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Love Test – How Do Friends Block Your Success And Love?

Did you realize that your friends guarantee your affluence or poverty in finances and relationships? If you want to live and love richly, should you hang out with successful, happy people or those who are struggling? Do you need to break up with your friends to fulfill your dreams?

Learn the best friendship-saving strategy that helps you live your dreams while you keep your friends, in the summary of my radio interview with love and success guide, Dov Baron, founder of Quantum Meta Psychology.

If you’ve got troubles at work or in your relationships, who do you usually turn to for advice?

Typically we tell our troubles and we seek advice from our closest friends. Before you do this again, it’s smart to look at the quality of their success with money and love and then ask yourself, “Am I asking losers how to be winners?”

“Why ask for relationship advice from someone who’s not happy in theirs?” Dov said. The same holds true for advice on finances or success. Don’t look to people who are being foreclosed or going bankrupt for your financial advice.

All success has a relational element. If you don’t understand how to have healthy relationships, your level of success will be kept down in every aspect of your life.

There’s an old adage that says if you want to be successful, marry the right person. This means you’ll be miserable because you won’t have the energy you need to do all you want and you won’t make all the money you want if you marry the wrong person.

Happy wife, happy life. Same holds true for husbands. So your choice of a mate is key to your success and happiness.

What is the science behind this theory?

Quantum science says that everything in the universe has a frequency that resonates, including us. When two frequencies come together, they move into resonance with the dominant frequency.

If you put yourself with people who are broke and you talk about money, then your frequency goes down to broke. Same is true if you talk relationships with people in unhealthy relationships; they lower your relationship frequency.

Alternately, if you put yourself around people in a higher frequency, you must raise your frequency to resonate at their higher level or you will be pushed out.

Energy always moves to the dominant frequency. You can’t just chill with someone on a higher frequency. There’s a call for you to grow and think differently to raise your vibration in resonance with the dominant one, if you want to stay at the higher level.

What if your close friends are struggling with money or love? Must you find new friends if you want to find love or be a success?

It’s not about being Machiavellian and cutting off friends who are struggling. You could hang out with your close friends who are smart and fun to be with, but you would never discuss love nor money nor any topic in which they are struggling. This is how you’d stop moving into resonance with the negative frequencies of your friends.

Why do some people stay in negative frequencies while others shift easily to higher, stronger vibrations?

People who are struggling with money or love usually have an “absolute” mentality. They think this situation will be forever and they believe they’re stuck in it.

Wealthy, happy people don’t think in absolute terms. They understand new trends arise, which are viewed as a challenge that requires new skills to learn for success. They see each trend as a game which they keep playing, even if they lose now and then.

How does this apply to the dating game?

Bottom line is the universe will give you anything you want if you ask for it and take appropriate action to make it happen. The biggest challenge human beings have is knowing what you want.

If you often focus on what you don’t want, your focus puts more energy into getting more of what you don’t want.

How do you find out what you want?

Write a shopping list of specific qualities you want in your ideal partner. But don’t go shopping on an empty stomach, or you might be so hungry that you choose junk food instead of a healthy meal.

Most people shop for relationships with a hungry mentality, and they take whatever comes along. If someone offers them a little attention or affection, they enter a relationship that won’t nourish them long term.

Dov recommends that you choose the person who has the qualities you seek and then pursue this person. Most men and women don’t choose their partner; they simply agree to enter a relationship with someone who actively expressed an interest in having a relationship with them.

In writing your shopping list for a mate, Dov established one unbreakable rule as your guide:

You don’t have the right to ask for what you’re not willing to give. If you want a partner who’s faithful yet you don’t plan to be faithful, then you’ve broken the rule. Only ask for what you’re willing to give.

That’s why it’s important to be aware of what you want and write it down. Then ask yourself if you also offer the same qualities as you seek. If not, you know what you need to work on so you can attract your best match.

I often ask people in my online community to fall in love again with yourself again before you’re ready to love someone else. When you revive your dreams, recharge your health and rev up your best qualities, you feel a healthy self love and send out good vibrations that resonate with someone on your love wavelength. Try this at work and let us know if you win that promotion or attract new clients when you lead with love.

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Love deeply and live your dreams now,

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