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Infidelity and Promiscuity Survey – America's New Definition of Sexual Cheating

A new sex survey conducted by BadOnlineDates.com (a humorous source of online encouragement for people who’ve experienced bad dates) indicates that Americans have loosened standards when it comes to infidelity and sexual behavior—possibly due in part to increased access to pornography and celebrity promiscuity.

I’ve summarized findings from Jennifer Kelton’s year-long survey that ended in May, 2012, indicating that Americans now are willing to accept these sexual behaviors which may’ve been viewed as shameful in the past:

97.1% of respondents do not believe that watching porn is a form of cheating
78.3% said they would have a threesome.
Only 4.8% consider using a blow-up doll as cheating.
Nearly 60% said they would not tell their partner about having sex with a hotel bartender.
Almost 67% said they do not believe we are born to be with one person–monogamous.
31% think cheating is sometimes okay.
More than 14% think it would be okay if their best friend was sleeping with a married man or woman.
31% do not consider Arnold Schwarzenegger to be a “cheating douche bag”.

What’s lowered our sexual standards?

Jennifer Kelton, who conducted the survey, believes that celebrity behavior and blatant sexual content that pervades our entertainment has lowered our standards for infidelity and promiscuity. “Watching the sloppy drunken cast make-out on Jersey Shore makes me wonder what kind of sexual examples are being set for that generation,” Jennifer laughs, “But an increasing number of people think getting drunk and making-out with a complete stranger at a nightclub while extremely intoxicated is normal.”

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