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Sex Money and Kiss Part 2-How Anti-Marriage Rock Star, Gene Simmons, Sustains A 30-Year Romance

Gene Simmons revealed secrets of his success as a rock star trapped in a businessman’s body in Part 1. Before you enter a romantic relationship, he urged you to follow his advice in Part 2.

Gene Simmons has loved some extraordinary women, including Cher, Diana Ross, and for the past 27 years, Shannon Tweed. Gene and Shannon have two awesome, nearly-grown children, Nick and Sophie. The whole family appears in the reality TV show, Gene Simmons Family Jewels. It’s obvious in each episode that Gene enjoys his family adventures.

After building a family life that most couples only dream of, why does Gene Simmons avoid marriage?

He revealed the reasons throughout his book, Sex Money And Kiss. “The worst thing a man can do, financially and biologically speaking, is get married.”

His primary reason is biological, since a man’s body produces billions of sperm 24/7. “They’re not all lined up and directed at one woman. They explode out like pollen from a tree in every single direction,” Gene wrote. “What women want is what I would want if I were a woman: to undermine the ability of every other woman to have access to this man and his abilities to make money. Money is social security for a woman.”

Can you guess Gene’s view of monogamy?

In Gene’s words, “Biology dictates behavior. (A man) may want to have a family and a house and children, but he’s not going to want to curtail his attraction and accessibility to other females.

“There is no other reason why divorce is so high in Western culture. It’s because men want to have sex with other women. He’s not cheating biologically. He’s doing exactly what biology dictates. He’s cheating biology of its prime directive, the urge to merge–if he doesn’t go after other women.”

How did a rock star who’s anti-marriage and anti-monogamy win the heart of amazing co-stars in his love story?

Through total honesty and full disclosure. Like the expert businessman he is at heart, Gene clarified the nature and terms of a relationship before he entered it.

Each woman he’s loved and lived with had agreed to sign a co-habitation contract before they moved in together. “It’s not a pre-nup since there is no nupping,” he wrote.

What were the terms of his contract with the mother of his children, former Playmate of the Year, Shannon Tweed?

The contract reflects what Gene told Shannon when they got together. He said, “I will never marry any woman. I want to be free to decide whatever I want to do with my life; and likewise I will never tell you where to go or what to do. There are no preconditions for us living together except for one: If we break up, you take what was yours and I will likewise take what was mine. This relationship is not about money. It is about companionship. If we ever do have children, they will be my responsibility.”

Gene warned that relationships are all about money under our laws unless you create your own legal contract. If you and your partner live together for two years, one of you will be legally bound to pay the other if the relationship ends. So he strongly urged everyone to sign a similar contract before you enter a romantic relationship, and certainly before you live together for two years. “And this means you,” he wrote.

“It’s not designed to make you happier; it’s designed to keep more money in your pocket if one of you changes and leaves.”

Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed have kept their family together and made their relationship work on their terms for almost 30 years–while the median duration of first and second marriages in America is only 7 years.

What are Gene and Shannon doing right? Could love contracts, total honesty, and even sexual autonomy be secrets of relationships built to last?

In a recent radio interview, renegade sex researcher, Dr. Christopher Ryan, told me we need to reinvent marriage realistically and honestly because we’re wired to cheat. His research on the prehistoric roots of modern sexuality revealed that monogamy isn’t natural and it never was. “We have millions of years of evolution behind a man’s urge for sexual novelty,” he said as we discussed research findings in his book, Sex At Dawn.

Dr. Ryan urged us to stop throwing away perfectly good marriages over sexual infidelity, because those who suffer most from the devastating fallout of divorce are our children. He recommended that we reinvent marriage so it represents a realistic view of biology.

“And money, unless you write your own love contract to clarify the terms of your relationship,” Gene Simmons would conclude, based on the arguments in his book.

Do you and your romantic partner need to reinvent your relationship?

You can’t know for sure until you open this topic for discussion. Since no topics are taboo in a healthy relationship, I encourage you and your mate to consider how realistic expectations and complete disclosure could increase intimacy and honesty that revitalizes your relationship.

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