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Heal Illness and Injuries with Hypnosis

You’re about to get the coveted secret weapon that breaks through barriers between you and the great love, health, success and happiness you deserve.

How do you get this secret weapon?

Good news. You already have it. It’s the power of your own mind. Discover how to use more of it to cure health problems in highlights of my radio conversation for A Lasting Love with Cheryl J. Savage,

Hadley: I’m excited to introduce you and your secret weapon that I use almost every day. Because you’ve helped thousands of people use their untapped mind power to heal illness and injuries, you’re known as The Hypnosis Queen. Some people are skeptical about hypnosis. Yet you say that we hypnotize ourselves every day. How so?

Cheryl: Everything in this world comes from your mind. Everything. Every day we’re thinking thoughts or speaking words that literally hypnotize ourselves. If someone says every day, “I’m losing my mind,” it won’t take much time for that to happen.

Ever hear, “Fake it till you make it?” Ever see someone pretend to be sick to miss work and suddenly they get sick? They think it’s a strange coincidence that they were faking it, but they really got sick. But what the mind can conceive and believe, it will achieve, every time. The only reality comes from the mind. Consciousness is reality.

Hadley: If our unconscious mind drives our behavior without our knowing it, how does hypnosis speak to the unconscious mind to change behavior?

Cheryl: You have two modes of consciousness, the physical and the super conscious mind. You control the physical consciousness, by deciding what you’ll do each day, what you’ll wear, where you’ll go. Physical consciousness has a critical factor. Some people let the critical mind run wild with criticism or negative thoughts. They live by default.

The super conscious mind does not have a critical factor. It never shuts down, just like the heart. When you reach a relaxed, altered state through hypnosis, you reach the super conscious mind. In a deeply relaxed state, the positive and true things I tell you remain in your super conscious mind and cannot be erased by negative thinking.

Fortunately, negative thinking is a bad habit that can be broken. If you stop your negative thoughts, imagine how you change your life.

Hadley: It’s empowering to know that we choose our thoughts to change our life. We control our thoughts every minute of every day. I often tell my community, “What you think about you bring about. What you see will be when you take the right action.”

What is the right action? It’s using the right tools to build the life you love. One of my trusted tools is your guided healing audio, Achieving Perfect and Radiant Health with Hypnosis. I’ve listened to it nearly every day for years, while recovering from a break at C-2, the same breaking spot as the late Christopher Reeve. And I feel better and stronger every day, in every way. Notice that popular phrase from your audio?

Cheryl: Yes. I tell my clients how to get rid of negative thinking. Any time a negative thought starts to come in, fill it by saying, “I am getting better and better, every day in every way.” Even if you don’t say it out loud, say it with power and momentum, convincing yourself like it’s a matter of life and death.

To get rid of negative thinking, you can put a rubber band on your wrist and snap it gently to stop each negative thought. And replace it with a positive affirmation. This is how you stop depression, which comes from negative thoughts, from the habit of negative thinking.

Hadley: It’s an essential tool to be aware of your inner critic, which steals your joy with negative, critical thoughts–unless you send it on a permanent vacation. Tell us how you use the universal white light in your audio to heal?

Cheryl: I’m guiding the white light, the universal source light from the universe, and bringing it into your body so it flows into every cell of your being to cleanse and heal you.

Hadley: I gave your healing audio to someone I loved after he received a terminal diagnosis. Per your advice, I’d asked him to listen to your audio a few times each day to stop the pain of cancer treatments and heal himself.

He’d thanked me for the audio. Later, before he died, he told me he never listened to it because he didn’t believe in it. Can your healing with hypnosis audio work, even if you don’t believe in it?

Cheryl: It does work, even if you don’t believe in it. It does not work, if you don’t even try it. It only works when you really want whatever you’re being hypnotized for. And you have to do it, listen to it, practice it. With health problems, I encourage people to listen to the audio three times back-to-back. For serious health problems, do this twice a day.

Hadley: The healing audio is 30 minutes long, so if you listen 3 times in a row, you’re committing an hour and a half to work it once, or three hours if you do this twice a day to heal serious health problems. Tell us how you used your own audio to heal broken bones in 12 days after you fell out of a tree.

Cheryl: Don’t ask me why, but I was climbing a tree while my grand kids were over, and I fell from a treetop that reached the second story of my house. My x-rays revealed that I’d shattered the bones in my arm. The ER doctor said I needed a surgeon to fix it. I waited nine days to see the surgeon, while I listened to my healing audio almost constantly.

After the surgeon looked at my x-rays from the ER, he told me how he’d rebuild my arm.
I asked him to take new x-rays, which he did. He was surprised to see my arm was 90 percent healed.

That wasn’t good enough for me. Since 9 days was the longest I’d ever listened to my audio, I wanted a total healing. That came after a few more days of listening to my audio. On day 13, my new x-rays showed the healing was complete. No surgery needed.

Hadley: I should have used your audio to heal my broken kneecap, which happened while I was running and I flew over my dog. Instead I had two surgeries to rebuild it. It takes courage and total faith in your healing audio to use it like you did.

Cheryl: I asked my doctor if he believed in miracles. He said he did, especially after seeing my x-rays. You can see my x-rays on youtube.

Hadley: The miracle is that the infinite power of your own mind can heal whatever ails you. I understand you’re giving us a gift of your healing audio.

Cheryl: Yes. You can download your gift audio, Achieving Perfect And Radiant Health with Hypnosis, on my website. You also can download another audio for General Healing, which I also listened to each day to heal my broken arm.

Hadley: How do you use your free secret weapon to attract love, solve love or money problems and create the life you love?

Find out in the next highlights of my radio conversation for A Lasting Love with Cheryl J. Savage. Or listen to the entire episode now.

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Get the great love, health and happiness you deserve,

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