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Traumatic Stress of Divorce Can Kill You-My Heart Doctor Warns

You needn’t be a combat veteran to suffer from traumatic stress. You can suffer severe trauma from a failed relationship, death of a beloved partner, or when someone you’ve loved tries to bury you on the battlefield of divorce. I want to tell you how I experienced and healed the trauma of lost love, and you can, too.

My children were pre-teens, when my marriage to their dad ended tragically. That was over ten years ago. Now they are happily launched, having healthy relationships with their dad and with me. I never told them what I’m about to tell you.

When I entered divorce court, my husband actually told me that divorce was just another chance to bury his opponent.

I realized this attitude had propelled him to super stardom as a corporate warrior. I always knew I wanted him on my side, if I wanted to win a tough challenge, but I never wanted to go against him. During our 20-something year marriage, he never showed me his battle-winning mindset, until he mentioned his battle plan to bury his next opponent, meaning me.

When I heard this from the man I’d loved my whole adult life, I made myself feel pain, like a limb had been ripped off my body. My lonely grief caused a pain in my heart that hurt to breathe.

What if you feel a severe pain in your heart, like I did? I urge you to do what I did.

I rushed to a cardiologist asking, “Heart Attack or Heart Break?” When the tests revealed it was heart break, I sighed in relief.

Then my heart doctor warned, ‘You can die from a broken heart.”

He said I had to de-stress immediately to save my life. He couldn’t tell me how to do this safely, without taking risky pharmaceuticals. I politely declined his prescription.

Then I began a journey to research ways to beat the traumatic stress of lost love before it beat me, and help my heart bounce back to be even stronger and more loving than ever. I showed my children by example how to do this. I’ll show you, too, if you stick with me.

You’ll discover how to beat traumatic stress before it beats you with help from me and from trauma recovery intensive teacher, Dr. Jane Simington

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And I’ll give you the urgent remedies I’d used to heal my trauma over lost love as you read my new book, 911 Breakup Survival-How To Get Over A Breakup And Love Again, Like It’s The First Time.

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Get all the love, health, happiness you deserve,

Hadley Finch

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