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Internet Dating Tips. Learn 3 Mistakes You Should Never Make When You Travel To Meet A Virtual Date

You can avoid the top three mistakes single men and women make when traveling to meet a virtual date. Whether you’re globetrotting across continents or traveling across the USA to make a real connection with your virtual date, you will enjoy the experience when you avoid these 3 mistakes and find out what to do instead. .

Mistake #1: Planning to stay with your virtual date
You may feel confident that you have made a great online connection with your virtual date, but nothing is real until you meet face-to-face and look in each others eyes. That’s when the BLINK FACTOR happens, and you instantly and often subconsciously recognize qualities or red flags that you can’t possibly pick up in written updates or phone chats.
What if you cringe at first glance and you’re stuck with accommodations you regret?

What to do instead:
Make your own reservation to stay in a motel or hotel near your virtual date’s home. Don’t try to cut costs by staying in your date’s spare bedroom. Your hotel room is your safe haven, an essential place to retreat even if your first meeting is a great success.

Mistake #2. Accepting a gift of travel expenses
Men or women may offer an all-expense paid trip to meet, if their virtual date can’t afford it. It’s a big mistake to accept this gift. There may be strings attached. Does it support your well being if you feel you owe your date anything beyond the pleasure of meeting you?

What to do instead:
Use your bonus miles and pay all of your travel expenses or don’t make the trip. Invite your virtual date to travel to meet you instead. If they’re too busy, then they’re too busy for a relationship. It’s time to say, Next!

Mistake #3: Seeing your virtual date as The One for you

You may fall in love at the speed of write online through fascinating email updates which lead to exciting phone chats. You also may be projecting your fantasies onto the canvas of your virtual date’s correspondence. What if they post a false portrait and you fall for it?

What to do instead:
Know that you’re enjoying your virtual date’s company in online communications, although it may be misleading or misunderstood. You may gain a current image and truer sense of a person when you get to know each other in online video chats. If you are relying on email update to get acquainted, know that the written word reveals only 20% of a communication. The rest is lost and can be misinterpreted until you meet face to face.

Before you get on the plane, be prepared to meet a new friend with no pressure for anything more to develop. You won’t be disappointed. If you discover possibilities for more, you will be delightfully surprised.

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