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Love Test For Dating Singles – What Do You Desire or Require In Your Best Match?

This dating chemistry test clarifies what you desire or require in a dating relationship to help you identify a compatible match.

Why are you dating?

If you want to date for entertainment only to stay single and available, then you simply need to find a series of dates who enjoy your company. That’s serial dating – a series of start ups and break ups.

If there’s no emotional bonding between partners in this type of dating relationship, then break ups are often a breeze. It’s a simple GOOD-BYE and NEXT!

If you are dating as a way to meet your best match and enjoy a committed relationship, then it’s important to ask yourself a series of questions before you go out on another date.

There is no value judgment intended in these questions. They simply help you discover what you value and whether you desire or require a match who shares your values:

How important is a date’s career success, home address, physical appearance, bank account?

Are you more concerned about how you look with your date than how you communicate?

Do you want to raise a family or blend families if you already have children?

Do you want to remain childless and step-childless so you are free to pursue your own goals and dreams?

Have you reached a balance in your professional and personal life, or do you feel too busy for a relationship?

Do you desire or require a monogamous relationship or would you accept or prefer polyamory?

Are you interested in connecting on a soulful, emotional level in a romantic relationship?

Are you seeking intimacy in body, mind and spirit?

Do you want to bare your soul before your body in a new relationship?

Are you willing to develop some emotional intimacy before you explore a sexual connection?

Do you know the difference between lust and sexual passion, which can be mistaken for love?

Do you want to know and be known without secrets with a partner who supports your well being?

Do you believe love is all you need–or love is not enough without common values?

Do you appreciate all the wonderful qualities that you bring to a relationship?

Are you eager to share your best and bring out the best in your love match?

By answering these questions, you’ve clarified your views and values at this point in your life. Now go back and rate each question in terms of your best match. Then consider these questions:

Do you care if your match does not share your values?

Do you desire or require similar views on life and love in your best match?

Discovering your answers helps you become a conscious dater who easily identifies dates who aren’t on your love wavelength. This discovery process can be fun and entertaining as you ask the right questions and choose a match who desires the same type of relationship with you.

Will you use this dating success tool to clarify the essential attributes you require in a match and choose dates with these attributes?

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Love deeply and live your dreams now,

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