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Treating Erectile Dysfunction Part 4 – How Men With E.D. Enjoy Passionate Sex

Sustaining an active, passionate sex life helps you spark a lasting fire of love with your partner. This article series is designed to help 30 million men over age 40 treat and resolve erectile dysfunction, “ED”. In Part 1 you learned how a penis and sexual function change as a man ages. In Part 2 you discovered the risks and effectiveness of the top 4 FDA-approved drugs and medical interventions to treat ED. In Part 3 you learned how simple lifestyle changes and natural supplements may resolve ED and revive sexual passion and performance.

In this final part of our series, you’ll find out how men with chronic ED still can sustain passion and sexual intimacy with his partner in this summary of my radio interview for A Lasting Love with Charla Hathaway. She is a certified sexologist, tantric sex teacher and best-selling author of 8 Erotic Nights: Passionate Encounters that Inspire Great Sex, and Erotic Massage: Sexual Touch for Deep Pleasure.

HF: When men experience erectile dysfunction due to illness or aging, they may fear that’s the end of their sex life. How can a man be a great lover and enjoy passionate sex in spite of E.D.?

CH: Men can use their whole body electric to be great lovers. It isn’t having to be erect when your whole body and soul are erect.

HF: What are some examples of loving with your whole body?

CH: Imagine the pleasure that can come from the little finger of a man who’s large in presence, awareness and soul. Your little finger could be magic. And there’s always wonderful vibrating toys. Men won’t be replaced by a vibrator. You always are the personality behind creative ways you provide passion and pleasure in your relationship.

HF: This advice removes sexual pressure from men as they age and their erections may not be what they once were. Can you recommend any techniques men can use to prevent erectile issues?

CH: I advise men and women to keep their love muscles toned by doing 50 to 100 Keegle exercises every day. Squeeze and release your pelvic floor whenever you’re stopped at a red light. Or squeeze to stop the flow of urine and then let it go.

HF: What’s your advice for men who still are hung up on the idea they have to be hard and perform?

CH: A man’s erection will not be as predictable as he gets older. You need to be gentle with yourself and slow down so you enjoy an erection and love a woman with your whole body.

HF: Each time you connect with your partner in body, mind and soul, you deepen intimacy and passion. What is another top sex skill that men and women can use to enjoy erotic nights for a lifetime?

CH: Play the Touching Game with your partner. It’s a 3 minute game from The Body Electric in which you ask your partner, ‘How do you want to be touched?’ Each time they make a suggestion, you fulfill it and then ask the question again to repeat the delightful process.

HF: At the end of three minutes, do you reverse roles with your partner?

CH: In the Touching Game, you each take 3 minutes to tell your partner how to touch you in ways that give you the most pleasure.

HF: Each time you communicate honestly with an open heart and with all of your senses focused on your partner, you create a love habit that sustains passion and erotic nights for a lifetime, despite ED. And you can spark up your sex life when you claim Charla Hathaway’s Free audio as your gift at http://BodyJoy.us

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