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Stop Dating Heartbreakers. Find Love That Lasts

Hi from Hadley,
I just learned how to present a live webcast,
and I invite you to meet me for my first one.
It’s a Happy Hour Love Cast titled:
How to stop wasting precious time dating people
who can’t love you well, and Find Love in 12 weeks.

I’ll show you how to do this in 60 minutes or
less, because I want you to make time in your
active life to attend my live event online on
Monday evening June 29, 2015 at 7pm central time.

That’s 8pm EST, 6 pm Mountain, 5pm Pacific time.
If you live in other countries, use the time zone converter
to meet us online at the right time!

Love success secrets will be revealed. I encourage
you to clear your schedule so you can meet in this
live online event, since I don’t have plans to
post a replay.
Please RSVP at this registration link:

Meet Me in my first Happy Hour Love Cast To Find Love That Lasts

It only takes one minute to register for this FREE event.
On the sign up page, I’ll invite you to write down your top questions
about finding love that lasts, so I can answer them during the Love Cast.

This Happy Hour Love Cast is for you, if you want
* stop wasting precious time dating someone who
can’t love you well
* shatter your love limits in 3 steps and always
get your goals
* find love and accomplish more in 12 weeks than
most do in 12 months
* heal old heartbreak that blocks new love BONUS
* mastermind with selective singles who help each
other find love

If you’d like to learn all this in 60 minutes or
less, then I invite you to take one minute to
register now by clicking this link:
I hope to meet you for a fun, helpful Happy HourLove Cast to find love that lasts. See you here:

Hadley Finch

P.S. If you don’t want to find love that lasts, no
need to attend this Happy Hour LoveCast.
I’ll present others in the future to help you
live your dreams now.

P.P.S: If you DO want to attend my free event online,
save your spot here right now:


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