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Love Test – How Does The Ghost Of Fear Make Success And Love Disappear?

The ghost of fear has the power to sabotage your success, intuition, health, happiness and love. Find out why fear is a ghost and learn how to make it disappear so nothing stands in your way of loving and living your dreams now.

Why is fear a ghost?

FEAR is an acronym for False Events Appearing Real. All forms of fear and negativity are an illusion, since only love is real.
We have scientific proof that love is the highest energetic vibration, and the dominant vibration always wins.

Accept this reality and you become a ghost-buster of fear.
Deny this reality, and you give up your power to an illusive but dangerous ghost.

Why are ghosts of fear so dangerous?

They often stay hidden in your subconscious mind, so you are unaware of their harmful presence.
They are sneaky thieves who steal your focus, your enthusiasm and your dreams, because you let them stay in hiding.

How do you get rid of them?

Shed light on them. Identify which common ghost of fear is stealing your dreams. Then you can be your own ghost-buster.

In his timeless book, Think and Grow Rich, the late author Napoleon Hill, used the wisdom of Andrew Carnegie to identify six ghosts of fear in the order of their most common appearance:

The fear of poverty, the fear of criticism and the fear of ill health are the cause of most of your worries.
The fear of lost love, the fear of old age and the fear of death are three powerful ghosts that may haunt you.
All other fears are less important and can usually be grouped within these six categories.

What do these 6 basic fears have in common?

They are nothing more than states of mind and impulses of thought. Fortunately, every human being has the ability to control and direct your own mind and thoughts.

When you give up your thought control to ghosts of fear, you often give up your enthusiasm, focus, initiative, imagination, and self control.

In the clutches of fear, you cannot love fully nor form healthy friendships, so you often feel lonely and remain alone.

How do free yourself from the grasp of fear?

Know that thoughts are things. Since everything you create begins with a thought, you can create new thought habits to remain focused on love and gratitude. You can choose new outlooks and action plans to realize your dreams.

I often tell our online community, “What you see will be, with correct action.”

How do you see the brightest you and fulfill your best dreams?

This is a simple Love Test. The same way you flip a light switch to erase the darkness, you flip your thought switch to erase the ghosts of fear.

Each time you switch focus to love and gratitude, this dominant vibration wins. When you do this consistently each day for a month, it becomes a new habit that revives your enthusiasm and frees you to take daily steps to realize your dreams of success, happiness, and love.

Now you can use this secret key to success and love to improve an existing relationship.

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Love deeply and live your dreams now,

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