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Passion Test – Find Your Passionate Path in 3 Steps

In the previous passion test, you discovered how co-authors Janet and Chris Attwood transcended divorce baggage and remained loving business partners and friends after divorce.  Now get a 3-step formula for an exciting life in highlights of my radio conversation for A Lasting Love with Janet Bray Attwood.

Passion Test's Janet Bray Attwood

Janet is co-author of NY Times bestselling book, The Passion Test-Discovering Your Effortless Path To Your Life Purpose.  She’s helped millions of people find the best path to the life you love.

Hadley:  Let’s help people live a more passionate, purposeful, exciting life.  How do we find clues to our passionate path?

Janet:  You find clues when you take The Passion Test.  It helps people get clear on your five powerful passions.  We’re working with University of Pennsylvania neuroscientists, who’ve proven that the mind only can contain five to seven pieces of information at once.

Many of us know what overload feels like.  Then you can’t put your attention on what you want to create.  Then you don’t have the clarity you need to do the job, see the job and stay out of the misery.

So step one is to get clear on your Intention.  Step two is Attention.  This is the 3-step formula for living a passionate life:  Intention, Attention, No Tension.

Step two is taking your powerful attention, your consciousness, and putting it on what you want to create.  Successful and happy people all know you must get clear on what you intend to create.  Then you place your conscious Attention on what you want to create, instead of what you don’t want to create.

I’ve given The Passion Test to people in homeless shelters and to the world’s thought leaders.  I’ve found that we all have the same power of Attention.  No one has edge in choosing thoughts that create the life you want.

Hadley:  What you focus on expands.  Focus on what you don’t want to get more of it.  Or focus exclusively on what you do want to get more of it.  It’s empowering to know you can choose your focus in every moment.

Janet:  Everyone on this call is a Conscious Creator, or you wouldn’t be listening.  So just notice where you’re putting your powerful Attention during the day.  Are you placing your Attention on your passions?

Or are you turning on the tv or radio, or reading the news and getting bumed out about the latest and the worst, and calling your friends, or your partner or coworkers and talking about all the bad things happening in the world or in your own life?

It’s a choice where you put your Attention.  You control your Attention.  Your second step in the formula is to put your powerful Attention on what you choose to manifest in your life.

Hadley:  What’s the third step in the Formula for a passionate life?

Janet:  The third step is No Tension.  Once you put all your Attention on what you want in your life and take massive action, then you surrender and let go. You say, “This, or something better.”

What happens in that surrendered state is the people, places and things start to show up.  Go through all the doors that start to open.  That’s the path of least resistance, which is in following your passions.

It’s a “Do less, accomplish more path”, because what you love is God’s will for you. When I say God, I mean nature, the unified field, whatever name you want to put to that energy that is greater than yourself.  You know about it, because you always hear that voice that says, “I love this.  I love this.”  Tap into that voice. And take action on it.

Hadley:  An essential ingredient in the formula is to fall in love with your vision for a dream life.  Emotion is the fuel that propels you to your dreams.  No emotion, no blastoff to your dream life.  How do you help people fall in love and create passionate relationships?

Find out in Part 3 highlights of my radio conversation with Janet Bray Attwood for A Lasting Love.  Or listen to the entire episode now.

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Hadley Finch

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