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Love Tests In Film – "It's Complicated" Explores Passion And Pitfalls In Dating After Divorce

“It’s Complicated” is a delightful love story for grownups. Guided by the wit and wisdom of writer-director, Nancy Meyers, this romantic comedy explores the dating and relationship minefields that couples face after divorce. With a 50% divorce rate, half of US couples may learn how to resolve unfinished business with their former mates, heal the emotional damage of divorce in your children and create an adventure in starting fresh and finding the next great love of your life.

These love lessons may only become apparent between bouts of laughter while watching the gorgeously unfit Alec Baldwin as Jake who tries to win back his savvy former wife, Meryl Streep as Jane, who is being courted by Steve Martin as Adam, the charming architect of her home renovation.

Ten years have passed since Jake and Jane’s divorce, and she is happier in her new single life than he is in his new marriage.

Alec Baldwin’s Jake is aware enough to admit he’s a walking cliche, having married a sexy, selfish daughter-figure who wants the material things and infertility treatments that his hefty wallet can provide. Helping her raise an obnoxious 5 year old, plus their constant fighting and the prospect of having another baby when he’s 60 are wake up calls that help Jake see his former wife with new eyes. His discoveries ring true, but are they too late?

At their son’s graduation from college, Jake toasts his ex-wife for doing a magnificent job of raising their three children while he was never around due to work and then divorce. Jane questions the motives of his sudden appreciation. Yet millions of divorced mothers (or fathers who stayed home to raise children) would love to hear this expression of gratitude from their former mate regardless of their motivation.

Alec Baldwin’s Jake eagerly shares his emotional epiphanies: That Home Sweet Home is wild sex with your ex during your son’s graduation weekend. That sex is so much sexier this time, because all the problems that caused them to drift apart have been solved in the 10 years they’ve been apart. How?

Jane no longer has the issue of not being heard, since he’s paying attention to her. Their kids are grown and she no longer is too tired for sex. They’ve each grown into the people they wanted each other to become. They’ve also added fun and forgiveness to their emotional mix, along with the illicit excitement of having an affair with someone who’s known you during your entire adult life. He realized that he never stopped loving his first wife.

Sounds like a delicious recipe for a happy reunion. But It’s Complicated. Jake and Jane’s three grown children are still getting used to their divorce ten years later. The children may have loved one whole day of being together as the original family, but they can’t see or trust the benefits in their parents reunion.

Meryl Streep’s Jane is distracted from her ex by her budding feelings for her architect who truly pays attention to her when he creates beauty from her rehab suggestions which he read in her 47 emails. Steve Martin’s Adam expresses the genuine vulnerability of a jilted husband who has a hard time trusting women after his betrayal and divorce. He usually dates younger but feels happier with Jane, a woman his age with similar values who loves what she does and does it with love. This attracts men like a love magnet.

Will Jane continue to enjoy single life with a successful new career, her close friends and happily-launched children? Or will she make room for love with her determined ex or her enchanting architect? Why will you care?

Because these endearing lovers heal old wounds and face new love tests with tender humor and hot compassion that is irresistible. A giddy pot-smoking scene earned the film’s R-rating, which unfortunately may keep some viewers away from this radiant romance.

Did you have a similar reunion with your ex that you’d like to share? Feel free to post your comments here.

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