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Love Breakthrough Experience and Spa Weekend For Single Men and Women

Searching Singles: Don’t wait for fate or destiny to deliver your great love.
Jump-start destiny and prepare yourself in body, mind, spirit and motivation
to find great love as you enjoy the Love Breakthrough Experience and Spa Weekend
for Single Men and Women at Heartland Spa.

Enjoy an unprecedented opportunity to spend 3 days being personally coached by me.
I’m Hadley Finch, known as America’s Love Guide, because I help you find and sustain great love,
as the radio host of A Lasting Love, author of 911 Breakup Survival, creator of the world’s first
guided love quest in TribeOfSingles.com dating site and the romantic rescue guide in TribeOfCouples.com

What’s so special about the love breakthrough experience and spa weekend?

During our action-packed three days together, I’ll help you make a quantum leap to love,
all while enjoying the Heartland Spa’s superb meals and snacks, fitness classes, hikes,
and luxurious spa treatments. Plus you meet great singles, who are committed to personal growth,
great health, finding great love and experiencing a fun, relaxing weekend adventure.

Is this love and health fitness weekend for singles right for you?

It is right for you, if you’d like to treat yourself to three days of taking great care of you,
and socializing with great singles in an idyllic, relaxed setting.

It is right for you, if you’d like to learn some exciting new love skills to get all the love
and happiness you deserve now. What kind of love skills?

During this love breakthrough experience weekend, you will discover how to:

* Stop Dead-End Dating and Find Love Fast
* Rewrite A Happy Ending To A Sad Love Story – Without Lying
* Break Up with Your Past and Fall in Love with Your Present
* Let Go Of Old Baggage and Break Through Hidden Barriers to New Love
* Place Your Order For Great Love
* Send Love Signals That Attract Your Great Love Match
* Become The Star Of Your Own Love Story And Choose Your Perfect Co-Star
* Raise Your Love Quotient and Become a Love Magnet
* Recharge Your Health and Love Fitness
* Transform Your Love Life And Relationships using Savvy Success Secrets
* Harness the Power of Universal Laws to Fuel Your Passionate Choices and Personal Triumphs

Don’t miss this fun, exciting Love Breakthrough Experience and Spa Weekend for great singles,
designed to get you from where you are now to where you want to be — enjoying even greater health,
fitness, love and happiness.

Our first gathering of great single men and women takes place on August 17-19, 2012 and is
limited to 30 participants. Reserve your spot now, for your all inclusive, life-changing weekend
at the award-winning Heartland Spa and Fitness Resort in Gilman, Illinois.

Located just 90 miles south of Chicago, and nestled on 32-acres of picturesque pastures and woods,
the Heartland Spa and Fitness Resort is the Midwest’s premier health and fitness spa vacation.

Once a dairy farm, this fully-equipped destination spa provides an unpretentious, welcoming,
nourishing environment that inspires guests by demonstrating healthy living through a variety
of fitness, nutrition and stress management programs.

Praised by Oprah (and her beloved partner, Stedman) and enjoyed by thousands of people
throughout its 29-year history, the Heartland Spa offers a peaceful setting for guests to relax,
unplug, and focus on your love and lifestyle goals during your Love Breakthrough Experience and
Spa Weekend for Single Men and Women.

Your all-inclusive, affordable weekend vacation not only transforms your health and love fitness
but also includes valuable bonus gifts and ongoing virtual training with me.

How do you get to this awesome destination spa?

A Heartland Shuttle is available to pick you up and take you back to O’Hare Airport, or downtown Chicago.
Or rent a car and follow simple driving directions found on www.heartlandspa.com

Check out photos of the state-of-the-art destination spa nestled on 32 secluded acres
at www.HeartlandSpa.com

Get your questions answered about this exciting singles weekend and reserve your spot now
by calling the Heartland’s guest concierge for Reservations 800-545-4853 International 1-815-683-2182

I am excited to meet you at the Heartland Spa and help you–

Get all the love and happiness you deserve now,

Hadley Finch

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I appreciate you.

P.P.S. Not single? Look for our Couples Love Breakthrough Experience Weekend, coming soon to Heartland Spa.

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