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Senators Paid by Monsanto Abstain from DARK ACT Vote?

There are many reasons to get corporate money out of American political campaigns. One urgent reason may affect American health now and for future generations. Soon US Senators will vote on the DARK ACT, which is designed to hide GMO info from Americans and protect GMO maker, Monsanto.

Scientific facts prove that this American chemical company has conned American farmers and Congress into believing GMO’s are safe for humans and essential for the US to feed the world.

The facts don’t support Monsanto’s false claims. GMO studies reveal proven health risks and no increased crop yield when farmers use GMO seeds.

After evaluating this scientific proof, savvy European leaders have outlawed the use of GMOs. Even Russia allows GMO labeling to give their citizens the GMO info they need to make an informed choice about the quality of food they buy and eat.

Why would US Senators even consider voting to ignore these GMO studies and science to keep Americans in the DARK?

Could Monsanto’s US Senate campaign contributions and its well funded but false GMO lobbyist campaigns actually sway US Senators to vote for Monsanto and against American right to know about GMOs in our food?

When our US Congress voted to keep Americans in the DARK about GMOs, they ignored GMO studies and science that had motivated educated, unbiased European leaders to outlaw GMOs to protect the health of their citizens.

Nobody asked US Congress to reveal any campaign contributions from Monsanto or any false reports presented as facts by Monsanto lobbyists.

Let’s not make that mistake in the upcoming US Senate vote.

Let’s challenge US Senators who’ve accepted campaign funding from Monsanto or accepted Monsanto lobbyists false claims that GMOs are safe for humans to abstain from voting for or against Monsanto’s DARK ACT.

Unlike US leaders, European and Russian leaders are evaluating the science and taking responsible action to outlaw GMOs and protect the health of their citizens. Why?

Because foreign leaders don’t owe anything to that American chemical company. Their only loyalty is to protect the health of their citizens.

American citizens often claim that our freedom is eroding on US soil. That will be true if US Senate votes for Monsanto’s DARK ACT, instead of voting to protect US freedom of information on which our society is based.

We’re not asking the US Senate to outlaw GMOs. We’re asking for freedom of information in GMO labeling which we need to make an informed buying decision about GMOs.

Now is the time for US Senators to study the same science that motivated Euro leaders to protect their citizens from the proven health dangers of GMOs.

Now is the time for US Senators who’ve accepted campaign contributions from Monsanto, and who’ve accepted Monsanto’s lobbyist false claims as facts, to abstain from voting for Monsanto by keeping American’s in the DARK.

Why is the Senate vote vital to US health?

If US Senators vote to allow GMOs to be hidden in American food supply, this decision eventually will take its toll on American health as new studies warn. After that damage is done, it will be mission impossible to decontaminate US food supply from unsafe GMOs.

There is not much time left before the US Senate vote. It’s time to ask your senators to vote against the DARK ACT or abstain from voting if they’ve accepted any campaign funding from Monsanto or accepted false claims from Monsanto Lobbyists that GMOs are safe.

Our health depends on the freedom of information provided in GMO labeling, so each American has the freedom to decide whether to buy GMO products or not.

Find out how to contact your US senators today. Click here.

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