often tell my online community that we’re all born with this resilient, optimistic spirit. The secret is to keep it alive.


I encourage you to follow Cynthia Kersey’s success blueprint in her book, Unstoppable, and take these 7 steps that make you unstoppable in life and love:

1. Devote yourself to your true purpose
2. Follow your heart’s passion
3. Believe in yourself and your ideas
4. Prepare to face challenges
5. Ask for help and build a supportive team
6. Seek creative solutions to tough problems
7. Persevere no matter what the challenges

Taking these 7 steps help you shift your focus from problems to solutions, from fear or doubt to an unstoppable conviction that you can overcome and achieve anything.

How will you use this news?

If you’re in a relationship, you use your unstoppable positive outlook and action plans to sustain passion, intimacy, fun and undying love with your partner.

If you’re a searching single, developing your resilient optimism helps you enjoy your search for a perfect love match and never give up until you find them.

And I’ll help you choose your perfect match in the dating site I created exclusively for resilient optimists who believe in great love. You’ll meet great singles like yourself, if you’re financially responsible, emotionally available with a healthy libido, solid values and a good sense of fun that holds couples together in tough times. Take a Free look around as my guest at www.TribeOfSingles.com

Get the red-hot love life you deserve,

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