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Your Relationship Success Skills Review. 14 Questions

An annual review at work isn’t productive, because it doesn’t happen often enough
to provide inspiration and guidance that improves performance throughout the year.

Same is true for the annual review of your relationship success skills.

Are you thinking that you’ve never reviewed them, so why start now?

Here’s the best reason: What you review gets improved when you take consistent action.

Your relationship success determines your level of success in every aspect of your life.
If you’re not happy with certain relationships, you can do something new to produce new
results you desire. Often a simple shift in your attitudes or actions can produce major
changes in the quality of your interactions with other people and yourself.

I suggest you do your own relationship success skills review either weekly, monthly
or quarterly. You may sit down with yourself, with your relationship partner or your
inner circle of friends, family or colleagues to evaluate how you’re making positive
shifts that improve relationships and enhance your success in life and love.

Your Relationship Success Skills Review. 14 Questions to Ask

Choose your favorites or ask them all:

1. What am I doing better than ever in my relationships:
At home? At work? In my social network or community causes?

2. Am I hiding more or less often than I did the last time I checked?

3. What are three things I did to improve difficult relationships?

4. How did I develop trust in my professional and personal relationships?

5. Did I experience any failures or setbacks? What did I learn from them?

6. Did I forgive things that other people did or failed to do?

7. Who did I help to get what they want or need?

8. Did I walk a mile in someone’s shoes before getting upset with them?

9. How often did I give authentic compliments? What was the response?

10. How clearly did I reveal what I want to happen in a relationship?

11. How did I respond to complaints or criticism?

12. How often did I imagine my ideal day or week and then make it real?

13. With whom did I talk more than listen? How is that working?

14. What 3 things will I do to improve my interactions before my next review?

Jot down your results to keep track of your positive steps that enrich relationships
and support success in every aspect of life and love.

Creating happy, sexy love that lasts,

Hadley Finch

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