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Your Love Guide – Do You Know 10 Principles That Guide A Journey From Lost Love To The Fire of Love?

Love Leaves Traces. When you suffer through a lonely bout of lost love, seeing traces of love will help you transform a painful break up and rebirth into an enchanting adventure in starting fresh and loving again.

Traces of love and wisdom of the ages have inspired the 10 guiding principles that unite our online community into a “Tribe” and fuel our passionate choices and personal triumphs. You will bounce back from lost love and be free to love again with these 10 principles as your guide.

10 Principles That Guide Our Journey From Lost Love Into The Fire Of Love:

1. Shot down 7 times, bounce back 8.

This resilient spirit gives our Tribe of Blondes it’s name. We’re not inviting anyone to take aim. We simply see the glory and growth each time we rise up after a fall.

2. Accept finite disappointments while maintaining infinite optimism.

A resilient, optimistic spirit unites our tribe. We’re all born with this spirit. The secret is to keep it alive by seeing each disappointment as a source of love lessons and personal growth. And giving thanks for our greatest teachers who inspired our growth.

3. Burn your pain to fuel your journey into the Fire Of Love.

As we grieve lost love, our ultimate Love Test is to see and celebrate all traces of love that remain to support us.

4. Face your fears and free yourself to move forward anyway.

You overcome your fears by seeing love, building bridges, and holding onto hope.

5. See life’s challenges not as a stop sign, but as a yellow light to proceed with care.

Choose your friends and foods, your thoughts and actions that help you feel whole.
Affirm out loud each day, that with your thoughts and choices you create your happiness, peace, and love.

6. Fall in love with yourself again.

To love yourself again, revive your dreams and take action on them everyday.
Recharge your health which takes a beating in a bout of lost love.
Rev up your strengths so that any weaknesses lose importance.
Reach out to create exciting new stories as you let go of your sad old stories.
Remain optimistic that healthy self love attracts love like a love magnet.

7. Care passionately and be generous with your acts of kindness.

Give plenty of hands-on signs of your tender love for your family, friends, our planet and all life on it.

8. Flip your switch from stress and dis-ease to health and love.

Breathe out un-forgiveness and breathe in healing peace and love.
Give thanks for your blessings to heal your heartbreak with love and gratitude.

9. Turn off bad news media and stay focused on solutions.

I often tell my online community, “What you see will be.” When you see solutions and positive change you are more likely to take actions that promote positive change.

10. Live fully as you savor the joys and challenges in each moment.

This is how you live happily ever after right now, whether or not you’re in love or seeking a loving relationship.

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Love deeply and live your dreams now,

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