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Love Test – Did The Buddha Sacrifice Personal Relationships To Fulfill His Life Purpose? Do You?

What can we learn about balancing relationship needs with fulfilling your life purpose from The Buddha? This term means “Enlightened One” or one who is awake. The man known as the Buddha was named Siddhartha Guatama. He was born of royalty and raised in the comfort and luxury of a palace.

According to Walpola Rahula’s “What The Buddha Taught,” Siddhartha was age 16 when his parents arranged his marriage to a lovely princess. At age 29, shortly after the birth of his first son, Siddhartha left the palace and his family behind to live the life of an ascetic. This meant living with extreme simplicity, poverty and chastity while he studied rigorous spiritual practices from famous religious teachers.

While he spent 6 years away from his family in pursuit of spiritual answers, he did not find the answers he sought; so he abandoned these traditional approaches. At age 35 he became enlightened after sitting 49 days under the Bodhi Tree Of Wisdom.

What wisdom did he recognize?

That there is only one reality–that we are all made from the same substance, all interconnected. For the next 45 years, he taught kings and peasants how to be in touch with our universal inner radiance–the natural core of compassion, kindness and inner peace in each of us.

Although The Buddha’s spiritual path to enlightenment has been widely studied and discussed, I have not found any discussion about the toll his monastic life of poverty and celibacy took on The Buddha’s personal relationships.

What sacrifices are modern couples making in their relationships?

In this challenging economy, some couples work day and night to avoid foreclosure or survive financially. Some couples work non-stop to meet relentless career demands and support a luxury lifestyle.

What toll does this take on your relationship with your intimate partner, your children or on anyone who loves you? How can you balance competing demands?

Can you find a way to ease the weight of money worries and career demands by simplifying your life and shifting your priorities?
Can you nurture your sexuality and relationships while you awaken the kindness, compassion and serenity in your core?
Can you find and fulfill your life purpose while you also devote time and enthusiastic attention on your relationships?

If you are on this path, tell us about your journey. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box below this post.

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