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Love Miracle Minute-How To Release Negativity And Enjoy More Passion In Life And Love

The Tribe Of Blondes are resilient optimists who believe in Great Love. These inner qualities are the secret of success in life and love. Fortunately, negative pessimists can learn to be more positive. One drawback of being more positive is that negative people often dump their issues and stress on you. They draw in your positive energy so they can feel better. When positive people absorb the negative energy from others, it can drain your passion, steal your joy and even harm your health. You’re about to discover the remedy that protects you from harm after being exposed to negative energy.

What is negative energy?

This isn’t a scientific explanation; it’s intuitive. You can sense you’re being exposed to negative energy whenever you feel uncomfortable around people who block love and success. Their most common blocks are blame, judgments, resentments, self pity, destructive habits and limiting beliefs.

Blocked, negative people aren’t bad people. They simply don’t know how to tap into their inner source of positive energy and unconditional love. Until they learn, they send out negative energy and drain positive energy from others.

Why is this so dangerous for positive people?

We exchange energy in every interaction with people, pets, plants and other energy sources on our planet. When positive people absorb negative energy from others, we often feel worse while we make the other person feel better.

What are some symptoms that you’re absorbing negativity?

When you absorb negative energy from others, you may want to love more but something stops you.
You may want to feel happier, but you’re bogged down by someone’s pain or self pity.
You may want to take good care of yourself, but you are helping someone else in ways that can deplete your enthusiasm, increase stress and even make you sick.

Should you avoid negative people?

If you are ill or recovering, it is best for your health and happiness to limit your exposure to negativity in any form. When you are filled with healthy vitality that is our natural state, you have more energy to deal with negativity. And you can protect yourself from the ill effects of negativity by using this remedy. You learn how to release negative energy soon after each exposure to it.


There are several techniques which release negativity. The easiest to learn is this breathing exercise to be done while you are walking, sitting, lying down or taking a shower:

Take a deep breath in, inhaling all the love that is present.
Hold your breath for a few seconds, feeling all the love that fills your body.
Then breathe out, exhaling all tension and negativity.
Repeat this exercise for several minutes, until you feel totally supported by love and positivity.

Did you wonder what happens to the negative energy that you exhale?

You want to exhale negative energy in ways that do no harm. For example, you can exhale negativity into a flame and watch it burn up. You can exhale negative energy into nature which absorbs it and transforms it into positive energy. How?

The process is similar to humans and animals inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide, which plants absorb, turn it into oxygen and give it back to us.

Does it ever hurt to release negativity?

It hurts to keep it bottled up inside you. Releasing it helps you feel better, like exhaling after a hearty, deep breath.

Any other places to release negativity?

Water absorbs negative energy, so you can drink more water each day to soak up negativity. Soak in a bathtub or take a swim in a lake or ocean to release energy that drags you down.

What’s the best time to release negative energy?

Release negativity whenever it interferes with joy, which is our natural state. If you’re working among negative people, you made need to release their energy throughout the day so you don’t carry it home with you.

If your partner is going through a tough challenge, you can be there as they vent and be sure to release their negativity right afterwards. You can inhale positive energy and exhale negativity whenever you want to feel more passion for life and love.

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