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Survive Divorce – 5 Steps to Get Over A Breakup and Love Again

Are you fighting a divorce that was forced on you?  Divorce is a damaging event for the partner who leaves and the partner who’s left behind.

How do you control the damage?

How do you deal with the anger, guilt, fear and grief you may experience during the divorcing process?

How do you survive the pain of lost love and fall in love again?

Follow this love guide.

Survive Divorce – Take 5 Little-Known Steps to Get Over A Breakup And Get All The Love You Deserve

Step 1:  See Your Breakup Losses with New Eyes.

Stop blaming your former partner for lost love and lost dreams.  See the pain of loss as a wake-up call for you to lose everything within you that is a barrier to the great love and happiness you deserve.

Step 2:  Lose Breakup Anger Through Radical Forgiveness

Unforgiveness is the cause of most breakup stress and dis-ease.  It’s like taking poison and expecting someone else to die.  The antidote?

Radical forgiveness releases anger over mistakes that contributed to the death of your relationships when you make these simple mental shifts:

*  Accept that you can’t make mistakes in relationships, because you only make choices that come with love lessons attached like a bow.
*  Learn the love lessons, so you don’t have to repeat them.
*  Give silent thanks for your teacher who gave you the love lessons you needed to grow into a wiser, more loving you.
*  With this new attitude, and with gratitude, there’s no reason to be angry.  There’s no one to blame and nothing to forgive.  The heavy burden of anger disappears.

Step 3:  Lose Breakup Guilt By Taking New Actions

Breakup survivors may feel guilt over the failure of a relationship and its fallout on your family.  Do feelings of guilt ever produce positive change?   Yes, if you see guilt as a wake up call to stop doing things that sabotage love and produce guilt.  And you start taking 100 percent responsibility for your choices and your results.  You exclusively focus on new results you want.  You consistently make new choices and take new actions that produce the results you desire.

Step 4:  Lose Breakup Grief By Growing Through It

You grieve the death of a relationship, like you grieve the physical death of someone you love.  Grief may cause devastating sadness, which brings you to your knees.  How do you recover?

You grow through predictable phases of grief without getting stuck in any one phase including:  shock, denial, anger, bargaining, depression.

How do you reach the final phase of acceptance?

This Sufi saying guides you.  “When the heart grieves over what it has lost, the spirit rejoices over what it has left.”  Letting your spirit rejoice, even while you are slammed to your knees in grief, helps you grow through the pain of loss and become wiser, more loving, more thankful for all the faces of love in your life.

Step 5:  Lose Breakup Fear By Filling A Lonely Void

Breakup fear often arises from the mistaken belief that you’ve lost love and you’re afraid you may not find love again.  You relieve fear by understanding this truth.  Lost love is an illusion, because love never dies.  It only changes form.  Love survives the death of a relationship or a beloved partner.  You can learn to see its new form.  How?

Great teachers throughout history say that you are divine love in human form.  You are an infinite source of love that survives physical death and the death of a relationship.  The great love in your core fills a lonely void, fuels your breakup recovery and attracts even more love.  How?

Since you attract what you are, not what you want, you magnetize more love to you when you stay focused on your inner source of infinite love. Do more of what you love each day.  Do mundane duties with love.  Feel thankful for all the love in your life.  Notice how healthy self love and gratitude, attract love like an irresistible love magnet.

Notice how forgiving, replacing guilt with a new action plan, growing through grief, and banishing fear with love help you get over lost love and fall in love again with yourself and your new life.

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Get all the love and happiness you deserve,

Hadley Finch

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