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Reality TV Star President Promotes Trump Products–Ethics Violation

What do you expect when a reality TV star-product promoter becomes US President?

Trump, his third wife, his daughter by his first wife, and his campaign manager
are using the White House Press Briefings and speaking gigs to promote Trump products–
in clear violation of Presidential ethics codes.

Imagine the Beverly Hillbillies landing in the White House, with no clue
about Presidential ethics when it comes to hawking their products (or proclaiming
Presidential orders that violate the US Constitution, for that matter).

How do we stop ongoing ethics violations by Trump and his clan of product promoters?

Trump and clan must be educated how to place the interests of US people
ahead of their family interests in hawking their products.

Ethics codes must be enforced each time Trump and clan breech them.
No exceptions.

The President has been warned repeatedly in his first few weeks in office.
Now his Ethics violations must be punished to the full extent of the law.

How do we find out the full extent of Trump’s ethics violations?

Trump must produce his tax records to reveal all his business dealings
in the US and around the world. Only then can Presidential ethics be
enforced to prevent or punish the blatant use of Trump’s presidency to hawk
his products and build his brand–exactly like a reality tv star is
trained and paid to do.

Trump even opened a recent national prayer meeting by discussing the reality TV
show for which he still works as executive producer from the oval office.
That’s another violation of Presidential ethics code that must be addressed.

On a positive note, in my next body politic blog post I’ll reveal how
Trump may improve American health when his cabinet appointment to head
the FDA actually breaks their power hold which keeps Americans sick
and dependent on pharmaceuticals that do harm instead of heal.

Creating happy sexy health and love that lasts,

Hadley Finch

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