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Internet Dating. What's Stopping You From Seeking Love Online?

Do you know what’s stopping you from dating online? Would you like to join millions of single people who are seeking love and creating happy relationships on internet dating sites? Before you can be an internet dating success story, you first need to find out what’s stopping you from joining an internet dating site. Let’s look at two common points of resistance and antidotes that may counteract them:

1. Fear could be the main reason many singles stay on the edge of the online dating pool, afraid to dive in.

Fear of communicating with strangers. Fear of fraud, that people won’t be whom they appear to be online. Fear of being bothered by stalkers. Fear of wasting time on a fantasy connection that won’t go anywhere. Fear of horrifying your family and friends if you told them that you met your mate online.

Have you felt that fear? Would you like to find the antidotes to fear?

Be comforted by the fact that there is safety built into online dating sites:

There is no need to reveal your real name or email until you’ve gotten to know someone in online or phone chats.

You can trust your gut instinct and block unwanted communication.

You can trust the fact that most people who meet online are sane, safe, normal people.

You can be confident that many couples are excited to tell friends and family that they met online, as if they are proud explorers who discovered a magnificent new world.

Are you ready to be an explorer? Or are you still feeling resistance to internet dating? Would you like to know why?

2. Being stuck is another big reason for this resistance.

Are you stuck in old love stories? Stuck in negative emotions that keep you tied to the past? Stuck with an image of yourself being alone for the rest of your life? Stuck in the false impression that online dating is for lonely, internet geeks? Stuck in the argument that it isn’t natural to meet a date or mate online?

If you’re stuck, how do you get unstuck? How do you change your mind?

Ask yourself a few questions:

Are you serious about finding a wonderful date or mate?

Are you meeting suitable singles in your neighborhood or at work? If not, are you willing to expand your horizons?

Do you agree that the internet has changed the way we do business and banking today, so it seems natural that we also seek a date or mate online?

Would you be willing to move out of your comfort zone to find new friends or a new relationship in another part of the country or on another continent?

Will you observe safety precautions that are built into the online dating sites and lower the risks of meeting online?

Would you be willing to see yourself and your search for love as a great adventure, as if you are beginning a great quest for love? Poof! You’re in the right frame of mind to sign up for an online dating site and start seeking love online.

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