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Will A Relationship Last Without Trust?

Have you ever withheld your true thoughts from people you love?  Is that a breech of trust?

Explore the issue of trust in this guest post

by John Gray

Building trust in relationships with Mars/Venus advice from John Gray PhD HappySexyLove.com

Trust is the foundation of long-lasting relationships. 

When you fully trust someone, you can be completely open and experience true intimacy with that person.

But how do you know when to trust someone?

Time is a big factor for building deep trust in a relationship. The longer you know someone, the more you trust what you know about them.

This isn’t always true, however.

Sometimes one person holds back from sharing with the other person.

When this happens with couples, one partner can start to lose trust.

She may think, “He didn’t tell me about it!”

He may think, “She tries to hide it from me!”

Before getting too upset, you should think:

“How would I have responded if my partner told me?”

When your partner does something and doesn’t tell you about it, it’s probably because you haven’t made it safe to tell you about it.

Loving relationships require equal responsibility.

It’s never good to hide, lie, and withhold in a relationship.

At the same time, it’s not good to be a person that can’t be told things because of how you judge, think, and respond to the other person.

It’s important to remember this with all of your own relationships.


John Gray shared valuable insights into how trust is built through being open to sharing and receiving insights without judging, condemning or over reacting.  How will you use this info to improve your interactions in your personal and professional life?

Creating happy, sexy love that lasts,


Hadley Finch

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