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Tribe Wisdom Keeper As Love Guide – Take 3 Steps To Spark Love And Live Your Dreams Now

During my recent visit to Santa Fe Soul, I met a tribal wisdom keeper who jokes that she is the youngest, blondest, whitest wisdom keeper among all Native American tribes. She also looks decades too young for her tribal name, Little Grandmother. Also known as Kiesha Crowther, she was chosen by the tribes to honor the wisdom of ancestors and keep it alive. On a global level, wisdom keepers help people remember ancient truths that will enrich your life today.

Tribe Wisdom Keeper, Little Grandmother, recommends that you take 3 steps to spark love and live your dreams now:

Step 1. Remember Who You Are

According to tribal wisdom, you are the Great I Am. You are love and light and everything possible. You are the strongest of the strong to be chosen to live in the world now. As the Great I Am, you are god and goddess who creates the world you wish to live in.

Once you truly get this, you will start to create. You will dream of what you want and make it happen, knowing that nothing stops you from living your dreams now.

Step 2. Live From Your Heart, Not Your Head

We have been trained to think and live from our mind, and we are being asked to change this now. When the mind dominates, thoughts are based on judgment of right and wrong, of good or bad groups, governments, races or religions. This allows madness to operate in power struggles and wars.

When we get out of our head and start to see and create from our hearts, we view people differently. We have no incompatibility, because we know we all are sparks of god and goddess consciousness. There are no limits to the goodness and love we can create in our lives and the world. There is no need to kill over beliefs or power, because we are unified as the Great I Am. As you know this and act accordingly, your energy vibration rises sky high and you change your life and the world.

Step 3. Change The Channel To Positivity

We are being asked to stop giving energy to problems or we grow more problems. When the media blasts negative news stories, we change the channel. When you hear negativity in any form, change the channel.

When we give our focus and energy to positive solutions, we express the highest vibration from our highest self. Little Grandmother reminds us that we are the tribe of many colors who stop listening to negativity of the mind and start living our dreams that come from the heart.

Do you see how you can use Little Grandmother’s wisdom to spark a fire of love in your relationships and be a force of positive change in the world?
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Love deeply and live your dreams now,

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