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Your Love Guide – Will You Make Love More And Complain Less To Rescue Your Romantic Relationship?

If you heard a tape recording of your habitual whining or complaining, you’d understand why your intimate partner may be tuning you out or planning a break up. If you’d like to rescue your romantic relationship, you may need a nudge to complain less and make love more. Here is the nudge you need —

How To Revive The Spark And Rescue Your Romantic Relationship In Three Simple Steps:

Step 1. Take A New Vow To See Yourself And Your Partner With New Eyes

If your frequent whining and complaining were solving an ongoing issue, you wouldn’t need to sound like an annoying broken record. Your irritating habit is not producing positive change, so why do you keep doing this?

Relationship experts assure us that you can’t change anyone else. You only can change the way you see a behavior, your partner, or yourself. Isn’t it time for a change?

You can choose to take a new vow to clean the slate and start fresh right now. Each time you’re tempted to complain or whine, hold up a stop sign in your mind. Then look for a positive quality that you love about your partner. Mention this instead of your tired old complaint. Why?

Your positive outlook and actions promote positive behavior in your partner and yourself. I often tell my online community, “What you see will be.”

Step 2. Make Love More Often

Once you’ve let go of your grating habit of complaining and you’re seeing your relationship with new eyes, you are free to start a fresh romantic connection with your partner. Are you resisting the idea?

Here’s another nudge you need to start fresh:

Take a leap of faith that you will revive the spark of healthy passion in your relationship.
Give the new you a new name, and introduce yourself to your partner in a new romantic way tonight.
Have some fun and feel free to love deeply and passionately.
Make your new connection as memorable as your first time. With all you’ve learned about life and love, your second first time can be much more gratifying as a couple than your original first time.

Step 3. Repeat This Process As Often As Needed

When you see your relationship with new eyes and make love more often for 30 consecutive days, you have created a new, positive habit and outlook. This is the best way to revive the spark of healthy passion in your romantic relationship.

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Dedicated to you dating and relationship happiness,

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