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Marci Shimoff's Guide To Happiness and Love Part 1 – How To Find True Love Fast

I interviewed PBS-TV host and New York Times bestselling author, Marci Shimoff, who has sold 14 million books she’d co-authored in the Chicken Soup For The Soul Series and Happy For No Reason: 7 Steps to Being Happy From The Inside Out. Now Marci helps you Love from the Inside Out in my interview based on her new book, Love For No Reason. In it Marci and 150 of the world’s top Love Gurus reveal Love Habits that expand your capacity to love your life. In Part 1 of the summary of my interview with Marci for A Lasting Love radio show, she revealed how you can find true love today.

Hadley Finch: The moment I met you during a speaking engagement, I could see that you radiated love, like the sun beaming from your heart. So it’s clear that you practice the Love Habits you write about in Love For No Reason. Many people want more love in their life yet they don’t know how to get it. Tell us why the concept of getting love is false, and what we can do instead.

Marci Shimoff: Most of us have been trained to think of love as a stream of energy that goes between two people. We think, “I’m going to get love and give love in this relationship.”

This view of love makes us love beggars, always asking for love. What’s missing is the reality that we are love. Truth is, we are the ocean of love, and we are overflowing with love. Trusting this naturally makes you a Love Philanthropist. You don’t go looking for love in all the wrong places when you know you are love and you’ve got plenty of love to give away.

Hadley Finch: You’ve interviewed 150 of world’s top love luminaries to get their love advice in your new book. Yet I sense you’ve made the breakthrough discovery. Tell us how you identified our Love Body.

Marci Shimoff: I realized that all 150 love experts shared a definition of love for no reason, which is an internal state of love that doesn’t depend on a person or situation or romantic partner. It’s being love, rather than getting love. I noticed common characteristics of living in this state of love:

being grounded and fully present in each moment.
being okay with feeling your feelings, allowing sadness or other feelings flow through you.
moving through life with an open heart filled with gratitude and forgiveness.

Our Love Luminaries said that we connect with feeling love and being love when we activate all 7 energy centers (chakras) so energy of love flows freely in our body. I called this our Love Body. We strengthen it by listening to messages of intuition, which are generated from the heart. Scientists at Heart Math Institute can measure the heart’s energy field that extends 7 feet away from the body.

Hadley Finch: And our heart’s intuition picks up insights even faster than our brain, according to Heart Math studies. The heart’s intuition can be sensed in the whisper of your inner voice, so it’s wise to listen and take action on it. I’m curious how you were able to write this book about finding true love and being love while you were going through difficult challenges with your husband, Sergio.

Marci Shimoff: Writers are told to watch what you write about because you certainly will be tested on it. I no sooner signed my contract to write Love For No Reason than my husband and I decided to divorce. It’s hard to go through a divorce and keep your heart open. As I interviewed each Love Luminary for my book, I practiced what everyone told me and it worked for me. As the pain of divorce came up, I felt the pain and then I let it go.

I also recognized that my husband wasn’t the source of my love; he was just the trigger. I was able to find the source of true love in myself using the same exercises you find in Love For No Reason.

Hadley Finch: Most of us need help getting through our toughest challenges with an open heart. How do we feel love and be happy despite our challenges or circumstances?

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