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Heal Traumatic Stress – The #1 Attitude Begins Your Healing

What if you could adopt an attitude that heals traumatic stress of a tragic loss? Get your attitude adjustment as you read highlights of my radio conversation for A Lasting Love with Dr. Jane Simington.

Dr. Jane teaches trauma recovery intensives through her company, Taking Flight International. She holds a Ph.D. in health sciences, a master’s of nursing and a bachelor’s of psychology. She wrote the books JOURNEY TO THE SACRED: Mending a Fractured Soul and THROUGH SOULS EYES: Reinventing a Life of Joy and Promise, plus the award-winning films Listening to Soul Pain and Healing Soul Pain.

Hadley: Earlier, we talked about limiting the time you grieve your loss each day and then taking steps to move forward. What attitude helps you reach the level where healing begins?

Dr. Jane: The attitude for me, and for 4000 of my grief clients, when they start healing,
there is an automatic attitude of gratefulness. I can breathe and I can live. Several years ago I had a serious brain injury that required surgery while I was in Central America.

When they flew me back home, I was unbalanced as my husband walked me to the place where I meditated every morning. I felt this overwhelming sense of gratefulness that I could see and I could hear and I could walk, because doctors didn’t I would reclaim those. Even to this day, when I see someone in a wheel chair, I give thanks that I can walk. And when I look at a beautiful sunset, I give thanks that I can see.

So I try to help people I’m working with, who may be looking at a photograph of someone who was killed or died or the divorce has happened. They will look at that photograph and grieve and grieve over what they no longer have.

Then I remind them that when that photograph was taken, it was a very happy time. Let’s spend a moment looking at how grateful you are that you had those wonderful moments. I find gratefulness is a wonderful way to tip us over into new beginnings.

Hadley: I totally agree. Gratitude and healthy self love are the highest vibration of emotions, and they attract even more love and things to be grateful for, and goodness in your life. So that’s a good strategy to begin healing yourself.

We don’t learn in school how to grow through grief or work through the greatest catastrophes in our life. These are things we’re talking about today to help you reclaim joy, enthusiasm, gratitude after a loss. How can we teach our children how to do this?

Get the lesson plan from me and Dr. Jane Simington in the next highlights of our radio conversation for A Lasting Love Radio show.

And discover all the urgent remedies I’d used to heal my own trauma over lost love as you read my book, 911 Breakup Survival-How To Get Over A Breakup And Love Again, Like It’s The First Time.

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Get all the love and happiness you desire,

Hadley Finch

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