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Love Test – What Kind Of Lover Enjoys The Most Passion and Happiness?

We’re all here to experience happiness and love. Even the Dalai Lama says so. Why do some lovers enjoy more happy, sexy love than others? 

Find out when you take this simple love test, and discover how to turnaround thinking that blocks love and turn up the happy, sexy love in your life and relationships.

Love Test:

Do you ever–

resist how things are right now?

complain how things should be?

place conditions on how people must earn your love?

decide you’ll be happy only under certain circumstances?

obsess over painful thoughts or feelings?

carry around sad old stories?

feel paralyzed by fear?

resent happy people or couples in love?

How did you score?

Each YES answer reveals where you are a LOVER OF HOW THINGS SHOULD BE. 

This type of lover often feels miserable and confused about what you need to do to feel more passion and pleasure in life and relationships.

Each NO answer reveals where you are a LOVER OF REALITY.

This type of lover accepts circumstances and people however they show up.
You understand that you’ve already got everything you need inside you to feel totally loved, lovable, approved of and appreciated.

What if you’re a lover of WHAT SHOULD BE? Must you stay stuck in misery?

No. You can become a lover of WHAT IS and become energized by all the happy, sexy love you desire.  How so?

You can turnaround each YES into a NO, simply by questioning your thoughts that keep you stuck in pain and disconnected from all the happy sexy love you desire.

The good news is you can do this on your own right now, using an exciting love tool known as The Work of Byron Katie.   How does it work?

All you do is ask yourself four simple questions and then turn around the thoughts or fears or beliefs that torment you the most.

This simple and profound method of finding happiness by questioning the mind was developed by Byron Katie.  She explains how to stop seeking love, approval and appreciation and start finding them instead in her book, I Need Your Love — Is That True?

Byron Katie has summarized “the work” into these five simple steps, which you can take right now to release and turnaround limiting thoughts and beliefs:

5-Step Turnaround Of Any Stressful, Fearful Thought or Feeling:

1.  Write down your most painful thought, feeling, fear or circumstance now or in the past.

It can be a simple statement like, He/she just walked away, and that means they don’t care about me.  Now you question it.

2.  Ask yourself, Is that true? And, Can I absolutely know that is true?

Don’t consult the part of yourself that knows what should be.  The question is: Does this thought match what you know to be true in your deepest sense of reality.  Write it down.

3.  Explore how you live and react when you believe this thought.

Does it bring you peace or stress?  Does it bring you closer to people you love or separate you?  When you believe this thought, how do you treat yourself and others?  Jot down your answers.

4.  Explore who you would be and what life would be like without the thought.

Imagine how it feels to live in the space that opens up when you see your situation or someone’s behavior without that old thought.  In our example, you can see someone walk away without thinking that they don’t care about you.  Jot down how you and your life will change.

5.  Turn around that thought and find 3 genuine examples of how each turnaround is as true or truer than the original thought.

Consider the reversed or opposite versions of that thought.  In our example, your turnaround may be:

I don’t care about him/her.

I don’t care about me (when I give myself stress and sadness)

He/she does care about me.

Now list three genuine examples of how each turnaround is as true or truer than your original statement.  This completes “The Work”.

I encourage you do “the work” of Byron Katie and take these steps whenever you have a stressful, anxious, fearful thought or feeling. 

In doing so, you train yourself to become a lover of what is.  This is the kind of lover who enjoys the most happy, sexy love in life and in your relationship.

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