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Guide to Healthy Relationships – How to Feel the Healing Power of Love, Even If You're Single

You now have the ability to feel the healing power of love, even if you’re not in a relationship. I’ve been using this energetic technique developed by the internationally renowned healing practitioner, Dr. Darren Weissman, who wrote The Power Of Infinite Love And Gratitude. I will summarize the science and psychology behind this healing technique and tell you how I use it to feel soothed by the power of love 24/7.

Dr. Darren Weissman developed the LifeLine Technique, an advanced holistic system that integrates 14 modalities of natural healing to treat core imbalances of symptoms and stress. For the past year, I’ve experienced the benefits during monthly sessions with Dr. Weissman in his suburban Chicago office.

In each session, Dr. Weissman uses sound, light, his intuitive insights and body work to clear energetic blocks and unleash your body’s infinite potential for healing.

Dr. Weissman says the LifeLine Technique corrects the emotional, structural and biochemical imbalances of the body, and reconnects the body to the spirit, facilitating the healing process.

Contrary to the allopathic paradigm of symptom relief, quantum physics demonstrates and Dr. Weismann agrees that it is energy, not pharmaceutical drugs, that promotes the body’s healing potential.

Weissman explains in his book that symptoms are a result of stored poisons, toxins or blockages caused by the subconscious internalization, denial or disconnection from emotions. It is by reconnecting to the emotions that have been trapped within the subconscious mind that we can achieve optimal health.

What’s love got to do with healing?

What Dr. Weissman knows to be true and what his LifeLine Technique has proven in thousands of patients, the greatest obstacle to your health and well being is the subconscious disconnection from your emotions.

Emotions can be defined as energy that moves us. Emotions of love and gratitude are the emotions of healing and well being.

In his book, Dr. Weissman explains why the greatest healing power is self love. He asks you to embrace life with the attitude of gratitude. As a visual reminder at the start of each chapter, Dr. Weissman shows us the simple hand technique you can use when you wake up, before you go to sleep and anytime during the day when you need to revive the power of love in your life.

What is the healing hand technique?

Fans of the Texas Longhorns use it to cheer their team to victory. You will use a modified version for a healing victory.

To get your hands in position for a healing victory, raise your hand upright and point your fingers toward the ceiling.

Now bend your middle and ring fingers down so they nearly touch your palm.

Gently touch these fingers against your forehead while keeping your thumb, forefinger and little finger extended.

Gently tap your forehead and whisper the words, INFINITE LOVE AND GRATITUDE.
Continue this until you feel in harmony with your words and emotions.

Use this often to stay in tune with the good vibrations and use the healing power of love to release your blocks to greater health, passion and relationship success.

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Love deeply and live your dreams now,

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