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Healing Codes Part One – What Causes Sabotaging Behaviors That Block Health, Success and Love?

Only one in ten thousand people ever get to the place where they do all they’re capable of doing, because something is holding the other 9,999 people back. You can be all you can be and live your dreams now, when you understand that you are not stuck because of your past history nor current circumstances.

You’re about to discover how to use the healing power we all have at our fingertips to quickly get unstuck and break through anything that’s holding you back from greater health, success and love. I am sharing this information I gleaned from teleseminars and interviews with Dr. Alex Loyd and from my personal experience in using these healing codes.

How do you know if something’s holding you back?

Ask yourself a question: Is my life everything I want it to be?

If you can say YES, then nothing’s holding you back.

If you say NO, due to health, work, relationship or other issues, then ask yourself two more questions: What’s holding me back? How can I fix it?

You can diagnose and heal any issue. You can have greater health, fantastic intimate relationships, make lots of money while others struggle in tough economy, and live your dreams now when you break through 5 blocks that hold you back:

negative emotions
negative thought patterns
limiting actions and behaviors (what you do and don’t do)
conscious beliefs that go against success
physiology of your body

What is the common source of all 5 blocks?

It’s stress. According to a Harvard study, up to 95 % of all health and life issues are caused by stress.

How does stress hold you back and make you sick?

It does so by:

Suppressing your immune system
Dumbing you down and destroying your critical thinking and creativity
Making you exhausted so don’t have energy to succeed
Causing you to see everything from negative perspective of lack and fear
Causing you to fail because of all of these reasons

Why is stress difficult to diagnose and relieve?

What stresses one person may not affect another person.

Two people are stuck in the traffic jam and one goes into road rage while the other happily listens to music.
Two people are exposed to a virus and one person gets sick while the other fights it off.

Why do we each react differently to stress?

You’re stressed by your internal circumstances. You’re not stressed by outer circumstances like the economy, because many people succeed in spite of tough times.

What’s the antidote to internal stress?

You identify the source of your inner stress and fix it. You have to fix your underlying negative programming that causes stress which can limit your body’s ability to repair and rebuild itself, which can block your organs’ ability to function properly, and hold you back from creating the life you desire.

In Part Two, you will find out how to fix your negative programming and live your dreams now by using the healing power we all have at our fingertips combined with the healing codes. Find out how to try this healing codes before you buy them here: http://bit.ly/gfsGnk

This is yet another success tool that helps you

Love deeply and live your dreams now,

Hadley Finch

P.S. I am an affiliate partner with Dr. Alex Loyd, founder of the healing codes, so that together we can help you rev up your inner power to be all you can be right now. As his affiliate, I will receive a small referral fee when you begin using the healing codes to break through stress barriers that hold you back from greater health, success and love.

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