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Release Stress and Dis-ease in 4 Steps?

Hadley’s Intro: What if you could take 4 proven steps to release painful, negative thinking and stressful feelings that cause dis-ease and illness? You’re about to discover 4 simple steps that release the mental robbers of your joyful, healthy vitality and replace them with happy, sexy love and health. Will you take them?

Thousands of people take these daily 4 steps to release anger, calm heart rate, let go of fear, stress, anxiety, unforgiveness that trigger dis-ease, and unleash your inner greatness and sexy serenity. Want proof this works?

Try it and prove it to yourself right now. Imagine a thought, feeling, circumstance that is causing trouble and pain in your life. Now take these 4 steps explained by Hale Dworkin of The Sedona Method.

Hale Dwoskin The Sedona Method Training

Step 1. First, ask yourself: “Could I welcome whatever I’m feeling?”
(When you welcome it, you immediately reduce its negative
impact to some degree. Try it, you’ll see it work.)

Step 2. Then, ask yourself: “Could I let it go?” (If your first
answer is “no,” then ask yourself, “Just for now, for this
moment, could I let this feeling go as best I can?” Get to
where you can say “yes,” and the minute you do, you’ll feel
the feeling lessen.)

Step 3. Now, ask yourself: “Would I let this feeling go?” (Hint,
if you are struggling to get to a “yes,” ask yourself: “Would
I rather hold onto this problem or this suffering or would I
rather be free and have my goal?”)

Step 4. Finally, ask yourself: “When?” (Hint, the answer is NOW!)
Do not read any further. Stop right now and do this exercise
with some point of anxiety or stress in your life.

If you did this exercise, you felt the point of anxiety lessen,
perhaps even melt away entirely. You will note that if you
KEEP releasing on that point, you can get to where the anxiety
is simply gone.

Giving you proven tools to get all the happy, sexy love and health you desire,

Hadley Finch

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